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While Zu An was thinking to himself, Yun Jianyue was worried herself.

After some hesitation, she said, “You dont need to worry about me.

I dont want to drag you down.”

Zu An was stunned.

“What are you saying If I was scared of being dragged down, I wouldnt have saved you back then.”

“I know youre a valiant man, but this is different.

I plan to make a trip to the prison.

Youve already helped me enough, so I cannot burden you further.” Yun Jianyue watched him carefully while speaking.

Even though this man talked a bit too much normally, he was much more reliable than those people from the sect who always bragged about how loyal they were.

Even if Honglei ends up with this man, it wont be a disgrace.

It was just a pity that the two couldnt do anything because of the technique she cultivated.

Zu An was a bit embarrassed when he heard her call him a valiant man. Honestly, I wouldnt be trying so hard if you werent pretty.

As a veteran pervert, he at least understood himself this much.

However, he quickly realized something and asked with shock, “Youre going to the prison Dont tell me you still want to save your companions Isnt that just courting death”

Yun Jianyue shook her head, her long hair fluttering behind her.

“It isnt to save them, but to kill them.”

Zu An: “......”

Do all Devil Sect people jump to conclusions like this I cant keep up at all.

Yun Jianyue explained, “Dont worry, I know what kind of situation we are in.

With the emperor overseeing this place, I wont be able to rescue them out of the prison even if I was at my strongest, let alone now when Im injured.

I only wish to end their suffering.

You told me how badly they were tortured.

As the sect master, I should at least end their suffering if I cannot set them free.”

His tone was incredibly bleak.

She felt angry and conflicted from her powerlessness.

Zu An gave her a strange look.

Yun Jianyue thought that he was about to dissuade her and said, “Dont bother.

My dao will suffer if I do not settle this matter, and I might not be able to make any more progress.

Your identity wont be exposed either if I do it.”

It had already been a few days since Zu An convinced Gu Yueyi and the others that he could save them.

Now that so many days had passed, they were probably starting to become worried.

Once they felt despair, they might betray Zu An.

Zu An was a bit ashamed when he heard her say this.

His big sis sect master was thinking about him, yet he was only focused on getting the most out of her.

He cleared his throat and said, “The security around the prison is strict.

Itll be too dangerous if you go, so leave it to me.

Ill try to see if I can save them.”

“Youre going to save them How” Yun Jianyue was stunned.

She clearly didnt expect him to say this.

In her opinion, with the emperor overseeing the palace, saving them was completely an impossible task.

“Not through force, of course, but by outwitting them.” Zu An pointed at his head.

He gave her a sincere look and said, “Ive been to the imperial prison already, so I am more familiar with those people.

Things will go much smoother if I am the one who does it.

Ive been trying to figure out a way to save them all this time.

Youre always lost in thought and looking towards the imperial prison.

I wanted to surprise you before, but now that I heard that you are going to take the risk, I can only tell you now.”

A white clothed angel appeared on his shoulder, cursing him for his stupid playboy self as he spoke these words.

He was using the emperors favor to chase after girls!

But then, another black-clothed devil sneered on his other shoulder.

“Pah, its just feelings, you arent even doing anything serious.”

Yun Jianyue was a bit alarmed when she saw his burning eyes.

She subconsciously took a step back.

“You… You actually already did so much for me.”

Zu An sighed inside when he saw how alarmed she was.

This woman might be a grandmaster in terms of cultivation, but she was completely naive in this field after remaining a maiden for so long.

She is completely a novice before him.

“Were friends who lived together for some time at worst, right How can I not help a friend out” Zu An didnt go further.

Their relationship wasnt at that point yet.

Going further now would only ruin things.

The emperors mission for me is to infiltrate the Devil Sect.

Does this count

“Friend…” Yun Jianyues stirred heart calmed down a bit when she heard this word.

She gave him a sidelong look.

“Whos living… living together with you Why did you have to say it like that.”

She normally always upheld a cold and arrogant appearance.

This was a rare immature side of her.

Zu An was momentarily stunned.

Yun Jianyue noticed that she lost her composure when she saw his expression.

She quickly recovered her usual mighty and domineering appearance.

“What are you looking at Ill dig your eyes out if you keep staring.”

At the same time, she warned herself that this was Hongleis man, that she shouldnt do anything laughable.

“Big sis sect master really is a goddess.

Youre so beautiful even when youre angry.” Zu An almost burst out laughing when he saw her look angry on purpose. You cant hide anything from me in this field! I didnt sense any Rage points from you.

Yun Jianyues brows couldnt help but ease when she heard him praise her beauty.

However, she still said stubbornly, “I am Hongleis master.

I advise you to be more careful when making jokes.”

Zu Ans nose wrinkled.

“Didnt I say that we should just worry about our own relationship”

Yun Jianyues eyebrows rose.

She was just about to flip out when Zu An quickly said, “Im going to make a trip to the eastern palace.

I cant always be missing as the crown princes secretary.”

Yun Jianyue laughed when she saw him leave in a sorry state, as if he was fleeing.

“Hmph, and I thought that you were so fearless you were going to do something.”

Her smile really was like the first budding of spring.

There was now a bit of worldly beauty added to this cold lunar goddess.

Zu An thought about how he was going to save those Devil Sect assassins along the way.

Even though he had the emperors permission, he didnt dare make this matter public.

He could only give some hints to related people.

He still had to figure out how he was going to save them himself.

It wasnt that hard to rescue them from the prison, what was harder to manage were the consequences.

He couldnt draw the Devil Sects suspicion, nor did he want to draw any suspicion from the imperial guards.

After all, none of them knew what the emperor was really thinking.

Their first instincts would be to execute him for breaking out criminals.

Sending them out of the palace was another headache.

He unknowingly already arrived at the eastern palace while lost in his thoughts.

The scene before his eyes left him shocked.

The fat crown prince was respectfully bringing a cup of tea to someone.

The crown princess was also standing respectfully to the side.

Her discomfort was visible.

She was probably on the verge of snapping.

Zu An was quite curious.

The crown princess was normally like a proud little hen who looked at everyone else like trash.

There was someone who could make her act like this

The one seated was a scholarly middle-aged man.

Even though there were some traces of age left, his brows were sharp, his eyes gentle like water.

It was easy to see how popular he was with girls when he was younger.

His hair was meticulously combed with some white hairs on his temples.

However, no one felt that he looked old, it rather gave him a bit of a classy feeling.

The crown prince said with a weak voice, “Great tutor, please drink some tea.”

Zu Ans mind jumped.

He finally knew who the one before him was.

No wonder he looked a bit similar to the emperor!

King Qi, Zhao Jing!

King Qi slowly spoke at this time.

“It seems like in the time this king hasnt showed up in the eastern palace, the crown prince has forgotten many of the rules.

That is why I am having the crown prince review them today.

I am your teacher, as well as your uncle.

Do you have any complaints by having you serve me tea”

“Not at all, not at all.” The fatty was clearly scared of this uncle.

He didnt dare talk back at all.

The crown princess eyes were full of reluctance, but she couldnt find any reason to retort.

She could only sulk by herself.

She got more and more angry when she saw how timid and useless her husband was.

Zu An was startled when he saw this scene.

Theres a solution!


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