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Chapter 942: Something Happened

The emperor felt a bit more at ease when he saw Zu An’s respectful appearance.

He thought for a bit and said, “Use these next few days to make some preparations.

Once you’re ready, this emperor will send an imperial envoy to Cloudcenter Commandery so you can make full use of your investigative abilities.”

Zu An didn’t actually mind that there was going to be another envoy.

After all, his current status and qualifications weren’t enough to convince the masses.

He had to investigate the duke’s case as well, so the officials he would come into contact with would all be of high status.

It would actually be more convenient to hide behind the scenes.

The emperor continued, “Furthermore, this emperor will inform the world that a golden token envoy will accompany this group in secret.

Thus, on the surface, you can use the identity of the crown prince’s chamberlain, as well as the Armed Escort Division Commander title, to ensure the safety of the imperial envoy; but in reality, you will also be that golden token envoy.

Do you understand”

Zu An became dejected. The one protecting the imperial envoy out in the open is me, and the one protecting it from the shadows is also me Then shouldn’t I get paid two salaries

He quickly said, “Your majesty, how about we send another golden token envoy to move with us Or maybe some strong general as a bodyguard I was seriously injured in the dungeon before, so my strength alone might not be…” For better or for worse, he had the court behind him right now, so he had to use all of his resources. I’d really be stupid if I kept charging into enemy territory alone.

The emperor’s eyes twitched when he heard Zu An’s complaints. This brat is becoming slicker and slicker… He harrumphed and handed something over.

Zu An received it and gave it a look.

It was an imperial edict! The emperor sent him a voice transmission.

“If you encounter any cultivators or situations you can’t deal with, you can open this edict to take care of it.

As for how this process works, someone from the Embroidery House will teach you.”

“Thank you, your majesty!” Zu An was overjoyed.

He had witnessed the power of the imperial edict back when he was in Brightmoon City.

When this thing revealed its power, everyone had been left helpless! If he had such a powerful weapon in hand, wouldn’t this trip to Cloudcenter Commandery be a breeze

Of course, he still had his misgivings, because there was a pretty long chant before the edict activated.

It was easy to interrupt.

Back then, Huang Huihong and the others who had escorted him to the capital suffered precisely because of that, so it definitely had its limitations.

He suddenly thought of something and asked probingly, “Has your majesty already chosen the candidate for the imperial envoy yet”

“I haven’t…” The emperor revealed a hint of fatigue.

This matter was extremely important, so he had to consider it from several different directions.

The first was that he obviously couldn't use anyone from King Qi’s faction.

Furthermore, not even those from his own side were guaranteed to be loyal.

After all, the great clans were all connected in complex ways.

Two clans might be enemies in terms of political views, but there might be some individuals within them who were close friends, and even some who were married.

That was why it wasn’t easy to choose the right candidate at all.

He suddenly gave Zu An a vigilant look and asked, “Why are you asking about this What, do you have someone to nominate”

“This subject indeed has someone I wish to nominate,” Zu An said. 

“Speak,” the emperor said indifferently.

Zu An said, “Vice Minister of Finance Sir Sang Hong isn’t involved in politics and remains devoted to your majesty.

He’s also a capable subject.

I believe he’s a suitable candidate.”

The emperor’s eyes narrowed.

Sang Hong was also one of the candidates he had considered.

However, there was a huge difference between his own choice and someone his subject had recommended.

He replied coldly, “What, so you’ve learned how to make allies now I heard you and the Sang clan’s people are quite close.”

“Your subject is in fear! I had absolutely no selfish intentions when I nominated Sir Sang!” Zu An exclaimed.

However, he continued, “No, strictly speaking, I do have some selfish motives.

This mission in Cloudcenter Commandery is too important, and the duke’s disappearance is full of suspicion.

If things go as I expect, there will definitely be a huge conspiracy involved.

The mastermind behind the scenes will be worried and troubled, and perhaps even attack out of desperation.

If I had a pig of an ally as the imperial envoy, it would just put me in danger.

That’s why I obviously hope that the one who will come with me is someone capable.

“There are many who are capable in the capital, but I’ve offended quite a few people while carrying out my cases in the capital… In the end, the only one I can think of is Sir Sang.

Even though there used to be a grudge between us back then, I trust his character.

He would never let his personal feelings get mixed up with the greater situation.”

“Pig of an ally…” The emperor smiled knowingly.

The words this kid came up with were quite interesting.

When he heard Zu An admit that he had some selfish intentions, and that he had even had some old grudges with Sang Hong in the past, his serious expression eased a bit.

However, he didn’t express any of his feelings and said, “There’s no need for you to worry about the imperial envoy matter.

This emperor will make my decision.”

“Understood.” Zu An sighed in relief.

