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Legends of the Altima The 400th Altima

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400 years since what was known as the Great War between the three factions or worlds. Since that time the wolves have remained peaceful even created a ceremony during the time the event "Moons Plan" took place, which was happening in a few days. The Alpha of the Moon clan known as Fire Moon was overjoyed because his twin sons had been born, one was named Lloyd the other Westen. Lloyd was born first between the two meaning that he would also become Alpha one day and take over the Moon clan, however when he opened his eyes Fire was shocked to learn that Lloyd was the 400th Altima meaning it was a glorious day to celebrate, Water moon the mother of the twins was overjoyed that she immediately looked into the sky wanting to praise however she could, most wolves didn believe there was a god with how much chaos had happened they saw the moon more as a symbol than anything else as she stared up into the moon she noticed its color, it was red one of the rarest colors from moon to be. Each color of the moon meant something specific to the wolves themselves, white was the normal color where they knew harvesting was going to take place, building as well. Blue was a sign that a disaster was coming be it war, famine or even death they were prepared. Black meant that a new cycle of life was going to begin either for the Altima or for the people themselves, this was usually when most marriage ceremonies were held because it allowed a new life to begin. Red was the final color, it really had no meaning other than something special unlike the other colors it only showed up occasionally, many other more common colors yellow, grey, pink, and finally orange. Those colors weren really giving a meaning either because they were so common in the wolves didn question what they meant they only ever showed up every other day. Fire went out in the town allowing the celebration to begin as the 400th Altima had been born this was a joyous occasion for one specific wolf, George moon the 399th Altima to him this symbolized that his time was coming to an end, it also meant that he would one day pass on to another life. One of the many things about the Altima is you cannot kill the Altima the same way twice because of this George really didn know how he was going to die this time but maybe just maybe he will, but first hed like to see Lloyd grow up. 4 years had passed as George watched his three grandchildren, the youngest being Destiny who was born 2 years after Lloyd and Westen, as George was enjoying a peaceful day out with everyone disaster would soon strike.

Fire watched as Lloyd was playing around in their yard when an alarm started to blare, Fire immediately grabbed Lloyd and placed him on the porch and saw his father approach the house,

"Hey whats going on the alarm only goes off if a human has crossed the border?" Fire asked looking at his father, "As far as I know this could be a level 3 threat or higher, I have some weird feeling that something is here that isn supposed to exist." George stated as the two ran out of the gate and into the Moon territory making sure that the other members of the clan were safely in their homes in case this was a threat only George could solve, they made it to the border to find a figure walking in the distance, George couldn tell exactly who this person was, but he was going to find out, "Id like to ask what you

e doing here but telling from your clothing, you

e from the Human Alliance and youve come for something." George stated as the mysterious figured stopped in their tracks and answered, "You could say that you took something from me and you

e going to pay the price regardless of who stands in my way." George thought for a moment before trying to remember exactly this strange is talking about "Do you have name because Ive done a lot of things in my lifetime, and I can remember all of it." The strange looked at George before taking off the hood and revealing that she was a girl, "Maybe this will jog your memory, 15 years ago the wolves and humans had a small war and you killed my parents, their names were Luna and Barry. You slaughter them like they were animals!"

"Lady, you do realize it was a WAR, death is bound to happen regardless of whos side you

e on. But hey if you came to get revenge thats fine came at me." George stated as another figured appeared behind the mysterious women, a strange energy was coming from this figure one that George recognized, He immediately jumped making sure to get the figure out of the way, Fire who was confused until seeing the hood fall off, it was a semi human wolf with silver eyes. After Jerichos death it was revealed by his grandson that Jericho fought a wolf with silver eyes and was killed using some sort of blade. Fire knew that George needed to end the fight quickly before anything, he made sure to engage the female human to stop her from interfering with the fight. She smirked as they clashed breaking the sound barrier, Fire made sure to keep her back as she began to talk once again, "So you

e the son guess its fate that wanted us to determine who the true line lives Rose or Moon. Ha-ha I want to see your best." Fire just remained claim until he heard her last name, Rose was name within the Human Alliance as the 4th ranked shield, she can manipulate blood, Fire had to watch himself and not make a mistake, "What makes you think like that? Revenge isn the answer to your pain you must move on and do what they wanted you to do, which is follow your dreams, regardless of how you feel towards my father, killing him won satisfy your pain or what you

e looking for."

