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Chapter 927, Part 1: Winner Takes All

This time, Yu Nan was the first one to ask a question.

He looked at Bi Ziang and asked after a brief pause, “What is Ziang’s cultivation rank now”

Bi Ziang had all kinds of dazzling stories surrounding him.

After a certain point, no one actually knew what his true cultivation was.

As someone from the other faction, Yu Nan naturally wanted to take the chance to scout out more information. Even Lady Nan Xun’s eyes lit up.

She was also curious about that. Only Zu An alone didn’t really care.

Bi Ziang’s cultivation level didn’t matter, since it wouldn’t be higher than his own.

Bi Ziang’s eyes narrowed.

He said with a smile, “Why doesn’t Brother Yu visit me and test it out another day” He clearly didn’t intend to reveal his own trump cards yet.

Naturally, Yu Nan wasn’t happy with the reply and immediately urged him to drink. Bi Ziang knew that his answer was lackluster, so he didn’t refuse and drank.

After he finished the three cups, his fair complexion became somewhat rosier.

The alcohol was so strong that even though their cultivation ranks weren’t low, the participants were starting to break down.

It was Bi Ziang’s turn to ask a question.

He looked at the beautiful courtesan while feeling tipsy, saying, “Lady Nan Xun, it’s my turn now…”

Nan Xun smiled and said, “Please ask, young master Bi.

I will speak without holding anything back.”

Bi Ziang’s haze swept over her body and he asked, “Which part of your body is Lady Nan Xun most satisfied with”

The mood was getting more and more intense.

Between that and the alcohol, his question had also become more aggressive.

Of course, if the other party had been a girl from a distinguished house, he would never ask such a question.

But Nan Xun was a prostitute, so not only was the question not going too far, it would even stir her up a bit.

After all, the way he usually carried himself made him a bit aloof and remote, so she might otherwise consider him unapproachable.

The other men also started to check out Nan Xun’s curves and came up with their own answers.


Big chests are justice!

A light blush appeared on Nan Xun’s face.

After thinking for a moment, she said, “It is probably my disposition.”

This answer was clearly not what the men wanted to hear.

They immediately voiced their complaints.

But Zu An sighed inwardly.

These courtesans were good at singing and dancing, so such an answer was completely suitable.

However, his true feelings were beside the point; he still had to urge her to drink.

He wanted to see if the alcohol would make Nan Xun accidentally reveal any openings.

After having downed three cups of alcohol, a blush emerged on Nan Xun’s face, making her look even more tender and beautiful.

It became Zu An’s turn to be confused.

Were his suspicions wrong

Nan Xun looked at Zu An with a pensive expression and said, “Young master Zu, it’s my turn to ask you a question now.” Hmph, you were the one who urged me to drink the most! The tide has now turned.

“Please ask away, my lady.” Zu An didn’t seem worried at all.

He was probably the one who had played the game the most out of all of them.

He refused to believe that with the imagination of the people in this world, they could possibly ask him anything too difficult.

Nan Xun stared at him with her beautiful eyes and asked, “When was the last time you last kissed a girl, and who did you kiss”

Zu An’s expression changed. I shouldn’t be setting damn flags for myself! He calmly picked up his cup and said, “I’ll drink.”

He finished the three cups one after another.

He finally knew why Bi Ziang and Yu Nan had reacted the way they did.

This alcohol was indeed strong, stronger than any vodka he had ever drunk in his previous world.

It was like pouring straight alcohol down his throat!

There were too many cultivators in this world, and their constitutions were better than those of ordinary people.

The alcohol they brewed would thus naturally be different from his previous world too.

This was a drink catered to cultivators.

The others were confused.

This wasn’t a hard question to answer, so why had he refused After all, it was natural for men in this world to have three wives and four concubines.

No one would think of one as trash just for having kissed a girl, and people would instead think of one a charming person.

The only reason he would choose to drink would be because he couldn't reveal that woman’s identity.

