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The first two who arrived were both at the sixth rank.

Even though they werent on horses, their momentum was still terrifying.

Their attacks were simple and direct, lacking tricks.

This was a trademark of the army.

There was a bloodiness exuding from their blades that was clearly tempered from the battlefield.

Zu An faced them head-on.

With his current cultivation, these individuals werent worth evading.

He didnt use Shining Finger, as this was something Golden Token Eleven used before.

There were people watching everywhere, so they might make the connection.

Instead, he attacked with a palm.

He struck the sides of the two blades, one strike to the left and one strike to the right.

With his strength, he couldve broken their arms too, and made their fingers bleed.

However, after the strikes, they only staggered a bit.

Then, they quickly retaliated with their free palm.

Zu An faced their strikes head-on.

When both sides palms met, they were all blown back.

There was a zhang of space left open.

Zu An frowned.

He noticed that there was a layer of blue light swirling about their bodies, as well as some faint cryptic runes.

He realized that this was probably the formations used in the army.

He was no stranger to these things.

When he was in Brightmoon City, the Chu clans private army relied on these formations to withstand the attacks of a master.

It was precisely because of formations that armies still existed in this world of cultivation.

All attacks would be distributed evenly among the soldiers.

Right now, the young masters side were completely shocked.

After all, this small troop was his personal army, every single one of them excellent soldiers.

The main force was at the fifth rank, and only a few were at the fourth rank.

There were a good number of sixth rank as well.

Together with this formation in place, they could easily take out anyone at the peak of the sixth rank, yet they were only going even with this Zu An

Even though he already tried his best not to underestimate him, this fella still ended up being more formidable than the intelligence.

However, King Qis heir didnt care.

These personal troops of his could even take out a seventh rank cultivator without an issue, let alone this Zu An.

As if they could sense their masters dissatisfaction, those soldiers all felt their faces heat up.

They roared out in anger and charged at Zu An again from all directions.

Why was it that many cultivators couldnt adapt to a real battlefield In the end, it is because there are weapons coming at you from all sides, so most evasive maneuvers become useless.

On the contrary, eliminating the enemy in a swift and efficient manner, while preserving as much stamina as possible for an extended battle, instead became optimal.

This wasnt the first time they faced a cultivator from the world of jianghu.

It was hard for these types of cultivators to adapt to this type of fighting style and they were always defeated under their coordinated attacks.[1]

When he saw those incoming figures, Zu An knew that most of his paths of retreat had already been cut off.

The only few openings were traps they deliberately left open.

Once he evaded in those areas, their attacks would wear him down wave upon wave.

There is no way to evade the coordinated attacks of this army.

However… why do I have to dodge

He spread his arms, and then a wisp of white energy appeared in the very center.

Then, snowflakes filled the heavens.

The incoming soldiers were showered in ice and snow.

A layer of frost quickly extended across their bodies.

Their incoming stance seemed to have suddenly gone into slow motion, their steps slower and slower.

Eventually, all of them turned into frozen ice sculptures.

Chu Youzhao, who was currently extremely worried, widened her pretty eyes in shock.

“Snowflake Sword!”

She was too familiar with her big sisters Snowflake Sword.

This scene before her was indeed similar, yet also a bit different.

She couldnt quite put her fingers on it.

However, she felt like Zu Ans Snowflake Sword seemed even more formidable than her big sisters in comparison.

This fella was actually a genius

Chu Youzhao was incredibly shocked.

It was already extremely difficult for her big sis to cultivate the Snowflake Sword to her level even with her amazing aptitude, but how long has this brother-in-law cultivated for Even if her big sis taught him after they got married, it has only been a few months, right Yet the student already surpassed the master

The driver with the missing tooth frowned.

“This doesnt seem to beSnowflake Sword, but it indeed shares a bit of its sword intent.

How strange…”

King Qis heir was waiting for his subordinates to beat the ** out of Zu An, yet in that instant, all of his subordinates were actually completely wiped out!

He was shocked and furious.

“Damn moocher, even your best skill was picked up from your woman.”

