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Chapter 931: Her Skills Have UpgradedTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Gu Zheng lowered his eyes as a trace of cold killing intent flashed past his eyes.

The waiter felt the coldness spread throughout his body and trembled in fear.

“President Gu, I… I was really careless! Mrs.

Gu! Please forgive me!


Gu, I beg you.

I cant be fired.

I rely on this job to support my family.

Youre the wife of a rich man.

Youre a magnanimous person.

Dont bicker with a poor person like me.”

When everyone heard the noise, they all looked over and saw Gu Zheng hugging Qiao Xi.

His back was already drenched.

Someone looked at the terrified waiter and came forward to persuade Mrs.



Gu, he didnt do it on purpose.

Why are you making things difficult for him”


Gu, its true that youre the wife of a rich family, but you cant look down on waiters! Waiters are also people.

They rely on their own hard work to earn money.

Why must you humiliate this waiter like this”

Just then, Xia Mengyan entered with a surprised expression.

“Why are they arguing”

When the waiter saw Xia Mengyan, it was as if he had grabbed onto a life-saving straw.

He rushed toward Xia Mengyan anxiously and shouted in sorrow, “Miss, you must know Mrs.

Gu, right Please help me.

I really cant lose this job.

As long as Mrs.

Gu doesnt bicker with me, Im willing to do anything.

I can kneel down and kowtow to apologize!”

The waiters cries attracted many guests.

Gradually, everyone surrounded them.

The huge banquet hall suddenly fell silent.

Xia Mengyan seemed to be frightened by the waiter and took a few steps back in fear.

Then, she looked at Qiao Xi, her eyes filled with worry.

“Xi Xi, are you okay”

Qiao Xi sneered in her heart.

She had already guessed what Xia Mengyan was going to do, but her expression remained indifferent.

Xia Mengyan ran to her nervously and sized her up.

Seeing that she was fine, she heaved a sigh of relief.

“Its good that youre not injured.

What exactly happened”

The waiter covered his face and cried.

“I walked to Mrs.

Gu with a few glasses of wine just now.

I dont know why, but I slipped and accidentally spilled the wine.

It almost drenched Mrs.

Gus clothes, but I really didnt do it on purpose.


Gu, please let me off!”

Gu Zhengs gaze turned cold.

Qiao Xi patted his hand and said with a smile, “Dont be anxious.

Let him speak.”

“Miss Xia is really tenacious! She put on an act at the door and now, shes acting in the banquet hall,” Gu Zheng whispered into her ear.

He stroked the hair by Qiao Xis ear and said in a gentle and charming voice, “Xi Xi, how are you going to deal with her”

Qiao Xi leaned into his embrace and did not say anything.

She only revealed a crafty smile.

When Xia Mengyan saw that Qiao Xi was silent, she was even prouder in her heart.

The banquet had just begun, yet Qiao Xi had already left such an arrogant image in everyones hearts.

It seemed that Sun Chuan was not too stupid.

“Dont cry.

Ill plead for you.

Xi Xi is kind-hearted and wont make things difficult for you,” Xia Mengyan said gently.

When the waiter heard this, he immediately said excitedly, “Thank you, Miss! Youre such a good person!”

Xia Mengyan hurriedly looked at Qiao Xi and bit her lip.

She seemed to have made a huge decision before saying uneasily, “Xi Xi, he has also apologized.

Youre not injured either.

Its just a small matter.

Why are you pushing him into a dead end If you cause him to lose his job, it wont do you any good.

At that time, everyone will say that youre petty.”

“Dont think Im being long-winded.

Im doing this for your own good.

I just dont want others to misunderstand you.

Moreover, today is Gu Corporations banquet.

There are so many guests present.

Even if you dont think for yourself, you have to think for President Gu!”

Qiao Xis eyes narrowed slightly.

She had to admit that Xia Mengyans methods were getting more and more advanced.

First, she hired a waiter to act, then she stood up and accused her of being petty.

Qiao Xi did not fall for this trick at all.

She leaned into Gu Zhengs embrace and crossed her arms.

Her voice was indifferent but filled with a trace of coldness.

“Im pushing him into a dead end”

Xia Mengyan stood in front of Qiao Xi, and her aura instantly weakened.

She explained in a panic, “Thats not what I meant, but now that youre married to President Gu, you have to think about how your actions will affect him.

Its fine if you fooled around in the past, but your reputation represents President Gus reputation now.

Its just a small matter.

Cant you forgive him

“Xi Xi, you stole my engagement, but I can let the matter slide.

I just hope youll cherish it.

I hope you can do your duties well and be praised by everyone.”

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