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Chapter 913: Rare Confusion

Just as Sang Qien was about to charge over with her sword in hand, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her.

She was shocked and quickly put her sword away, exclaiming, “Dad!”

The elder in front of her was, of course, Sang Hong.

In his hands was a teacup that was still hot.

He asked, “Where are you going”

“Its nothing; I was just feeling a bit stuffy and wanted to get some air.

Also, I can check to see if anyone breaks in along the way.” After a bit of hesitation, Sang Qien decided not to say what she was really thinking.

After what had happened to her older brother, her father had already felt incredibly hurt.

If he found out what was happening with her sister-in-law, he might be even more broken-hearted and angry.

She felt as if her father had become much older, and that he had already lost much of his former mettle.

There seemed to be some issues with his health too.

That was why, after considering everything, she chose to keep it a secret.

Sang Hong chuckled.

Although his eyes were already a little unclear, his gaze was completely indifferent, as if he had seen through everything.

He said, “I heard something outside too, so Ill come and take a look with you.

Did you bring someone back with you”

Sang Qien knew that her father was an eighth ranked cultivator.

He definitely noticed that she had brought in that maid and hidden her.

As such, she told him what had just happened in King Qi Manor.

Sang Hong nodded.

“That Zu An is quite a talent.

On top of that, considering that he can enter and leave King Qi Manor freely, you can see just how incredible his cultivation is.

His growth really is way too fast.”

This kid had just been an ant a year before, and yet now, Zu An had already grown to this level! His cultivation was even higher than Sang Hongs own.

Sang Qien had a strange expression when she saw the praise in her fathers tone.

Would you still praise him if you knew about his relationship with sister-in-law

Sang Hong asked about some more details regarding their trip inside King Qi Manor.

He was extremely thorough, as if he didnt want to miss a single thing.

Sang Qien felt rather stressed as she answered her father.

If she kept wasting time here, she might not be able to catch that scoundrel in action! When she finally told her father everything that had happened in King Qi Manor, she tried to find a chance to send her father back inside.

She didnt want the matter to get out of hand after all.

But Sang Hong didnt seem to have any intention of moving and said, “Qiener, its been a long time since you and I had a heart-to-heart chat, right”

Sang Qien was confused.

She was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.

Dad, why do we have to do this heart-to-heart talk in the middle of the night But when she saw how serious he was, she couldnt really put a damper on his spirits.

She could only respond while eyeing Zheng Dans residence from time to time.

Sang Hong seemed to have noticed something as well.

He turned around and said, “Qiener, you keep looking toward your sister-in-laws side.

Is there something wrong”

Sang Qiens expression was a little unnatural as she replied hurriedly, “Its nothing! I just feel like after big brother passed away, sister-in-law has been rather pitiful.

Even though they didnt truly become husband and wife, I think we should find a chance to return her to the Zheng clan.”

Those were her sincere thoughts.

As a woman, she really sympathized with Zheng Dans fate.

There had even been an incident during their ritual kneeling, and then her brother had died not long afterward.

She hadnt even had a proper marriage, and yet she had ended up becoming a widow.

But as the younger sister of the groom, she also felt that Zheng Dan was going way too far by doing such things with another man while using the Sang clan name.

She would have already flipped out long beforehand if it were any other man, but it was Zu An, who had helped her and her father a lot.

As such, she was left in a predicament.

However, if Zheng Dan recovered her freedom after leaving the Sang clan, she wouldnt have to worry about it anymore.

Sang Qien thought that her father would agree, but Sang Hong shook his head and replied, “Absolutely not!”

Sang Qien was stunned.

She hadnt expected her father to refuse her so directly.

She asked, “Why”

Sang Hong said, “Your older brother has already died, so our Sang clan is already finished.

Shes your older brothers widow, so shes the clans last hope.”

Sang Qian was stupefied.

“But they never consummated their marriage! Theres no chance for her to give birth to his child!”

Sang Hong said indifferently, “But outsiders dont know that.”

Sang Qien was stunned.

“Enough; dont worry about it anymore.

