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As Sam concocted his evil plan in his mind, Li looked up from his computer for the first time after their clash and asked,

"Fiz, you and Sam are in charge of asking the questions. Do you have them ready? Its almost our turn."

"Yes, we do." Fiz replied before he reached for a piece of paper on his desk and continued, "Its all here. The manager practically dragged us to her office just to give this to us early this morning."

"Good. You both know the drill, stick to the script. No going asking creative questions on your own." Li said as he cast a meaningful glance at Sam.

He knew just how hot-headed Sam was. On numerous occasions, he had witnessed Sam throw caution to the wind whenever he felt like hed been slighted or cheated.

The man would forget his morals and principles, throwing the consequences of his tactless actions to the back of his head.

And call him paranoid or crazy but he felt there was something off about Sam today. No, it wasn just today, it was from the time their company received the media invite from Hastlers Co. about a week ago.

Everyone was surprised at Sam voluntarily nominating himself to be part of the media team that covered Hastlers Co.s jewelry launch event despite his dark history with the owner of the company.

Hence Li decided to remind Sam of the consequences of his actions, just in case he had a trick up his sleeve.

"Remember, its not just one man for himself here, our jobs are at stake. One of us makes a mistake and the rest of us go down with him. Do you understand?"

Fiz nodded in agreement while Sam ignored his colleagues warning and stirred his coffee in silence.

He realized Li was directing his words at him but chose to turn a deaf ear as he had his mind made up already.

Ever since the night he saw his ex-girlfriend coming out of the mans car disheveled and with almost no clothes on in front of her apartment just after she called to tell him that she couldn make it to their date cause she caught a cold, he had made up his mind to destroy Zevon Hastler.

It didn matter how little of an effect it had on him, he just wanted to make him panic for a while.

No matter how soft the punch, it was definitely still a punch.

Besides he felt what he had on him wouldn cause harm to him or his company but would elevate them higher than that the rest of other media outlets.

Amidst the back and forth of the reporters and the executives of Hastlers Co, Sams thoughts were drawn to the events he personally witnessed himself the night before.

He was on his way home from getting the news to be published from Gales University, the top educational establishment in the city when he bumped into Bianca Lee on the sidewalk.

He wasn really surprised by the encounter as it had almost become a law that you could only find children of the top dogs studying at the best of the schools in the city. In fact, you could find them only in the best of everything.

However, probably because of his job as a reporter which required having ones senses heightened at any time or day for an exclusive scoop, he felt something was wrong with the young miss.

So he observed her quietly while pretending to book a cab and though it was shameless of him, with what he heard, hed gladly do it a thousand times over if ever given the chance.

Sam thought hed hear something related to the Lees however, it was about the Hastlers instead. And it wasn just any meaningless news, it was an earth-shattering scoop that would take Safir City by storm once it got out.

It was like a gift from the Heavens!

And in perfect timing too, he had been going through life with a bleak outlook ever since he saw his girlfriend in that heart-wrenching state, and right where he was opportune to be, the Heavens decided to bless him with a perfect chance of revenge.

All that glitters isn gold. That is the perfect phrase for these rich families. Sam thought as he came back to with a nonchalant shake of his head.

Watching the news agency before them ask their bit of questions with sprinkles and dashes of appraisals and flattery for the brand and the company, he began to prepare himself.

One thing was for certain though, Sam didn think the man himself would be present today and all he wanted to do was to drop the scoop he had on the company to make the PR team run around for a few hours or days.

However, since Zevon himself was present, it was even better.

Once the reporter before them was done, she sat down indicating it was time for the last agency, which was theirs to ask their own bit of robotic questions.

It was then, Li whispered, "Fiz, you go first and Sam will round up for us. Okay?" To which they both nodded.

And Sam couldn be more grateful that he was given the honor to close this launch event and he definitely couldn disappoint them as he promised in his heart to do his job perfectly and gloriously.

Fiz got up from his seat and one could already feel the playful aura around him immediately replaced with the seriousness of a reporter as he asked his bout of questions while Li took notes on his computer.

It was such a harmonious sight that it almost brought fake tears to Sams eyes.

However, it had already been predestined that this event wouldn end peacefully like the previous ones, and too bad for Zevon Hastler that he, Sam Wilson was assigned this task.

Once his colleague was done, Sam stood up and voiced with a professional smile on his face, "Congratulations on your product launch Mr. Hastler, you have once again taken us off our feet with your creations and even more so with this double launch….."

At his first string of words, Li and Fiz both glanced at Sam before gazing at each other in shock. They couldn believe that Sam was flattering the man he hated to his bones.

In a whisper, Li asked Fiz, "Is it part of his script?"

"I don think so," Fiz whispered back as he scoured through the words written on the sheet of paper their manager gave them in the morning.

An uneasy feeling surged through Lis heart as he saw the confusion on Fizs face.

If even Fiz didn know what Sam was up to then it was definitely something they wouldn agree with.

Ignoring the intense stares from his colleagues, words of flattery flowed freely from Sams mouth like a waterfall.

"…Your product is really innovative, the concept so surreal I would think it came from a non-human." He iterated, gaining a ton of laughs from the rest of the audience while Li and Fiz just smiled nervously.

At least no one could get mad at a compliment. Li thought in relief.

Sams comment, however, made the green orbs behind Zevons glasses shine ever so slightly, his fingers twitching in the enclosure of his pants pocket.

At first, the founder of the conglomerate paid no attention to the reporters, as he termed them meaningless and time wasters. Now though, the comment said carelessly by this one reporter attracted his full unwavering attention.

This was especially so as it was this same reporter that had been glaring at him all day. He thought it was just one of those people who had nothing better to do than despise him for his wealth but it didn seem to be the case of mere envy and jealousy anymore.

Does he know something? Zevon thought as he adjusted himself more comfortably on his seat, his laser gaze focused upon Sams brawny figure.

He didn know why but he felt the event wasn going to conclude so smoothly.

Sam, who didn know the ruckus he had caused in Zevons mind which he would be very much pleased by if he knew, continued more confidently as he pretended to read from the piece of paper in his hand.

"Your products are always so high-end and completely out of the box, almost perfect if I must say but Mr. Hastler….why isn this the case in your home?" Sams voice dropped an octave as he looked up from the piece of paper in his hand, peering at the domineering man on the stage with a sly smirk on his face.

His question obviously made the hall erupt, which was rightly so as no one was expecting that comment.

It just came from nowhere!

Li and Fiz panicked as they tried to silently gesture to their colleague who had obviously lost all the loose screws in his head, it was at this time, however, that Sam took a step and walked around the desk he was previously leaning on.

Li almost fainted in anger.

I just knew it! I knew this dumb head was up to no good! he thought as his fingers tightly gripped onto his pen, his hands red from the intensity.

It was then he suddenly remembered the reading he had from a fortune teller his mum dragged him to at the beginning of the year and the two things the woman told him to pay attention to.

One was to never doubt his instincts, especially the ones that hammered constantly in his heart.

And the other.... was to avoid crazy men.

The old fortune teller had particularly emphasized the second one but Li had brushed her off instead, thinking she was a fake.

However, staring at the back of the man who had just flushed his years of hard work down the toilet with a single remark, he regretted it!

He had been eating, talking, and working with a crazy man all along! Li pondered, as he started to use his hands to wade off the heat that suddenly enveloped his body in a perfectly air-conditioned room.

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