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Chapter 538.2: Lord Brother, Let’s Get to Sleep (2)

7-8 minutes 25.11.2022


Roel fell silent.

He had no idea what to make of Alicia’s gift.

A high transcendent like Roel couldn’t possibly suffer from short-sightedness.

If anything, the sharpness of his eyes had broken the limits of what was possible for humans in his previous world.

There was no way Alicia would have been unaware of that.

Alicia hadn’t bought the glasses for Roel to correct his vision or protect his eyes.

They were intended as a fashion accessory.

Glasses had recently become popular amongst the nobles of the Sia Continent.

Unlike earrings and necklaces, glasses possessed the mysterious power to change a person’s disposition.

The only problem was that this fashion accessory happened to be an essential tool that Roel had no choice but to wear in his previous life, and that eroded whatever interest he had in them.

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It wasn’t far-fetched to say that he despised wearing them.

“Lord Brother, do you like what I have gotten you It’s a custom-made pair crafted out of mythril and warmwood.”

“Yes, I am very fond of it.

Thank you, Alicia,” Roel replied with a smile.

Others might have been fooled by his response, but not Alicia.

She sharply picked up a tinge of reluctance in his voice.

She would have normally backed down here so as to not put him in a difficult position, but she decided against that this time around.

Instead, she heaved a sigh.

“Lord Brother, you don’t like the gift I have gotten you.”

“That’s not it.

I just think that it isn’t suited for me…”

“That’s not true at all.

Lord Brother, I’m certain that this pair of glasses would suit you.

Besides, they aren’t just any ordinary fashion accessory.”

Alicia walked up to Roel and gently put the dark silver glasses on him.

Then, she beckoned Anna to bring a mirror over.

While Roel wasn’t fond of glasses, he decided to allow her to do as she pleased as compensation for having forgotten about the gift.

To his surprise, the result was not too bad.

He jolted upon seeing the bespectacled black-haired man in the mirror.

He noticed that he didn’t look awful with glasses on, unlike in his previous life.

Sensing Roel’s change in attitude, Alicia smiled proudly.

“How is it, Lord Brother You have a slender physique and gentle features despite being a transcendent, which is suited for wearing glasses.

Anna, don’t you agree”

“Yes, it’s just as Miss Alicia has said.

Young master, you look good with glasses.” Anna honestly expressed her thoughts while furiously supporting her young miss’s attack.


Roel had to admit that what the two of them said made sense.

He was biased against glasses due to the experiences he had in his previous life, but his sense of aesthetics hadn’t been warped.

He did look much more scholarly after putting on the glasses.

On top of that, just as Alicia had said, the glasses were more than just a decorative ornament.

There was a spell embedded in them.

“Is this a magic tool” Roel asked.

“It is, Lord Brother.

You should give it a try,” Alicia replied with a chuckle.

She grabbed Roel’s hand and brought him to the window.

Roel channeled his mana into the dark silver glasses, causing them to glow with a faint shimmer.

The bustling streets in the distance suddenly magnified before his eyes, and he saw iridescent colors drifting across.


Roel’s golden eyes widened in astonishment.

He hadn’t thought that the glasses would possess such a function.

Magnification was an elementary spell in the Sia Continent, but the iridescent distribution of colors—if he wasn’t mistaken—was an extremely rare ability that reflected the concentration of mana in the environment.

Mana was the fuel of all transcendents’ spells, so it made sense for transcendents to keep a close eye on this critical resource.

It wouldn’t make a huge impact for small skirmishes, but for large-scale battles exceeding a thousand people, the side that claimed strategic terrain with a higher concentration of mana would enjoy a significantly higher mana regeneration rate, allowing their spellcasters to bombard with greater frequency.

That could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

If Roel became a military commander, this pair of glasses would allow him to quickly identify advantageous terrain and exploit it in battle.

“Alicia, the price of these glasses…”

“It is expensive, but I think you need them,” Alicia replied, hugging Roel’s arm.

Roel responded with a silent nod.

Excessive words of gratitude seemed out of place considering the bond they shared, so he decided instead to take her goodwill to heart and made a mental note to reciprocate the gesture during her upcoming birthday.

Meanwhile, Alicia made use of this window of opportunity created by her gift to make some headway.

“Lord Brother, you look exhausted.

Did you have trouble sleeping last night”


A little.” Roel hesitantly revealed the truth.

Alicia’s eyes lit up upon hearing those words.

She puffed up her chest and recommended her own service.

“Why don’t I help you, Lord Brother”

“Help me You’re referring to…”

“Lord Brother, you should also know that I’m skilled in sleeping spells.

As long as I’m beside you, I’m certain that you’ll be able to get a good sleep.”

“This… doesn’t sound appropriate.

Alicia, you’re already an adult now.

We shouldn’t be sharing a bed anymore…” Roel replied with a look of difficulty.

He was planning to dissuade Alicia from whatever she was thinking about, though he wasn’t too hopeful considering her history of misconduct.

Much to his bewilderment, not only did she not refute his words, but she even nodded to agree with him.

Huh What’s going on

Roel was taken aback by Alicia’s unexpected obedience.

For a moment, he wondered if the sun had risen from the west today.

Before he could snap out of his bewilderment, Alicia raised another point with a smile.

“You’re absolutely right, Lord Brother, except that I’m not an adult yet.

My birthday is very close, but it hasn’t passed yet.

That means that I’m still a minor.” 4887

“…Yes, that’s indeed the case.”

“Don’t you think that minors ought to be protected”

“…Yes, I do think that minors ought to be protected.”

“Then, don’t you think that it’s only normal for a minor, who is feeling insecure after her father left home to fight in a war, to seek consolation and protection from her older brother”


Those three consecutive questions knocked out Roel.

Not about to give Roel any time to formulate a rebuttal, Alicia took another step closer and wrapped her arms around Roel’s neck.

“It’s getting late now, Lord Brother.

Let’s head to sleep.”


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