You should return and get some rest.” Sang Hong got up and patted her shoulder.

“By the way, your father was recently carried away by a whim, and drew this work.

Ill just give it to you as a gift.” After he finished speaking, he handed Sang Qien an unfurled scroll marked with ink that hadnt even dried yet.

Then, he left in a relaxed manner.

Sang Qien gave the scroll a look.

She only saw the two wordsrare confusion on it.

She was stunned at first, but then she had a pensive expression as she thought about things.

She was a smart person.

She had already been suspicious when her father suddenly appeared and stalled her for a long time.

When she saw the scroll, paired with what he had just said, she immediately knew what he was saying.

So father already knew about everything… But even if youre paying back a debt, you cant use your daughter-in-law, can you! Isnt the Sang clan stooping a bit too low here…

Furthermore, even if my sister-in-law gets pregnant, everyone will think the child is my big brothers! But well know that the child has nothing to do with the Sang clan.

What meaning is there in that

Sang Qiens expression was conflicted.

She gave Zheng Dans room a look.

Several times, she began to move in that direction, but she decided otherwise in the end.

She released a deep sigh, then withdrew to her room in defeat.

Sang Hong watched from a distance without revealing the slightest ripple of emotion.

His daughter was indeed intelligent, but she was still too young and lacked maturity.

She hadnt understood what he really meant.

The next morning, Zu An snuck out of the Sang clan, reminiscing about the wonderful time hed had last night.

That girl Zheng Dan really was a charming little witch.

But the feeling of being chased out of bed before the sky even brightens again really isnt the best… Itll be much better once Zheng Dan regains her freedom.

As he daydreamed about his beautiful future, he didnt return to the palace, and instead went to King Qi Manor.

He didnt go in from the main entrance, but rather sneakily jumped over a wall.

But unlike the previous night, he deliberately refrained from concealing himself.

Sure enough, he was discovered by the guards soon afterward.

Under their furious gazes, Zu An said calmly, “Bring me to King Qi.”

Inside King Qis study, an emotionless King Qi looked at Zu An.

He calmly asked, “Do you know what kind of crime breaking into this manor is”

This world didnt have electricity, so there wasnt much of a night life.

People typically went to sleep a little earlier, and so they naturally woke up earlier as well.

King Qi had just finished his shower.

He was surprised when he received his subordinates report, but he still had them bring Zu An inside in the end.

Zu An chuckled.

“I just didnt want to go in through the front door and draw unnecessary attention to our meeting.”

“What did you want to talk to me about so early in the morning” King Qi was extremely curious.

Zu An put away his smile and coldly exclaimed, “King Qi, youve gone too far!”

King Qi was stunned at first, then furious.

He exclaimed, “You scoundrel, did you come here just to waste my time!”

You have successfully trolled Zhao Jing for 444 Rage points!

Zu An was completely unfazed under the incoming pressure.

He replied, “Ive already completely investigated the concubines case.

She didnt drown, but was rather hit in the head and then thrown into the lake to make it look as if she drowned.

As for the killer, I believe you know fully well who it was.”

King Qi fell silent when he heard such a detailed recount.

He didnt argue against it and instead gave Zu An a deep look.

“Are you not afraid that you wont be able to leave after storming into the manor like this”

Zu An chuckled and said, “I believe the king is a smart person and wont do something so unwise.

Im only here to give you a heads up before I report this matter to his majesty.”

King Qi stirred, asking, “You havent reported this to his majesty yet”

Zu An replied, “Didnt I say I was just about to”

King Qis eyes narrowed as he gave Zu An a look, and he immediately realized that this kid had come to inform him on purpose, to give him a bit of time to prepare countermeasures.

But why was Zu An doing this He asked without batting an eyelid, “Why would you tell me beforehand”

Zu An replied, “Since ancient times, the bow is put away when the birds are all gone; a worthy person is discharged when he has served his purpose.

Only if your respected self remains alive will I have the most value.”

King Qi sneered.

“You actually dare to speak such disgraceful words.

Men, drag this man out to be executed!”

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