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When these words came out, the surroundings suddenly became quiet.

Then, everyone burst out into laughter.

Was there something wrong with this persons head

Even the heir of King Qi had to apologize to him Who does this kid think he is!

Chu Youzhao was angry and panicking.

She managed to calm things down after such difficulty, yet why was this guy so bad at talking He completely ruined all of her efforts so quickly! There was no way King Qis heir would let him go now!

Murong Qinghe frowned.

The Murong clan would definitely stand by King Qis side.

If it wasnt because Youzhao stepped out, she wouldnt even get involved in this matter.

She had faced Zu An before back at the Qin clan, and she admired his cultivation.

However, he acted haughty in front of people he shouldnt be acting haughty in front of, so it seemed more like he only had strength and no smarts.

Hmph, its still my big brother Chu who is gentle and kind.

Hes the most handsome.

While she was all starstruck, the driver with the missing tooth also shook his head inside.

“That little fella is a bit too confident.”

A soft chuckle came out from inside the carriage.

“Is that so Why is it that I dont think so”

The driver was incredibly shocked.

It has been so long since he heard his madam laugh, yet now, she was actually smiling because of a stupid impulsive kid

“Does madam know him” He asked probingly.

His madam was acting a bit strange today.

She seemed to actually care a bit about this Zu An.

The carriage became quiet once more.

The madam clearly didnt plan to reply.

King Qis heir looked at Zu An in disbelief.

Then, as if he had just heard a great joke, he roared with laughter.

“Me, apologize to you I would do that to someone like you”

Zu An sighed.

“Dont say I didnt give you a chance to apologize.

You wont have the chance again.”

King Qis heir harrumphed and ignored what he said, as if he was talking to a lunatic.

Then, he looked at Chu Youzhao and said, “Young master Chu, you too have seen for yourself that this guy is courting death himself.

You cannot blame me for whats to come.”

Chu Youzhao was starting to panic.

She arrived in front of Zu An and said with a hushed voice, “Brother-in-law, you dont need to prove anything here! He is King Qis heir, as well as the Reserve Diary Officer.

Hes not someone you can offend! Yes, I know youre good at fighting, but King Qis heir has eight ranks of cultivation.

He has so many men behind him too.

How many can you defeat”

Zu An rubbed her head and chuckled.

“Not bad, youre still worried about me even in this type of situation.

This brother-in-law didnt dote on you for nothing.”

“Pah, who the heck wants your doting.” Chu Youzhao blushed.

She was embarrassed and panicking.

However, she also momentarily forgot what else she wanted to say.

King Qis heir spoke up again.

“If Im recalling correctly, the Chu clan seems to have already severed their relationship with this Zu An.

He has already been exiled from the family and is no longer Chu First Miss husband.

This naturally means that he isnt your brother-in-law either.

That is why you shouldnt worry about this matter anymore, young master Chu.”

Even though he didnt really care about the Chu clan with his status, the Chu clans relationship with the Qin clan was special.

Chu First Miss, as well as this young master Chu were both favored by the Qin clans two lords.

Furthermore, everyone knows that Murong Qinghe liked this young master Chu.

He didnt want to ruin everyones relationships because of this small matter, and that was why he patiently explained to Chu Youzhao despite his usual nature.

Chu Youzhao was about to say something, but Zu An grabbed her hand and told her through ki transmission, “Dont worry, I know what I am doing.”

Chu Youzhao was stunned.

He didnt seem to be as muddle-headed as she thought from how calm his voice seemed.

When she recalled all of her memories about him, she realized that even though he always made her annoyed, when there really was danger, he was always as reliable as a mountain.

When she thought of this, even though she couldnt understand why he would face King Qis heir head-on like this, she gave up on persuading him further.

She then remembered that her hand was in his.

Her heart began to pound.

She quickly pulled her hand back, and then she ran back to Murong Qinghes side.

She only calmed down a bit after returning to her usual playmates side.

Murong Qinghe gave her a strange look.

“Big brother Chu, why is your face so red”

“Is it Maybe its because I was a bit worried.” Chu Youzhao touched her cheeks.

She noticed that it was a bit hot and quickly said this out of guilt.

