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Xavier closed his eyes as he was transported to another world, where his fate was in the hands of fate itself.

He could be reincarnated as a beast or even as a poorer person, someone cursed, whatever it was...

His soul, or rather his soul and body, fell down at an incredible rate through this Portal, his eyes closed because he did not want to experience everything that was going on inside here.

Suddenly, Xavier felt something strange happening to his body. He felt a strong heat burning on him, as if he were being transported to hell.

This sensation caused his eyes to shrink; he had no idea what it was called.

However, everything came to a halt at once, and he became sleepy and fell asleep.

While he was sleeping, his body transformed into a red wisp of light that flowed downward.

He made it into the new world, a planet that resembled Earth, named mystical domain because of its mysteries, after reaching the bottom of the portal and arriving at a place that appeared to be space.

The red wisp of light appeared inside the sky, but no one could see him, not even the mages.

He appeared as a red wisp of light in a mysterious place filled with bloody colored mist, and he flowed towards a ship and found a place on it.

Inside a coffin, you

e bound by chains with locks at each junction.

At that precise moment, the coffin emitted a lethal golden blaze that lasted only one second.

Xaviers eyes opened, he looked around, it was strange because he hadn used it before, and no one in the real world ever wants to be inside something like this, so everything was strange.

When he tried to move his body, he hit his head against the wooden coffin and moaned.

A system appeared in front of him.

[System adjusting to new world construction...5%, Time left: 9 minutes, 55 seconds]

Its a whole new world, and Im still looking forward to the adventure that awaits me here. He let out a heartfelt cry, and a smile crept across his lips.

The priests, who were holding holy instruments and other ancient items, felt something, and the body they were transporting seemed to come back to life, causing their eyes to flash with fear.

The male priest was the most surprised of all when he made his way toward the coffin with an essence spewing lamp.

The busty priestess was not preoccupied; the spell she had cast over the ship did not necessitate constant chanting.

The other two must stay focused at all times until they arrive at their destination.

"Thou art divine, Lakeladen, the reverend goddess." The priest used the chant to calm himself down; in order to worship the goddess Lakeladen, one must be calm.

Doing so without the proper mindset is a sin against the holy.

The priest let go of a lot of essence, causing the air to fill up with it again.

Thats the tone of ancient worship; don tell me I reincarnated in ancient times. Inside the coffin, Xavier has a lot of thoughts racing through his mind.

He had already been warned that he would be reincarnated in a different world.

After hearing that, he wasn expecting anything less than a world with a lot of good things like beauties, magic or even Martial arts.

Reincarnating in a time of ancient was something that was not in his list of wish places.

He was stuck here, it was dark, his mind was dark about this world as well.

He anticipated the outcome of this new world like anticipating the outcome of a match from the beginning, that constant heart beating, those thoughts of uncertainty and the odds that you have in place of your first and second choices.

Those feelings craved in his heart, created a new will, a fresh one, one that made him want to live, survive, become rich and not be disgusting in the eyes of beauties, not the type where he has to be bathed with sweat and faced with the harshness of others to leave.

No, all of those were buried alongside Xaviers past; in this new world, in this new life hed gotten as a result of a certain mistake made by a certain someone, losing was not an option.

The busty priestess walked elegantly to the coffin, placing her pale, slender hands on it to feel if the person inside was still sealed by the numbness seal theyd placed over the demon.

Her long and beautiful eyelashes fluttered as she opened and closed her eyes to feel the coffin.

After she opened her eyes and nodded, the priest looked at her with a questioning expression.

The priest sighed in relief and returned to his post, while the busty priestess chose to stand guard over the coffin.

The light that the two light magic priestesses cast shone upon a new location, The Island of Burial, nearly thirty minutes later.

They continued sailing the ship after stopping in a good location.

The two priestesses flew up and landed on the island, followed by the priest, and the busty priestess used a special magic spell to lift herself and the coffin off the ship.

A smile crept across Xaviers face as he felt the trouble inside the coffin and heard the beautiful voice of the busty priestess chanting a spell.

Although he had no idea what the world meant, the likelihood of it being a magical world had increased once more.

But he still wondered why he had been trapped in this place for so long.

Don they realize that humans cannot survive without light and proper ventilation? Or perhaps this world was truly ancient, with little progress in scientific research.

"Open the demon coffin." The priest gave the order, and the busty priestess chanted while placing her hands in the center of the coffin.

Immediately, all of the locks deactivated and began to fall to the ground, with the sound of the chain breaking heard inside the coffin.

Xavier, who still had little idea where he was or why he was trapped here, had a smug expression on his face.

One thing was bothering him right now; of course, he knew he had reincarnated, and by the size of his body, particularly his d..., he could tell he was a man, a young one, probably between the ages of 16 and 18.

Why didn he get the memories of that person after living his life for sixteen years or more?

Perhaps it was related to the systems ongoing countdown.

Im sure its related to that; if not, I guess men are born differently in this world, or Im a lab child, according to sci-fi... Im either an artificial child or a real child. But... men, this whole thing is screwing me up.

After yet another discovery, his mind went through another school of thought.

Meanwhile, the unbinding of the chains that bound him continued until the final chain was removed.

At the same time, the coffin cover began to move away.

Opening his eyes to the light, but the light was unexpected, one that made his heart beat faster and his eyes widened.

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