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Chapter 948: Might of the Celestial Drake

Sang Qien was dragged down shortly afterward.

Zu An was shocked.

He had just been making a joke at first.

After all, in the films of his previous world, old wells were always associated with ghosts and monsters, so it had already become almost an instinct.

But how could he have expected that something like this would happen He would feel regret for the rest of his life if something really ended up happening to Sang Qien here!

Zu An rushed over.

Just then, a blast of flames erupted from the bottom of the well.

Then, a petite figure rushed out of it with a ‘whoosh’.

Who else could it be but Sang Qien

Sang Qien had an expression of alarm.

When she saw Zu An walk over, she immediately felt as if she had seen her family.

She ran over and hid behind him, clinging onto his arm while shaking all over.

Only now did Zu An remember that the other party was a fire element cultivator.

He couldn't help but chuckle, saying, “Since you can use the fire element, all of that hair would have been burned to ashes on contact.

Why are you getting so scared”

“Stop talking about that already…” Sang Qien blocked her ears with her hands.

Her legs buckled the moment she thought of that scene. I’m finished, I’m finished! I’m probably going to have nightmares every night from now on too…

“Ah Zu, what was that thing earlier” Zheng Dan also subconsciously moved closer to Zu An.

As a woman, she was naturally more scared of such things.

“It’s probably the main culprit we’re looking for,” Zu An replied while staring at this well.

Zheng Dan and Sang Qien both followed his gaze.

They moved even closer to him.

The pitch-black hair was starting to reach out from the well like vines, and it continued to grow longer and longer, as if it would never stop.

When she saw the hair surrounding the three of them, Sang Qien’s face turned incredibly pale.

Even though she was scared, however, she wasn’t like other girls.

She gathered her courage and used her fire element to burn the hair away.

But what made her widen her eyes in shock was that the hair didn’t catch fire the way it had before, and instead, the fire she released quickly disappeared.

She quickly tugged on Zu An’s sleeves and said, “This hair is a bit strange; there’s some strange sinister energy protecting it.

My flames can’t burn it away! Does this thing have the ice element” She had felt a wave of bone-chilling cold from the rebound of her previous attack.

Her entire body couldn't help but break out into a shiver.

Immediately afterward, she felt a warm feeling spread from the palm of her hand.

The chill disappeared and she felt much better.

She lowered her hand and saw that Zu An was holding her hand.

She blushed, but she didn’t say anything about the skinship this time.

“What the other party cultivates is something similar to evil yin energy, and not the ice element.” Zu An released her hand, then looked at the well.

He coldly asked, “What kind of monster are you Show yourself!”

Jiek jiek jiek~!

An extremely unpleasant and ear-piercing voice exclaimed, “Who dares to disturb my slumber!”

When they sensed a mysterious wave of power sweep over them, Zheng Dan and Sang Qien’s expressions changed.

They exclaimed, “We need to hurry and get away! This thing is too strong!” 

However, they didn’t expect Zu An to be completely unfazed as he said, “Don’t worry.” His voice had a mysterious calming ability.

The two girls gradually calmed down.

“Hmph, you want to escape Not a single one of you will leave this place today.” An individual dressed entirely in black robes slowly rose from the well.

His entire body was surrounded by wisps of black mist.

“Doesn’t this count as black silk to a certain extent” Zu An remarked.

Even he was a bit impressed at his own ability to think up nonsense.[1]

He was actually a bit annoyed.

When he saw the long black hair, he had thought that he was going to see some beautiful female ghost .

At least that was how it was in those television shows.

But who could have thought that he would be jebaited like this

But unlike Zu An, Zheng Dan and Sang Qien gulped nervously.

The pressure this person gave them was really great.

That was especially the case when only half of the person’s deathly pale face was exposed.

His face was so thin it was more like a skeleton, just skin wrapped around bones.

His eye sockets were deeply sunken, and his eyes were completely different from a normal person’s, glowing with red light.

In that instant, it was hard to tell if he was a man or a ghost.

“Oh my… So it was actually two little beauties.

Your blood will definitely be even more delicious and nourishing.” The half-man, half-ghost looked at the two girls.

Excitement flickered through his eyes.

He practiced evil arts, so he was extremely sensitive toward yin and yang energies.

