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Chapter 824: A World for Only Two

The Jade Moon Serpent had wanted to try to drown him to death.

Unfortunately, it had made the wrong choice.

If it were any other human, even if it were a master rank cultivator, they would be in quite the tough spot once they were dragged to the pools depths Whether it was breathing or fighting, humans would be at a disadvantage.

But Zu An had the Blue Mallard skill, granting him powerful water affinity.

The water was like a second home for him.

How could the Jade Moon Serpent have known about this It had seen that not only was Zu An not affected, he had instead become stronger and stronger.

That huge psychological blow made it panic.

Together with Zu An constantly approaching its weak point, it was ultimately killed by Zu An after a long battle.

Zu An jumped back into the pool.

With Blue Mallard protecting him, it was as if he were walking on smooth ground.

He quickly searched the area.

Because of the waterfall and the intense battle, the water was rippling so greatly that it was hard to see.

However, that didnt block Zu An from sensing what he needed to see.

He could sense the situation through his affinity with the water element and didnt need to use his eyes.

He suddenly thought of something and quickly dove down like a fish.

Soon, he noticed Bi Linglong.

She was struggling frantically in the water, her face entirely red.

She had ended up being caught within several undercurrents and couldnt break free no matter what she did.

Sixth rank cultivators could form a ki barrier around themselves, and that would provide them with some air underwater.

However, Bi Linglong had clearly already run out of oxygen.

She was now suffocating and couldnt even maintain the ki barrier.

She had already drunk a lot of water.

A hint of despair flashed through her eyes.

She hadnt expected that not only would she fail to save anyone, but she herself might also drown here.

Suddenly, the figure of a familiar man came into view.

Bi Linglong felt a bit dizzy.

It was rumored that people would see things when they were about to die.

Could it be that even though she was going to die, she didnt see her parents, didnt see the crown prince, but instead saw him

Suddenly, she felt a strong arm pull her in, and then a steady voice spoke in her ears.

“Its alright now!” She felt a sense of relief overtake her.

She no longer tried to hold on and immediately fainted.

Zu An hadnt expected her to faint.

He raised his head and looked around.

This was close to the bottom of the pool, so it would take some time before they would reach the surface.

She might not be able to hold out for that long.

Suddenly, a light caught his eye.

He turned around and saw a giant aquatic cave.

This was probably the Jade Moon Serpents dwelling! It had probably used its water abilities to set up an energy barrier in the vicinity, opening up a space there.

There were formations set up nearby because the nest was right there.

The whirlpool that had trapped Bi Linglong just now had been formed because of one of the formations.

Zu An didnt dare to waste time and quickly carried Bi Linglong to the transparent barrier.

It clearly contained a restriction, but it didnt stop him, as he had a strong affinity with the water element.

When he reached out his hand, the barrier and the water element resonated.

Then, he went inside with Bi Linglong.

Past the barrier was a dry world.

Apart from the bit of water on the ground, the rest of the space contained oxygen.

Zu An carried Bi Linglong to a gazebo inside the barrier and called, “Linglong, wake up!”

But Bi Linglong was still unconscious and didnt respond at all.

Zu An saw that her belly was swelling a bit.

He realized that she had drunk too much water, and so he quickly moved to apply CPR.

His palms crossed over her chest and continuously pressed down.

He suddenly remembered that when he had first crossed over, this was how he had saved Snow as well, and Chu Chuyan had just happened to catch him doing that.

There wont be some weird misunderstanding this time as well, right

After performing compressions for a while, his expression grew serious.

Even though Bi Linglonghad already spat out a lot of water, she still hadnt woken up.

Furthermore, her breathing was becoming increasingly weak, like a candle flame in the wind that might go out at any time.

Zu An quickly stooped down to provide her with oxygen.

After the procedure continued for a long time, Bi Linglong finally slowly opened her eyes with a few coughs.

Zu An sighed in relief, saying, “Youre finally awake.

Looks like I didnt learn CPR in my past world for nothing.”

“Ah Zu…” Bi Linglongs vision was blurry.

She didnt dare to believe what she was seeing.

“Did I already die, and are we meeting in the afterlife”

“Pah pah pah! Were both perfectly fine, okay What do you mean dead” Zu An quickly corrected her.

Bi Linglong snapped out of her daze.