“Big brother Chu, you dont need to feel too worried.

You already did everything you shouldve done.

Your brother-in-law insists on doing this, so it isnt a situation you can do anything about.” Murong Qinghe gave Zu An a look of disdain.

She felt like this muscle head was nowhere near as cool as her handsome big brother Chu.

King Qis heir said, “Forget it, out of favor for Chu first miss and young master Chu, I wont trouble him too much.

If he breaks his own arm and leg, then Ill just leave the matter at that.”

Murong Qinghe nodded inside.

Even though King Qis heir was rather fierce, this was already the best conclusion for Zu An.

At the very least, he will remain alive.

As for his broken arm and leg, they will heal in time.

Chu Youzhao was still worried.

She thought to herself that it wouldve been better if she was with her big sister this time.

If she was here, then nothing wouldve happened here.

Zu An began to pick at his ear.

He said impatiently, “Are you done blabbering yet Did you get to your position by using your mouth Do you think youre me or something”

The young nobles face became cold.

“Very good, youve successfully angered me.

Since he isnt willing to do it himself, then you all should help him out.”

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 888 Rage points!

“Understood!” The surrounding horsemen already received orders a long time ago.

They rushed at Zu An with sinister expressions.

Since our young master said to break his limbs, then well break his thing too, since thats a third leg, right Lets see if youll still act so smug then!

“Brother-in-law, be careful!” Chu Youzhao was now really panicking when she saw those horsemen charge over.

After all, cavalry had an overwhelming advantage against infantry.

When horsemen charged on the battlefield, that was like impending death for the infantry.

Murong Qinghe sighed.

Since her big brother Chu cared so much about this man, then she will do her best to save him later.

She believed that King Qis heir would at least spare her this much respect.

Zu An stood in place with his arms behind him.

It was as if he didnt even see these horses charge at him.

He must be scared! All of the horsemen produced this same thought in their heads.

They originally planned to go around and cut off his retreat, and then pressure him until he had nowhere else to go.

However, this fella just stood in place stupidly without evading at all.

Then in that case, theyll save the trouble.

Being rammed into by a speeding horse would shatter half his ribs at the very least, right However, its this fellas fault for offending their young master.

The horsemen smiled sinisterly.

They charged straight at him.

Something strange suddenly happened.

Those speeding horses suddenly stopped.

The entire situation completely changed in the blink of an eye.

Many horsemen were caught off guard and throne straight off the horses backs.

Only a few who had higher cultivation levels barely managed to stay still.

However, their bodies were still flung left and right, leaving them in sorry states.

Those that were flung to the ground didnt expect this at all, all of them badly battered from the fall, some who even had broken bones.

There were a few unlucky ones who faceplanted into the dirt and lost half their teeth.

The blood coming out of their nose was mixed with the blood coming out of their mouths.

It really was an extremely sorry sight.

Everyone was stupefied.

Chu Youzhao and Murong Qinghe both subconsciously rubbed their eyes, as if they didnt dare to believe what they were seeing.

The young nobles side looked at those horsemen in confusion.

These were all strictly trained warhorses who wouldnt be frightened even on the battlefield where cannons fired for days on end.

Why would they suddenly behave this way

The driver on the carriages side voiced his surprise.

He muttered to himself, “How did he do it I couldnt even tell.”

Zu An calmly looked at the horsemen lying on the ground in pain, completely unfazed.

He said with an amused voice, “New years is still quite far away, why are you all suddenly greeting me Sorry fellas, I dont have any new years money to give you.”

“You little bastard, youre courting death!” Those cavalry were furious.

They completely disregarded their injuries and drew their blades.

They charged at him.

They didnt use their weapons before, but they were now utterly infuriated by this guy.

You have successfully trolled the horsemen for 999 999 999…

The horsemen who werent flung off also rushed over.

Murong Qinghe explained, “Those horsemen are mostly at the fourth and fifth rank, with a good number of sixth ranked cultivators.

However, these are all members of the empires elite field army and proficient in formation strategy.

That is why it would be dangerous even for a seventh rank cultivator in this situation.”

Chu Youzhaos heart began to pound nervously again.


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