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 444 444 444…

He couldnt tell the difference.

He also subconsciously took this for Chu ChuyansSnowflake Sword.

Zu An indeed used the Snowflake Sword, but he didnt awaken an ice element ability, so there was no way it would be as strong as Chu Chuyans.

However, he could summon his Snow Phoenix.

When paired together, it was enough to pull off this bluff.

Furthermore, the power of the Snow Phoenix was related to his cultivation.

Now that his cultivation level increased, the power of the Snow Phoenix also increased substantially.

When he heard what the young noble said, he laughed and said, “Mooching is a skill in itself, alright Especially when its a stunning beauty like Chuyan, do you think shell like any random man If you have the skill, why dont you try and mooch off of her She wont even give you the time of day.

Who else is there… Oh, right, there seems to be a woman named Yu Yanluo, the past number one beauty of the capital.

If you have the skill, why dont you try to mooch off of her It wont be too late to come back and mock me then.”

The driver watching from the distance was furious.

“Bastard! This fella is just too annoying.

He dares slander madams reputation!”

You have successfully trolled Uncle Fu for 666 Rage points!

However, Zu An was currently focused on King Qis heir.

He didnt notice these Rage points.

The woman in the carriage chuckled.

“Its fine.

This little fella is quite interesting.”

“Huh” Uncle Fu looked towards the carriage in shock.

Judging from her tone, it seemed like the two really did know each other! 

The young noble also stopped breathing for a moment.

“Youre making mooching sound so righteous and just Youre probably the only one who could do such a thing.”

Nearby, Murong Qinghe nodded in deep sympathy.

She quietly said to Chu Youzhao next to her, “Big brother Chu, your brother-in-law is really shameless.”

Chu Youzhao felt her cheeks heat up.

“He really is different from a normal person.”

Zu An said with a sigh, “Looks like you cant mooch off of Yu Yanluo after all.

Its no surprise you would be ashamed and angry.”

King Qis heir said proudly, “This young master has an illustrious background, and my cultivation is high.

There are far too many women who chase after me.

Why do I need to be so shameless as to mooch off of someone”

“Did all of those girls chase after you Arent they all after you because of your background and dad” Zu An said with disdain.

“But look at me, clearly penniless and without any status or authority, yet all the prettiest girls of this world like me.

Thats real skill.”

The driver with the missing tooth gasped.

“This fellas shamelessness has really exceeded this old ones wildest imagination!”

The woman in the carriage chuckled.

“You havent seen his even more shameless side yet.”

As if she remembered something from the past, a perfect smile appeared on her soft, red lips.

King Qi sneered.

“My background and my father are all a part of my charm, so why is there a need to separate them Who else can you blame for being born into a ** family”

With his knowledge and experiences, he naturally wasnt someone who would be taunted by Zu An.

Zu An sighed.

“That is why you can only attract these cheap and materialistic girls.

Can you obtain any of those girls who have the same background as you, but are the top beauties of this world For example, the Devil Sects Yun Jianyue, or the past capital madonna Yu Yanluo”

The young nobles skin twitched.

Both of these were women renown for their beauty in this entire world.

It wasnt just their beauty, their status was also fatal temptation.

Why would they like a junior like him

He couldnt hold back his sarcasm as he said, “Youre talking like you could.”

Murong Qinghe also gave her crush a nudge.

“Big brother Chu, your brother-in-law is a bit too shameless.

Hes actually using these types of women as examples.”

Chu Youzhao also had a weird look on her face.

She obviously knew the status of these women.

The only ones who were on part with them were those like his majesty and King Qi.

It seemed a bit unfair for her brother-in-law to bring them up.

Zu An looked like he had already been waiting for this reply for a long time.

He feigned indifference and said, “I do not dare speak about the Devil Sects sect master, but Yu Yanluo and I are much closer than you think.

But shes a bit too old for me, so I didnt accept her love.”

The driver with the missing tooth immediately spat out the water he was drinking.

The woman inside the carriage: “......”


Jianghu is a general term used for the world of martial arts, their actions usually outside the scope of governments and law.


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