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Zu An took a deep breath.

“In the end, its because youre too smart for your own good.

You just had to add that you were a virgin.

Thats just too forced.”

“Originally, my impression of you was that of a noble, naturally high status person.

Even when you removed all of your clothing without any reservations before me, it matched that type of style.

However, you insisted that you had nothing to do with the crown prince, which instantly turned you into a young lady who had just awakened her feelings of love.

This sudden change doesnt really mesh well, so I couldnt help but start to worry.”

The crown princess face turned red.

“I already went this far, yet youre still analyzing everything so coldly.

Are you even a man at this point!”

Zu An smiled.

“Whether or not I am a man, didnt you already experience it earlier”

She recalled that scene she saw when she just woke up.

Her expression immediately became unnatural.

This guy is like a freaking donkey! If he isnt a man, then no one else could possibly be male.

Zu An continued, “I was already becoming vigilant when you silenced those Embroidered Envoy.

After all, they did not know your identity, they would only give tiny clues, yet you killed them.

Then someone who experienced the entire event like me, how could you possibly feel at ease about me”

“That is why the more gentle and the better you treated me, the more worried I became.” Zu An chuckled.

“Of course, the reason why I was even led this far by you is because I am someone just too outstanding.

All pretty girls cant help but end up liking me.

I thought that this was what was going on here.”

The crown princess: “......”

This guy really is shameless to an unimaginable level.

“Woman, tell me, how should I deal with you” Zu An reached out and grabbed her chin, raising her head up.

Unfortunately, the crown princess stubbornly jerked her head to the side.

She was clearly full of unwillingness and anger.

You have successfully trolled Bi Linglong for 233 233 233…

Zu Ans face turned cold.

He exerted force, roughly bringing her head back over.

“Woman, you dont seem to understand your current situation”

The crown princess sneered.

“What, could it be that you dare to kill me”

Zu An frowned. To be honest, this is indeed a bit difficult… Her status is too special.

The crown princess laughed in contempt when she saw his hesitation.

“Of course you wouldnt dare.

Hurry and release me.

Lets just pretend that nothing happened.

My promise towards you before is still in effect.

I will do my best to promote you and advance your career.”

Zu An sighed.

“Indeed, I cannot kill you.

However, by provoking me like this… it seems that you are not aware that there is something else I can do to you”

“What” The crown princess heart began to pound.

She already had a bad premonition.

Zu An revealed an evil grin.

He reached his hand towards her neck and began to gently massage it.

“If I force you into sleeping with me here, what else can you do about it”

“You dare!” The crown princess expression changed.

This guy was a disgusting pervert after all!

You have successfully trolled Bi Linglong for 444 444 444…

Zu An shrugged.

“And why wouldnt I Either way, we are the only ones who know.

Knowing you, even if I did something to you, out of consideration for your identity, for the Bi clan, or even for your own ambitions, you wouldnt disclose anything.

Am I right or wrong”

The crown princess face changed several times.

Even though she didnt want to admit it, most of what he said was true.

Could she really go all out and accuse him

If she did that, then she would be finished, and so would the Bi clan.

Zu An laughed when he saw her changing expression.

He raised her chin and gave her a strong kiss.

“Mmm…!” The crown princess struggled fiercely.

The last time they kissed was because they wanted to make it past Zhuxie Chixin.

Now, they were in private.

How could she agree to this type of thing

Zu An separated from her lips.

He said with a smile.

“This is the punishment for trying to kill me.

The next time you think of something like that, I wont be so polite.”

The crown princess fell weakly onto her bed and began to whimper.

“I was sleeping with you without any clothes until the moment I woke up.

Then, I was groped and kissed by you.

If you were me, what would you do I have the clans glory on my shoulders! Once something happens, everyone in the Bi clan will be silenced.

How can I take that gamble Of course its killing you thats the safest choice!”

She had experienced more danger in the last few hours than she had in the last decade or so of her life.

She went through a rollercoaster of emotions.

Now, she finally collapsed.

Zu An remained silent.

He knew that if it was anyone else, they wouldve probably made the same choice.

This was human nature.

