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Chapter 930: Accomplice to the Tiger

The reason why Zu An let go of her so easily, apart from the fact that he trusted Snow, was that he also noticed that she had held back earlier.

It was clear that she carried no malice toward him 

The maid quickly stood in front of the mysterious woman when she saw Zu An let go.

She stared vigilantly at Zu An while asking her, “Miss, are you alright”

“I’m fine.” The mysterious woman massaged her neck.

It was obvious that the area was sore from being grabbed.

Nan Xun also ran over to hide by her side.

She looked at Zu An fearfully, still scared after what had just happened.

The mysterious woman gently pushed the maid aside, then said while looking at Zu An’s back, “I’ll help you treat that wound first.” She reached out her hand, and the flying sword-like feather turned into a streak of green light, returning to her hand.

It transformed back into a soft feather.

Zu An was surprised, saying, “That thing of yours is pretty high level.

It can change between soft and hard.”

The mysterious woman said with a sigh, “Your body is what's surprisingly hard.” She had thought that the sword could seriously injure him, but it had only penetrated a bit.

Nan Xun couldn't help but let out a laugh, and her expression was extremely strange.

The mysterious woman was stunned.

Only then did she realize that there was another meaning to what she said.

Her face heated up, and she quickly changed the topic.

“Nan Xun, help young master Zu wrap up his wound.” This lass dares to laugh at me You deserve to be punished, hmph.

“Ah!” Nan Xun looked conflicted.

Her ankle had been burned badly when Zu An grabbed her.

She subconsciously felt a little scared.

But she couldn't go against her master’s orders and could only bashfully move over to Zu An’s side.

However, the closer she got, the more she felt as if he burned like a sun.

Being close to him felt extremely uncomfortable.

The mysterious woman was slightly shocked and said, “Young master’s cultivation method is a bit special.

You were actually able to restrain someone like Nan Xun.”

Zu An stopped using the Primordial Origin Sutra.

Nan Xun immediately felt the uncomfortable heat disappear.

She sighed in relief, and began to help him with his wound.

This level of injury wasn’t a big deal for Zu An at all.

With his body’s strength and regeneration ability, he would completely recover soon anyway.

However, he didn’t want to expose that in front of others.

“You still haven’t answered my question,” he said.

“I'm Kong Nanwu.” After some hesitation, the mysterious woman continued, “I believe the young master has also guessed that I'm also, using human terms, part of the fiend race.”

Zu An wasn’t surprised to hear that.

He looked at the maid and asked, “What species is she”

“She's a young lady from the fox clan.” Kong Nanwu stroked the maid’s head in a doting manner.

She was very satisfied with the loyalty the maid showed toward her master.

Zu An was surprised.

He hadn’t expected this maid to be related to Daji! He wondered how the maid would react if he let Daji out.

He obviously wouldn’t do something so rash, though.

He looked at Kong Nanwu and asked, “Is Miss Kong also from the fox clan”

Kong Nanwu shook her head and said, “No, I'm from the feather clan.”

“Feather clan” Zu An was feeling dizzy.

She had brought up the fiend races and the fox clan, and now she was saying she’s from the feather clan.

He suddenly remembered her surname and realized something, exclaiming, “So you were a peacock!”[1]

Kong Nanwu was speechless.

She took a deep breath and calmed herself down, eventually saying, “Even though what you said was correct to a certain extent, it sounds strange for some reason.”

Zu An chuckled awkwardly and said, “I didn’t mean any offense.

How do you know Snow” The two women’s relationship seemed to be pretty good.

Kong Nanwu replied, “We became close because we're all affiliated with the feather clan.”

Zu An felt a headache and asked, “Just how do you guys divide up the clans Why does it seem so complicated”

After a bit of hesitation, Kong Nanwu explained, “This isn't a secret, so we can tell you.

Your human race calls the feather clan, beast clan, demon clan, sea clan, dragon clan, and others fiend races.

Within our classification, the fiend races are, in a stricter sense, only the feather clan, beast clan, and a few other similar clans.

