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“Waaa, how handsome!”

“Is he the renowned Sixth Young Master of the Shi clan”

“Its no wonder why women like to give him food.

Just look at his dashing appearance! Even I cant help but want to dote on him!”

“Is that so He doesnt look as handsome as the rumors put him out to be.

I mean, even young master Xie of our academy doesnt pale in comparison to him.”

“Hmph, dont talk about that trash of a man.

How can that bastard be put on the same pedestal as young master Shi”

A group of passing female students began swooning over Shi Kun.

“Heh, women,” remarked Zu An in scorn.

Shi Kun was accompanied by quite a few people at the moment.

Most of them were unfamiliar faces to Zu An, but some of them happened to be people whom he recognized, such as Yuan Wendong and Ye Chenliang.

Yuan Wendong had always carried himself as if he was the king of the world or something.

However, his usual arrogance was nowhere to be seenat the moment.

He followed Shi Kun with a smile on his face, looking pretty desperate to fawn on the latter.

Ye Chenliang was even worse.

His attitude could be effectively described with the wordbootlicking.

The world is such a pragmatic place, huh

Having seen plenty of this in his previous world, Zu An couldnt help but sigh deeply.

Chu Huanzhao also shot a look at Shi Kun before murmuring softly, “I thought that he would be really handsome, but he looks not much different from my brother-in-law.”

Zu Ans face darkened.

Is she trying to compliment or insult me

Shi Kun began walking toward them with a disarming smile, which ironically only made Chu Chuyan frown.

She was about to say something, but he quickly interjected, “Its one thing for Chu First Miss to call meanother man on the street, but now that were in the academy, I should be considered as your classmate of yours too, right I shouldnt just beanother man now anymore.”

Shi Kuns polite attitude left Chu Chuyan with no room to reject him.

She nodded her head slightly and said, “Yes, I understand.”

Looking at the white-robed fairy before him, Shi Kun was mesmerized.

There had been many beauties who had actively offered themselves to him, some even coming from prominent backgrounds, but none of them could match Chu Chuyan.

Her ravishing looks and her lofty disposition gave her an ethereal atmosphere, as if a goddess from heaven.

“I must get her!”

Shi Kuns desire was growing stronger with each passing moment.

He put on an impeccable smile that tingled the hearts of the female students around and said, “Miss Chu, this is actually not our first meeting.”

“Oh” Chu Chuyan was surprised to hear that.

“Pardon my ignorance, but I dont recall having met you anywhere.”

“Around seven years ago, in the capital, I had the honor of catching a glimpse of your visage across a pond during a gathering.

Words couldnt begin to describe how enchanted I was.

Its a pity that you were already gone by the time I arrived.

Its been a regret lingering in my heart since then.

Ive been trying to find the whereabouts of the fairy I saw over the years, but to no avail.

It looks like heaven has finally taken pity on me to bestow upon me the fate to encounter you once more.”

“Waaa! I never thought that young master Shi would be such a devoted man!”

“If he had said those words to me, I think I\'d faint from bliss.”

“Yeah~ I thought that men with good looks were all philanderers, just like Xie Xiu, but who could have thought that he would stay true to his feelings!”

Zu An felt burning flames of rage sprouting in his heart.

These lovestruck bimbos! Why are they getting so excited over a couple of words At this rate, even if he **s in front of you all, youd still find a way to compliment him!

Throughout this entire duration, Shi Kun had been disregarding his presence to devote words of affection toward his wife.

Without a doubt, there was no man in the world who could tolerate this.

Zu An walked right in front of Chu Chuyan and said, “Brother Shit Kun, I believe that theres something very wrong with what youve said.”

“Shit Kun” Shi Kuns face immediately darkened in fury.

“Who are you calling Shit Kun Its Shi Kun!”

You have successfully trolled Shi Kun for 315 Rage!

“Alright alright, Brother Shit Kun.” Zu An shrugged off Shi Kuns words nonchalantly.

“Based on what I have just heard from you, basically, after catching a glimpse of her a few years ago, you decided to hunt her down like a stalker.

If so, can you really call this meeting the work of fate”

“Who are you Why should I answer your question” Shi Kun harrumphed coldly.

It went without saying that he knew who Zu An was.

However, given his standing, the best way to deal with Zu An was to simply disregard his presence.

“Ah, you dont know who I am I guess theres a need for a formal introduction then.” Zu An reached out to grab Chu Chuyans hand.

“I am the husband of the goddess whom you dream day and night of.

You spend your time fantasizing about her, but Im spared from the effort of having to rely on my imagination.

The two of us share a bed after all.

Is that enough for an introduction”

Having her hand suddenly grabbed sent a jolt throughout Chu Chuyans body.

She instinctively wanted to pull her hand out from Zu Ans grasp, but she knew that doing so would embarrass him in front of the crowd they were before.

Besides, her very purpose of marrying Zu An was to sever the royal family and King Qis thoughts of pursuing a political marriage with the Chu clan.

If she were to indicate that the two of them were not close with one another at this juncture, all of her efforts would have been in vain.

With such considerations in mind, she could only silently permit him to hold her hand.

Zu An seemed to have also predicted this, and that was why he dared to do it in the first place.

It was just that Chu Chuyan didnt expect Zu Ans words to be so venomous.

The crude terms he used left her ears reddening despite her cold personality.