Furthermore, he did take advantage of her today, which was why he didnt get too upset.

However, he obviously wouldnt admit to that.

“I was also touched and kissed by you.

Is my purity not worth anything Do you see me crying like you”

The crown princess didnt even know how to cry anymore when she heard what he said.

After a long time passed, she gloomily said, “You really are shameless!”

Suddenly, there was clamoring outside.

“Who are you people You dare barge into the eastern palace!”

Shi Juns voice could be heard.

“We received a report from the guards that the crown princess was kidnapped by a man.

That is why we came to check on the crown princess safety.”

Zu An and the crown princess exchanged a look.

“They didnt find us out there, so they came back here to prove that you are not in the eastern palace.”

“Concubine Bai, that bitch really wants to kill me!” The crown princess said angrily.

“Scoundrels, is the crown princess personal chamber a place you all can barge into just because you want to” Piao Duandiao and Jiao Siguns voices sounded.

They were clearly the ones stopping the intruders.

“Hmph, I am in charge of inspecting the palace, so of course I have the authority to do this! Why are you giving me so many excuses Is it because there is something shameful that you cannot let others know about” Shi Jun said arrogantly.

He was born intounder an influential clan, and he had a high status himself.

He obviously didnt care much about two small guards.

“The ones Sir Shi inspects should be outer subjects, right When have the palaces women been a part of Sir Shis management” A female voice sounded.

The crown princess eyes lit up.

This was her personal maid Rong Mo. Looks like this girl isnt stupid.

She didnt find me in the Hundred Flower Palace and came back to stabilize the situation here.

Another feminine voice sounded.

“Sir Shi is only concerned about the crown princess safety, so we should confirm this properly.

Could it be that you all do not even trust me”

The crown princess expression changed.

She said quietly, “Thats his majesty\'s Concubine Shu.

You should leave through the secret passage.”

All of their efforts would be wasted if they saw Zu An here.

“Okay!” Zu An didnt hesitate at all.

He immediately prepared to leave through the passage by the bed.

“Wait!” The crown princess grabbed him.

“Undo their acupoints first, but do not let them see you.”

Zu An praised this womans attention to detail inside.

He nodded, and then transformed into afterimages.

He undid their seals, and then he leapt into the secret passage.

The crown princess quickly sealed up that secret tunnel again.

However, Zu An suddenly turned  around and gave her a kiss.

“Ill just treat this as the reward for saving you!”

Then, he left with a laugh.

The crown princess clutched her mouth.

She was ashamed and panicked. This guy! I have to pay him back later!

But she couldnt be bothered to be angry right now.

She quickly sorted out the bedding.

She couldnt let anyone else know about the existence of this secret passage.

The door slammed open as soon as she finished all of this.

It was clear that Rong Mo, Piao Duandiao, and Jiao Sigun, these people couldnt stop Concubine Shu and Shi Juns joint forces.

The crown prince was also there, but he really was good-for-nothing! Not only did he not stop them, he even followed these two excitedly as if there was some drama to watch.

The crown princess was seething with rage when she saw his expression.

No matter how much of a rascal Zu An was, he was still far more reliable than this guy.

Concubine Shu and Shi Jun barged in looking like they were already confident in their victory.

However, when they saw the crown princess sitting on the bed, they were completely stupefied.

“Why… why are you here”

The crown princess said coldly, “What, is there something wrong with me being in my own chambers”

Meanwhile, Zu An had just exited the other end of the secret passage.

He could sense that there were people everywhere in the imperial palace.

He knew that all of the guards of the imperial palace were searching for any suspicious personnel.

Furthermore, the palace gates were already shut, so he abandoned all thoughts of leaving the palace.

He found a secluded place to change into his Embroidered Envoy uniform, becoming Golden Token Eleven once more.

I wonder what the crown princess reaction will be if she finds out I am Golden Token Eleven.

He grinned when he felt the lingering sweetness on his lips.

Even though today was quite dangerous, all in all, it wasnt that bad.

He headed towards his own little courtyard and decided to just spend the night there to ride this storm out.

But he was stunned as soon as he approached his courtyard.

He noticed that there were quite a few people waiting in ambush.


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