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Chapter 873: Grave of the Emperor

Zu An frowned.

“What do you mean”

Lu Sheng shook his head.

“The mysteries of heaven mustnt be revealed.

There are many things youll naturally understand when its time.”

“I hate people like you who love to blueball others.” Zu An clenched his fist.

“Since you can predict the future, can you guess whether or not Ill beat you up”

Lu Shengs face froze.

He chuckled in embarrassment and said, “You dont need to be angry.

If you help me with this matter, Ill reward you with the Book.”

Mi Lis expression grew serious when she heard him mention the Book.

It was apparent that she knew of its value.

Zu An sneered.

“Dont you know that youll only seem even more suspicious if you immediately present a great offer” Ever since Old Mi had tried to possess him, he had developed strong feelings of caution against baseless good intentions.

He couldnt help but feel that this person was trying to scam him.

Lu Sheng was quite shocked that Zu An was unfazed.

“Perhaps you arent aware of the Books power”

“So what if it can foretell the future You still couldnt change your own fate, and you could only hide here all these years with a fragment of your soul,” Zu An said calmly.

“Besides, I dont trust in completely unreasonable good intentions.”

Lu Sheng was stunned.

After a momentary pause, he sighed.

“Your worldview is different, as expected.

I relied too much on the Book in the past, so I sank into absolute despair when I learned of my fate.

I didnt even have the courage to change it.

You are the destined one after all.

This book will definitely be much more useful in your hands than in mine.” He pointed forward, and a streak of golden light landed on Zu Ans forehead.

Zu An was alarmed.

He quickly backed up and touched his own forehead.

“What did you do to me”

Unfortunately, nothing happened no matter how he rubbed his forehead.

He was alarmed.

After all, he had already experienced the Primordial Origin Sutras body tempering three times.

His body should have already become incredibly tough and invulnerable against ordinary blades and swords.

Why wasnt he able to defend against the golden light at all

“Dont worry, I merely placed the Book into your sea of consciousness.

It wont bring you any harm,” Lu Sheng said weakly.

His eyes werent even as bright as before, as if his body had become weak.

Mi Li was surprised.

“The Book isnt actually a book”

Lu Sheng shook his head.

“Of course not.

The book I gave his majesty was nothing but a diversionary tactic.

This is the Books original form.

Thats the reason why, thankfully, it didnt end up in that persons hands during the great disaster.”

“That person” Mi Li asked with a pensive expression.

Zu An quickly examined himself.

Sure enough, he saw that there was a small golden book in his sea of consciousness.

There was an ancient and grand aura coming from it; it was the feeling of dao.

He didnt feel happy at all, and instead looked at Mi Li.

“Master, am I really okay”

Mi Li replied, “Dont worry, this is an opportunity for you.

Brat, your luck really is pretty good.”

Zu An finally felt relief when he heard her say those words.

However, he still said with a pitiful expression, “Master, Im dirty now…” He felt as if someone had put something inside of him, that his mind had now taken the shape of someone else.

It really didnt feel great.

Mi Li was speechless.

She exclaimed, “Get lost!”

Lu Sheng looked at her in shock.

“So the destined one was your highness disciple!”

“Hmph, hes just a naughty brat I picked up because he kept begging me.

I could only barely agree to take him in.” Mi Li raised her chin high, her attitude as prideful as could be.

Zu An was speechless.

Who the hell begged whom But he still let her show off a bit before her own minister.

“Looks like the Book really didnt deceive me.

With your highness help, I believe that my cherished desire should be fulfilled,” Lu Sheng said, his body gradually growing dim.

He began to scatter into the wind at a visible rate.

Mi Li fell silent when she saw Lu Sheng fade, a look of sorrow filling her eyes.

Seeing her former acquaintances disappear one after another made her once again experience the inexorable power of time.

The group continued through the palace.

Mi Li remained silent the entire time.

Bi Linglong asked Zu An out of concern, “Are you alright That book or something went inside of you…”

Zu An shook his head.

“I dont feel anything strange right now, but I have no idea what it can be used for.

He didnt even give me a basic introduction.” He had tried several times, but regardless of whether it was normal ki or primordial ki, he couldnt do anything to that small golden book.

Bi Linglong was worried.

“That person foresaw that a great calamity was coming.

I cant help but feel like what were about to face will be extremely terrifying.”

Zu An laughed.

“The scarier the better.

Dont forget that we still have a terrifying emperor on our tail.

How can we hope to survive if the danger ends up being too weak”

Mi Li nodded.

“Kid, even though youre a little perverted and greedy, your nature is optimistic.

Little girl, even though youre smart, youre far beneath him in this aspect.”

Bi Linglong didnt get annoyed, and instead smiled.

“I couldnt compare to him in the first place.” If it had been a month earlier, her prideful self would never have admitted to that.

But now, she instead voiced her sincere respect.

“Hmph, women.” Mi Li snorted in contempt.

“We should be approaching the water element next, right You knew everyone in those other rooms.

Do you have any guesses as to who the one in that room is” Zu An asked.

“I dont.

I have a rough idea of who was involved back then, but I dont recall any of them being related to the water element.” Mi Li shook her head.

“Could it be Xu Fu” Zu An asked out of curiosity.

Mi Li supported her chin with her hand.

“Its not entirely impossible.

Xu Fu spent a great deal of time out at sea.” However, five forked paths suddenly appeared before her.

She stopped, her eyes filled with puzzlement.

“Whats wrong Which path should we take” Zu An asked curiously.

Mi Li said, “According to my analysis of the Five Elements Formation, all five of these paths are a possibility.”

Bi Linglong picked up a rock and threw it along one of the paths.

A flurry of arrows quickly flew out from within.

“It looks like only one of these paths is real, while the others are traps.”

Mi Li said, “Indeed.

Unfortunately, those with traps might not be fake, and the one without traps might very well be the real path of death.”

While the two of them were deep in thought, Zu An suddenly realized something.

He pointed at the path second from the left and exclaimed, “Its this one!”

“How do you know” Bi Linglong asked, confused.

That path was the one she had just thrown the rock down, and yet many traps had immediately activated.

Even Mi Li was surprised.

She looked at Zu An and waited for him to explain himself.

“The Book told me.” Zu An rubbed his head.

“I dont know why, but the scene of the second path suddenly appeared in my head.”

“Then its that path.” Mi Li was the first to walk forward, as if she completely trusted the Book.

Zu An almost warned her to be careful, but her cultivation was higher than his own.

If there really was something, she should be able to deal with it.

They ran into some traps along the way, but Zu An and Mi Li dealt with them easily.

After the first bit of danger, the rest of the path was smooth sailing.

The group arrived in front of another large door.

It was covered in orderly rows of golden knobs, making it look exceptionally grand.

“Huh” Mi Li exclaimed.

“What is it” Zu An thought there was something wrong when he heard Mi Lis voice.

He observed the surroundings vigilantly.

Mi Li only continued to stare at the gate silently.

Bi Linglong said from off to the side, “There are nine rows of nine, totaling up to eighty-one knobs in total.

Nine symbolizes the unsurpassed emperor, and only the ruler himself has the right to use this symbol.

All others who rashly use this symbol will have their entire clans eradicated in punishment.” As someone from the royal family, she was sensitive to such things.

Zu An was shocked.

He looked toward Mi Li.

“Master, is that true Is this where Ying Zheng is buried”

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