Calling the demon clan, sea clan, and dragon clan fiend races isn't actually too suitable.

Of course, the human race is so strong that we were forced to unite together.

As such, it isn't too big of a problem to be called that.

“The feather clan and beast clans also respectively branch out into many races…”

Zu An nodded in understanding.

The cat girl and rabbit girl were both from the beast clan, but they were definitely separated into separate races under that bigger classification.

Kong Nanwu continued, “The feather race has three great king races; the golden-winged peng, peacock, and elf races.

Little sis Snow is from the elf race, which is how we knew each other.”

Zu An exclaimed, “A peacock! Then was that feather plucked from your tail”

No wonder it had made him so dizzy! When the green colors had unfolded, he felt as if he were being watched by countless pairs of eyes.

Weren’t those precisely a peacock’s tail feathers But didn’t only male peacocks have pretty tail feathers Was Kong Nanwu… a guy

The little fox race maid glared at Zu An and shouted angrily, “Pervert!”

You have successfully trolled Huhu for 215 215 215…

Kong Nanwu said calmly, “Please forgive me, young master, for not being able to answer such a personal question.”

Zu An thought to himself, Aren’t you also implying some things with your response anyway… But in order to prevent the mood from becoming awkward, he changed the topic.

“Is Nan Xun also part of your fiend races I didn’t expect you all to be that amazing, that you could even send her into King Qi Manor as a concubine.”

After all, King Qi was basically the human race’s number two figure.

Meanwhile, he had actually shared a bed with someone from the fiend race! Just how much intelligence had she been able to siphon

Nan Xun’s expression changed.

Zu An knew her real identity after all.

However, Kong Nanwu shook her head and said, “No, she isn't part of the fiend race.

She's a human, but she now exists as a ghost.”

“A ghost” Zu An frowned.

He sized up Nan Xun, who was next to him.

Powerful human cultivators could keep their souls alive for a period of time, but it wouldn’t be for too long.

If they didn’t encounter any extraordinary opportunities, the soul would only be able to exist for a few hours at the shortest, and a few months at the longest.

Then, the laws of the world would completely erase them.

That was also why Zhao Han desired immortality so much.

Otherwise, if his soul could continue existing forever, why would he be worried about such things at all

Even though Nan Xun had some cultivation, it clearly wasn’t high.

In theory, her soul should have scattered soon after her body perished, never mind showing herself in public and becoming a courtesan.

As if she saw through Zu An’s puzzlement, Kong Nanwu explained, “To be more precise, she's the ghost of someone devoured by a tiger.

The tiger race has a secret method that can enthrall someone they devour or kill as a ghost, and use them as a servant.

These special ghosts are different from normal souls.

As long as they're supplied with energy from time to time, they can continue to exist in this world for a long time.”

Zu An suddenly understood.

This was where the idiom ‘acting as an accomplice to the tiger’ came from.

In his previous world, the idiom originated from a legend, but this was a world filled with all kinds of monstrous oddities.

The idiom had actually become a reality!

“I just happened to know that secret technique as well,” Kong Nanwu said.

“When I passed by King Qi Manor previously, I sensed the resentment inside.

Her soul was wandering nearby and was about to scatter.

I used the secret technique to refine her soul into a tiger-devoured ghost, which was how she was able to survive.”

Nan Xun bowed toward her and said, “Thank you, young miss, for saving me.”

Zu An asked, “Your name is a different one now, right”

Otherwise, if she used her real name, King Qi would have already known that she was here even if he didn’t come to the pleasure quarters.


In order to completely sever her relationship with the past, her name was changed after she turned into a special soul,” Kong Nanwu replied.

Zu An looked at Nan Xun and asked, “You really were killed by King Qi” Even though he had already come to that conclusion, he obviously had to confirm things with her.

“Indeed, I was killed by Zhao Jing.” Nan Xun’s expression remained calm, as if she were talking about something that was completely unrelated to her.

“Why did he kill you” Zu An asked.

“Because I was a spy planted at his side by his majesty,” Nan Xun replied.

Zu An was stunned.


Peacock=Kongque ☜


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