Is he taking advantage of me because he knows that I wouldnt refute him

Understandably, a huge uproar broke out amidst the spectating crowd.

They knew that Chu Chuyan and Zu An were wedded, but they consoled themselves by thinking that she had other intentions in mind for marrying a good-for-nothing and that it was unlikely that she would let him take advantage of her.

Perhaps, they might not have even sealed their nuptial night yet.

However, Zu Ans words had broken all of their fantasies.

To make things worse, Chu First Miss revealed an embarrassed face but didnt deny anything at all.

My gosh, Im going insane!

Just thinking about how the number one beauty of Brightmoon City was pinned under a man like Zu An… Countless people immediately went bonkers with envy.

You have successfully trolled Gao Ren for 444 Rage!

You have successfully trolled He Buyu for 444 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Wu Zhenjian for 444 Rage!

The massive influx of Rage points soothed Zu Ans heart, leaving him feeling greatly heartened.

Just like the novels he had read in his previous life, it was easy to incur the ire of anyone as long as a beauty was involved!

It looks like I must work hard in this direction.

I need to get more beautiful women… Ah, its not that Im a pervert, but I simply want to earn more Rage points.

Shi Kun glanced at the tightly grasped hands between the two, and his cheeks began twitching.

One must know that he had always viewed Chu Chuyan to be his own personal possession, but she actually got touched by another man! Even if it was just her hand, it was more than enough to make his rage flurry.

You have successfully trolled Shi Kun for 520 Rage!

“Zu An, based on what I know, you and Chu First Miss sleep in separate rooms.

She doesnt even allow you to enter her room, let alone share the same bed.

How laughable it is that Im hearing such words from you.” Shi Kun harrumphed coldly.

Zu An, on the other hand, was appalled.

How does he know that were sleeping in separate rooms Then, a thought came to his mind, and he said, “I dont recall mentioning my name at any point while introducing myself as Chuyans husband.

How did you know that my name is Zu An then It cant be that you have sent spies into our Chu clan, right It just so happens that we had a traitor by the name of Snow recently.

Is it possible that youre the mastermind behind her”

Chu Chuyan immediately directed eyes of suspicion toward Shi Kun.

If the Chu clan was unable to find the mastermind behind Snow despite the influence it possessed, the mastermind was likely to be of high standing.

Shi Kun happened to fulfill the criterion.

“Rubbish! How would I know what Snow or Winter Stop slandering me!” Shi Kun refuted it vehemently right away.

He didnt expect Zu An to be so sharp.

“As for your name, its public knowledge that Chu First Miss is married.

It shouldnt come as a surprise that I know your name.”

Zu An harrumphed in response.

“Since you do know me, why did you feign ignorance earlier then It looks like beneath your pretty face lies a hypocritical heart.”

“…” Shi Kun.

You have successfully trolled Shi Kun for 300 Rage!

Zu An carried on, “Also, given yourlofty personality, you would simply snort off my accusations and ignore me Its such a surprise to see you desperately trying to refute the words of a nobody like me.

Is that a guilty conscience there I spot”

The crowd nodded in agreement.

As hateful as Zu An was, there was logic in his words.

This was indeed at odds with young master Shis personality.

Could he really be having a guilty conscience

Shi Kun didnt expect Zu An to have set a trap for him to leap into.

He finally understood how Mei Chaofeng and Snow felt dealing with this guy.

He couldnt help but begrudge Snow.

Why didnt you kill this disgustingly reprehensible man earlier!

He took a deep breath to calm himself down before ignoring Chu Chuyan, “Chu First Miss, please dont allow his words to affect the good ties between the Chu clan and Shi clan.

Im honestly unaware of the affairs that have transpired in your estate, and it has nothing to do with the Shi clan.”

Chu Chuyan had already come to a judgment about this matter, and she replied calmly, “I hope so.

Our Chu clan might not be a prominent clan, but we wouldnt allow anyone to take advantage of us either.”

Shi Kun laughed it off awkwardly, “Chu First Miss, youre jesting with me.

A ducal clan like yours is indubitably a prominent clan.

Besides, Ive admired you for a long time now.

I wouldnt do anything that would harm you.”

Before Chu Chuyan could respond, Zu An had already cut right in, “Ah, that reminds me.

You mentioned that you met my wife a few years ago, and she has been lingering in your dreams since then.

You didnt expect to meet her in Brightmoon Academy, and you feel that its the work of fate, right”

“Indeed.” Shi Kun harrumphed coldly.

“Chu First Miss hasnt married you yet, so whats wrong with me admiring her After so many years, my feelings for her have already become deeply rooted in my heart.

I know that shes married, but I cant control my heart.

Chu First Miss, I beg your pardon for that.”

Playing the sentimental man here, huh Zu An sneered coldly.

There were plenty of PUA lessons on the web in his previous life.

As a proud keyboard warrior, how could he be unaware of them

“Oh Thats quite weird.

I recall hearing that the Shi clan is a prominent clan in the capital, and it has many connections at its disposal.

Chuyan isnt some nobody either; shes the First Miss of the Chu clan! Even if you just asked those who were in the area back then, there would surely be some who knew of her identity.

Yet, you claimed that you couldnt find her all this while, only to say that to put on anits fate that brought us together act here.

At this point, I honestly cant tell whether you have malicious intentions in mind or that youre just plain incompetent.”


PUA refers to pickup artist.


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