When he heard the reply, he realized that Sang Hong was probably already the one who would be chosen.

His nomination hadn’t been in vain.

When he left the imperial study, Eunuch Wen brought him to the imperial hospital.

He had the staff bring out some spirit-boosting medicinal ingredients while saying with admiration, “Sir Zu, I’ve never seen anyone who has received so much favor from the emperor in all these years I’ve served his majesty!”

“The emperor’s kindness is vast and mighty…” Zu An replied with a smile, but he was extremely calm inside.

Weren’t all of these benefits only present because the emperor still needed him to take care of more things Furthermore, he had to figure out all of the details himself every time.

But he was still extremely happy, because he saw that there was actually a Sky Crane Root among the medicines the hospital had given him.

It was one of the main ingredients needed to refine Ki Condensation Pills.

After bidding Eunuch Wen goodbye, Zu An returned to the Eastern Palace.

Bi Linglong still refused to see him, so it was obvious that she was still upset about that day.

After some hesitation, he decided not to tell her that he was going to Cloudcenter Commandery.

It might be more effective if he told her a few days later.

Making a trip back there was just to let her know that he had made it out of the imperial study safely.

He then found a chance to leave the palace.

He didn’t return to his own manor, but rather chose to go to the Sang clan.

Sang Hong sighed in amazement when he heard about everything that had happened in the imperial study, saying, “You really made a risky move back there.”

Zu An remained completely calm as he replied, “Respected uncle won’t continue to resign from leading posts, right This Cloudcenter Commandery trip is a good opportunity.”

Even though Sang Hong had an official position again as the Vice Minister of Finance and was nominally in charge of managing the country’s finances, the actual authority was held by those big shots in the Imperial Secretariat.

He was nothing more than the one who executed their intentions.

In other words, he took care of all the tiresome and trifling things, while the contributions went to others.

“My worthy junior has gifted me with a great present.” Sang Hong was quite moved.

Even though he did favor Zu An, he hadn’t expected to get something back in return so soon.

“But you’ve really had to take a great risk this time.”

Sang Qien was also in a daze as she looked at Zu An.

Back then, when the Sang clan had the emperor’s favor, there had been people flattering them everywhere.

And yet, when something had ended up happening to the Sang clan, she had then witnessed what hypocrisy really was.

She finally understood why her father had made the choice to ally with Zu An.

It was indeed a wise decision.

Zu An said with a chuckle, “Respected uncle is too courteous.

Even though I did have to take some risks, his majesty cares more about the Yu clan’s situation right now, so of course he’d choose the truly capable for this task.

That’s why it only looks dangerous.”

Sang Qien felt great admiration as she listened from off to the side.

Zu An had still been a bit inexperienced with the political circles not too long before, and yet after receiving a few pointers from her father, Zu An had already learned to become like those old foxes who had been in those circles for several decades.

Such talent really was enviable.

“But this Cloudcenter Commandery matter doesn’t seem to be simple at all…” They came to a unanimous conclusion after chatting for a bit.

Of course, it was precisely because it wasn’t an easy task that they had something to work toward.

They believed that with their ability, they should be able to take care of the matter.

That was why they weren’t too worried either.

As Sang Hong chatted with Zu An for a while longer, he noticed that Zu An was looking from side to side during their conversation.

He thus said to Sang Qien, “Qien’er, take Ah Zu to see your sister-in-law.

She’s experienced and knowledgeable, so she might have a solution.”

Sang Qien was no longer as conflicted about the matter as before.

She happily agreed.

On the way there, Zu An asked urgently, “Qienqien, did something happen to your sister-in-law”

Sang Qien blushed.

Even though she had already known Zu An for a while, she wasn’t used to such a familiar form of address.

“We don’t know why, but sister-in-law keeps having nightmares.

Her mind is growing more and more dispirited, and her body has grown thinner.

We’ve invited many doctors to examine her, but none of them could find the reason for her symptoms.”

Zu An jumped in fright.

After all, the bodies of cultivators were far better than ordinary people’s! They normally never got sick, so if they did get sick, it was a big deal.

Furthermore, if not even those doctors could figure out what was going on, heaven knew what kind of disaster it was.

He sped up, eventually walking even faster than Sang Qien.

He rushed in and pushed open Zheng Dan’s door.

Sang Qien’s expression went rigid.

Judging from how familiar Zu An was with the path there, he probably went that way pretty often.

When Zu An pushed open the door, he saw that Zheng Dan was sitting in a chair in a daze.

She had always been charming and beautiful before, but now, she was a bit weak and pale.

Even her rosy cheeks now seemed a bit sallow.

Zheng Dan subconsciously turned around.

Her originally expressionless eyes erupted with joy.

“Ah Zu!”


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