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1242 Young Master Luo Appears!

The butler sneered.

“Business depends on integrity.

Since the Xia family hasnt shown their due integrity, lets not talk about the collaboration anymore.

Ill tell Young Master now that he doesnt have to come!”

With that, the butler turned around and left.

The assistant hurriedly followed.

This turn of events made Xia Chengs expression change drastically, and his eyes were about to pop out.

Xia Corporation was in a difficult situation now, and their competitors were eyeing them covetously.

They would trip the Xia family up from time to time.

During this period of time, the family had spread the news of the collaboration with the Luo family, which made their competitors finally stop scheming against them.

A few of them even came to apologize.

If they canceled the collaboration with the Luo family now, the Xia family would become a thorn in those competitors side again.

Moreover, he had invited so many reporters and business giants to watch the collaboration take place because he wanted to spread this news to the entire Li City.

If this collaboration was canceled and Xia Ji was accused of plagiarizing someone elses work, how would Xia Corporation survive in Li City in the future

Why did the Luo family think that the designer was a woman Could it be that they had seen Xia Yunqiu before Even if they had, how could they be sure that Xia Yunqiu had drawn so many designs After all, even the Yin family did not know that Xia Yunqius designs were in their hands.

How did the Luo family know

Could it be… Qiao Xi!

Yes! She must have leaked the news!

Xia Cheng suddenly reacted.

After Qiao Xi left, she must have told the butler of the Luo family about this and exaggerated their mistakes in front of the butler.

That was why the butler was so cold to them.

“Excuse me!” At this moment, Xia Cheng couldnt care less about his image and chased after him crazily.

“Dont leave yet! This must be a misunderstanding.

The designer is Xia Ji.

Where did you hear that the designer is a woman Is it from that woman surnamed Qiao You cant believe her words!

“She just came to Xia Corporation to cause trouble today.

She has always thought that these designs were created by her mother, but it was actually my son who drew them.

Her mother snatched them away.

After she found out about this, she left dejectedly.

As she was unhappy about it, she must have said something in front of you.”

When the butler heard his words, he stopped in his tracks, and his eyes were filled with disdain.

“Butler, I know that there were rumors previously that the designer was a woman, but its a long story.

Actually, it was my daughter, Xia Yunqiu, who stole my son, Xia Jis, designs 24 years ago.

She even kept them as her own.

Thats why many people think that the designs were hers, but Xia Ji is actually the real designer!

“I didnt want to say anything about this at first, but after all, Yunqiu was in the wrong.

I didnt want Xia Ji to suffer, so I made this secret public today.

This is just a misunderstanding.

Butler, our Xia family has no intention of lying to you.”

The disdain in Butler Luos eyes grew stronger and stronger.

He asked meaningfully, “Chairman Xia, do you want to know where I heard that the designer is Miss Xia Yunqiu”

His words meant that the designer he was looking for was Xia Yunqiu.

Xia Cheng was uneasy, but he knew very well that at this moment, he could only insist that the real designer was Xia Ji to salvage this collaboration.

Otherwise, the Xia family would fall into a predicament again.

“Qiao Xi said it, right Butler, you—”

“It wasnt her, it was me.” A cold male voice came from outside the door.

This man exuded the aura of a king.

He was like a noble lion, making others not dare to approach him.

Xia Cheng knew that this mans identity must be extraordinary, so even though he was a little angry at being interrupted, he still asked gently, “Who are you”

As Xia Cheng spoke, he looked up at the man in front of him.

The mans eyes were extremely cold, clear, and translucent.

They were suffused with a faint blue color.

One look at them made one feel as if one were in the deep sea and ones body was surrounded by cold seawater.

The fear of drowning would appear in ones heart.

Could this person be Young Master Luo

However, this man was too young and did not have any bodyguards by his side.

Other than the aura he exuded and his blue eyes, Xia Cheng was really unable to confirm that this person was Young Master Luo.

Xia Cheng said nervously, “Sir, Butler, Im very sure that the designer is Xia Ji and not Xia Yunqiu.

Xi Xi refused to believe that her mother stole someone elses designs, so she spouted nonsense in front of you.

Dont believe her!”

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