She asked with shock and pleasant surprise, “Did you save me”

“Of course!” Zu An said confidently.

“Ive been pressing on you for so long that even my hands are… numb.” He suddenly realized that something wasnt quite right.

Such a rescue treatment didnt seem to exist in this world.

Sure enough, Bi Linglong lowered her head and saw that his hands were still pressed against her chest.

Her face instantly turned bright red.

Her instincts as a young lady subconsciously made her swing her palm at his face, exclaiming, “Shameless!”

You have successfully trolled Bi Linglong for 55 55 55…

Zu An jumped backward, exclaiming, “Hey, you better not bite the hand that fed you.

I was saving you earlier, okay If I hadnt continued those compressions, how could I remove all the water you drank You would have been dead a long time ago.”

Bi Linglong sat up and crossed her arms tightly around her chest.

“Couldnt you have just hit my acupoints and infused your ki to release the water inside me Why did you have to press my… chest”

Zu An was stunned.

Only now did he remember that back then, Chu Chuyan seemed to have done the same to help the drowning Snow.

He couldnt help but chuckle in embarrassment.

“This is what people in my hometown do, and I already got used to it, haha….

I forgot I could use ki to do the same thing.”

Bi Linglong was speechless.

However, her eyes suddenly shifted to his lips.

There was a bit of color stuck there, and it was a bit familiar.

She subconsciously touched her lips, and then her palm smacked toward Zu An again.

“You dare use this chance to take advantage of me!”

Right now, she was actually feeling more disappointment than anger.

She hadnt expected this man to take advantage of her in that situation and do something so shameful.

Zu An dodged while exclaiming as if he had been wronged, “That was to save you! Your breathing almost stopped; my hometown calls this artificial respiration! We do this every time for those who have almost drowned!”

Bi Linglong ran after him while feeling embarrassed and angry.

“Nonsense! Theres no such thing in Brightmoon City! How are drowning girls supposed to even continue living even if theyre saved”

Zu An was starting to feel a headache.

He really didnt know how to explain himself.

After all, everyone thought that Brightmoon City was his hometown, and he couldnt say that he was a transmigrator, that his hometown was Earth, right

Mi Li snickered in his head.

“Serves you right!” She was sitting nearby, watching the situation with amusement.

After all, Bi Linglong couldnt see her as long as she didnt want her to.

When she saw Zu An remain silent, Bi Linglong became more and more embarrassed.

“See Youre not saying anything because youre guilty, right”

You have successfully trolled Bi Linglong for 77 77 77…

Zu An was getting annoyed as well.

It doesnt matter how I explain myself here, right He decided to just not dodge anymore.

“Are you done yet What part of your body havent I touched before anyway Do I have to take advantage of you this way”

Bi Linglongs face turned beet red as she exclaimed, “You…!”

But she had to admit that there was some reason behind his words.

Back then, the two of them had been tightly embracing each other without a single piece of clothing.

He truly didnt need to take advantage of her like this.

Furthermore, judging from their time together, she didnt think he was that kind of person.

She was only acting the way she did because she was still a young lady.

Now, she gradually calmed down and slowly began to believe him.

After all, she wasnt a normal girl.

She calmed down after taking a deep breath, saying, “Sorry, my emotions were a bit worked up just now because of the situation.

Thank you for saving me.”

Zu An was quite shocked.

He hadnt expected her to be so reasonable.

He felt a newfound level of respect for her.

He said, “Im discovering that Im starting to like you more and more.”

“Who wants you to like them, hmph!” Bi Linglong harrumphed and took a step back apprehensively.

“You cant say these things outside, or else youll really die.”

Zu An couldnt help but laugh.

“Are you worried about me I cant say this in front of others, and I can only say this when its just the two of us”

Mi Li, who was watching from a distance, sneered.

“Pah, playboy.

Deceiving another innocent girl.” However, she knew that this was a crown princess who was knowledgeable and experienced.

She wasnt some naive and innocent girl.

“You cant say it even when its just the two of us.” Bi Linglong was starting to panic.

Her heart was pounding crazily.

She liked to be in control, yet she was clearly losing it right now.

“But I think I heard them say that when you saw that I was in danger, you jumped in without any hesitation to save me” Zu An looked at the beautiful and stunning woman with passionate eyes.

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