Bloody Rose stood there infuriated, she tried to understand she hated the fact that this semi human was right but she needed she needed a satisfactory of driving the sword through Georges heart so she could achieve the one thing no other human kill by themselves. As she struggled to fight against Fire as his sword skills, the figure that appeared once before had knocked Fire off his guard allowing Rose to raise her sword and strike. However, her movements were brought to a holt, as Water Moon stood in front of her. Water wasn much of a fighter like her husband, but she was willing to protect her children at any cost, "Looks like you need a hand." She stated as she picked Fire off his feet and looked back at Rose, throughout the history of the humans, not a single human could kill one semi human wolves, even in war times it was written down that it would take 10 to 15 humans just to handle one wolf regardless of age. To many humans this made no sense, until it was revealed by Jericho in the last war that most wolves are trained at a young age to fight for their lives and won give up the will to fight. On the other hand of the fight, George was fighting someone he knew all too well, or at least the other past lives, the Omega was a wolf created by the humans to counter the power of the wolves however for some unknown reason it always hunted down the Altima instead, it had killed 4 of them already. "I understand my father-in-law may have hurt someone in your family long ago but dwelling on the past won allow you to mature and grow as a person." Roses eyes burned as she heard those words. What did this semi human know about anything she witnessed but then she saw it, a small wolf boy hiding behind a small house, she knew this could be the chance to show the same pain she felt to another. She broke free of Waters control, Rose who was still in a rage, didn notice the Omega appear, stabbing Water through her heart causing her to fall to the ground before disappearing to fight George. Fire was busying keeping Roses attack at bay until he saw the death of his wife, he turned around enraged until Rose stabbed him in the back causing him to fall on his knees and cough up blood, he looked up, he was enraged as he fought the pain, his fire grew with everything he had. Miles away people could see his flames like a sun rising in the distance, Rose had no way to fight against the heat, everything was burning, the ground, ocean and even the air felt hot. As she tried to sense a limit this was just a small portion of what Fire was capable of. Waters body fell as tears filled her eyes, she had seen it the one mistake that was hers to bare. Lloyd was in the distance watching it unfold, she hasn noticed her small child following. She had failed to protect her child from the true world. As the fight raged on with Rose having to stay on the defensive, another fight was reaching its conclusion, "Its been a long time since weve met Omega, what exactly do you want to accomplish here?" George asked as he stood ready for any attack, Omega just smiled as their swords clashed once more, George thought to himself, "Guess theres no talking to this guy, damn I can figure this guy out, hes not giving off any ki, charka or magic…wait is he using the legendary power called Gates? Howd he learn to do that only the Altima Aaron and Jericho knew how to use it." The omega continued to attack as George was being pushed back, as George lost his balance and fell to the ground Omega pinned him down with some unknown force, "W-what are your in-" George was cut off as Omega grabbed his mouth and smiled, "Lets makes you, number 5, do you want to know how I killed the others? Well too bad I don tell anyone; you should already know or at least should be seeing those deaths now. The…name is… Adam and I am…. God." He slammed his sword into Georges heart, "Hurts, doesn it? You have already been killed like this before but now its time to end your life…facture!" Adam shouted as his hand was on the sword causing it to facture on top of George, he screamed in pain as Adam smiled as watched as Georges eyes started to lose the light in them, but not yet, "Of course you Altimas can die the same way twice as seeing as you have already died like this, now you

e probably wondering how Im going to kill you, well how would you feel when your heart has fractured into pieces and it still impaled at the same time? You haven died that way I know that for sure." Adam stated as he did exactly what he said, Georges heart was fractured as the sword was still within it. George laid there as he knew this was the end, finally glad to feel death, he turned he head as he noticed someone hiding behind a tree, it was Lloyd. It was then that George was upset with his actions, Lloyd would have to witness this at such a young age. Adam stood above, "You know for an Altima you seem to be weak. You

e probably wondering how I killed you, well its simple really, anything I touch is fractured, you Altimas know how to survive but Ive killed 4 of you in unique ways. This will be the final time Ill be able to kill an Altima, but of course I have my limits, it seems that Ill no longer be able to kill the next reincarnated. Oh well I suggest you say farewell to your grandson." Adam laughed as he knew no one heard him or so he thought, as Georges body disappeared, his last words echo through the wind "Believe in yourself young one." George stated as his body disappeared, Lloyds mind couldn handle what he just saw, first his mother was killed and reached her hand out towards him, the next he looks on the other side of his hiding spot to see his grandfather die. So much pain filled his body and mind trying to breathe hoping it was a dream.

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