As such, the others began to guess who that woman could possibly be.

Bi Ziang frowned. It’s not my little sister, is it But he immediately shook his head and threw away that absurd thought.

Zu An looked at Yu Nan and said with a chuckle, “You seemed to be smiling a bit too happily just a moment ago…”

Yu Nan’s expression changed.

“Am I not allowed to smile I’m only following the rules of the game.

You also…”

Zu An cut him off.

“Don’t worry, I’ll play the game by its rules too.

For example, it’s now my turn to ask you something…” He deliberately dragged out his words, his eyes roaming across Yu Nan’s body.

Yu Nan was absolutely horrified.

He felt as if he were lying on a chopping board, about to be killed.

“Do you have any birthmarks If so, where are they, and what kind of shape are they” Zu An asked.

Yu Nan’s expression immediately changed.

He did have a birthmark, but for someone of high status like him, that was something personal and an absolute secret.

He couldn't let anyone know so they could pretend to be him.

Even if no one tried to impersonate him, letting someone else know about it was embarrassing on its own.

Out of helplessness, he could only drink.

Three cups of Heaven’s Burn went into his stomach.

He felt his line of sight blur.

The alcohol was just way too strong.

Damn you, Zu An! I’m way too unlucky to be sitting right after him! Helpless to do anything about it, he could only direct his anger toward Bi Ziang, asking, “What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in your life”

Bi Ziang’s expression changed as well.

For people like him who cared a lot about their reputation, how could they tell such things to other people Let alone the fact that after all these years, he had finally created such an amazing story for himself.

He couldn't just let all of that fall apart because of something like this! He could only drink out of helplessness.

The questions unceasingly rose in intensity, crossing more and more boundaries.

The participants also drank more and more.

They already had to use their cultivations to suppress the alcohol.

Unfortunately, the alcohol of this world was made through a special method and was even effective against cultivators.

Even though they could suppress a portion of the effects, if they passed the threshold, they would still collapse.

After a few more rounds, it was once again Zu An’s turn.

Yu Nan’s expression changed when he saw Zu An’s malicious expression.

He knew that Zu An was going to ask a question he couldn't answer at all. But he had already drunk too much.

If he drank any more, he might just vomit on the spot! As a handsome young master who had always paid close attention to his image, how could he allow such a thing to happen

He suddenly thought of something and said, “Right, I remember that this game is called truth or dare! I won’t choose truth, but rather dare.”

Zu An almost burst out laughing. You finally took the bait! He had been trying to lead Yu Nan in that direction, but if he said it out loud, Yu Nan would have been on guard and wouldn’t agree.

But it would be completely different if he chose a dare of his own accord!

Zu An said with a smile, “Since young master Yu has chosen a dare, what if I say something and you refuse to do it”

Even though Yu Nan knew that Zu An was inciting him, how could he just back down when Nan Xun and Bi Ziang were right there He said, “Hmph, you can go outside and ask anyone about this.

I, Yu Nan, have always been a man of my word.”

“That’s good then.” Zu An gave him a look.

“The dare I’m giving you is ‘go home right now’.”

Yu Nan was speechless. Bi Ziang was stunned for a few seconds, but then he couldn't help but roar with laughter.

“Incredible! Absolutely brilliant!” Nan Xun couldn't help but smile as well.

“You’re going too far!” Yu Nan exclaimed.

You have successfully trolled Yu Nan for 333 333 333…

The dare seemed easy, but it was extremely humiliating.

Put another way, the other party was willing to even give up on a chance to make things difficult for one person just to make them go home.

Wouldn’t that mean one was completely unwelcome Or that others merely considered one an extra

The mysterious woman who had been listening in also laughed out loud.

If not for the special formation set up, she might have exposed her existence right there and then.

But she really couldn't hold it in! That Zu An was just way too treacherous… She could imagine just how furious Yu Nan was.


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