He immediately recognized that the two of them were cross-dressing women.[2]

The two girls both broke out into goosebumps when they heard his words.

Zu An sighed.

“There are two great beauties here, but your only desire is to drink their blood Cultivating these evil arts ended up turning you into something that’s not fully a man or a ghost, and you even lost your basic ability to be a man.

Tell me honestly, is there even any meaning left in living”

Sang Qien and Zheng Dan’s faces heated up.

Even though he was praising them for being beautiful, why did it sound so strange

“You’re courting death!”

You have successfully trolled Chi Tu for 444 444 444…

The black-clad man erupted into a rage.

The black hair on the ground was pulled taut, then shot out like a rain of arrows.

A normal person would be stabbed full of holes by such an attack.

Zheng Dan and Sang Qien tried to join the battle, but Zu An gestured that they didn’t need to do anything.

He stood in front of them and a faintly visible wall of ki took form in front of him.

The black-clad man named Chi Tu sneered.

His attack specialized in destroying the ki barriers of cultivators.

Not even someone whose cultivation was a level higher than his might be able to stop this attack!

This kid is so young, so how high can his cultivation be He even wants to face me head on He won’t even know how he died. He was even considering whether he should hold back a bit to spare the kid’s life, then slowly suck out the blood of his female companions.

He would slowly enjoy watching him suffer.

But his smile quickly froze.

When his sharp hair struck the other party’s ki barrier, it was as if it had hit a steel wall, and his hair broke apart into inch-sized chunks.

He himself was struck by a powerful recoil that made all of his ki and blood surge chaotically.

This feeling was absolutely awful.

“How!” He stared at the man in front of him in horror.

This person was still so young, so why was his cultivation so high It made absolutely no sense!

Forget about him, even Sang Qien was completely shocked.

She knew that Zu An’s cultivation was high, but compared to the last time they had met, she really hadn’t expected him to have already grown to this level! After all, the pressure the black-robed man gave her was at least that of a seventh rank expert! Zu An didn’t even have to move a finger to break down his opponent’s attack

Zheng Dan was much more composed.

After all, she had watched Zu An take down that powerful red dragon when Zu An was still extremely weak, so what did this scene count as

Chi Tu’s expression warped more and more. I practically gave up on my physical form to obtain all of this power, and yet he didn’t give up a thing.

How is his cultivation so far above mine, while he was even born more handsome than me and even has two beauties at his side! He’s a complete winner! What was all of my hard work even for then

His expression became cold. Your cultivation might be higher than mine, but that doesn’t mean you can defend against my unique secret arts. He didn’t hesitate at all and immediately used his secret techniques.

A black thing resembling an evil spirit appeared out of thin air.

It looked like a malicious soul summoned straight from hell itself! It threw itself at Zu An.

Even before it made contact, just that sinister and insidious feeling was already able to affect other parties’ souls.

Even though Sang Qien and Zheng Dan were both on guard, they felt fear from within their souls.

This was a fear toward an unknown power that they were completely helpless against.

We’re finished! The two girls were both the best among their peers.

They quickly deduced that it was a soul targeting attack.

As long as one hadn’t reached the master rank and properly refined one’s soul, there was a good chance that it was all over for them if they faced such an attack.

No matter how high Zu An’s cultivation was, there was no way he was at the master rank!

The two girls looked at Zu An.

However, he was still extremely calm as he said, “Hmph! You think you can show off your insignificant talents in front of a real expert like me Take this! Might of the Celestial Drake!”

A seal appeared in his hand, and he threw it straight into the terrifying monster’s head.

Then, that evil spirit screamed miserably.

It instantly vanished like snow before a blistering hot sun.

“Pfft!” Chi Tu vomited a mouthful of greenish blood.

Then, he collapsed to the ground, paralyzed.

The ghost was something he had cultivated with his very life.

Now that it had been destroyed, even if he managed to prevent himself from dying, his cultivation would immediately drop to less than half of its former peak.

“It’s you!” Chi Tu finally realized what had happened.

When he sensed that terrifying power again, he recalled that it was precisely the same power that had wounded one of his ghost puppets earlier.

“If you want to live, then tell me properly, why did you cast your disgusting skill on my friend” Zu An took a step forward and instantly appeared in front of Chi Tu, speaking while looking down at him.


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