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He emperor nodded when he saw Zu An trembling in fear, as if he was extremely satisfied with this attitude.

As the emperor, he absolutely loved the feeling of seeing his subjects trembling in fear, their lives decided by a mere thought of his.

He returned to the present and said with a loud voice, “Not bad, you didnt quibble with me, or else you would already be a corpse.

Fine, since you still have some loyalty, then this emperor will grant you a chance to redeem yourself.”

Loyal to you my ass!

He knew that this was just a political trick the emperor was used to using.

He cursed this emperor to hell inside.

However, there was only sincerity on the surface.

“If your majesty has an order, then I will tread through water or flames to achieve it.”

At the same time, he sighed inside.

Looks like keeping his life wasnt an issue.

THe emperor looked more and more satisfied at his attitude.

He was thinking that if this kid didnt act tactfully, then he would use this chance to give him a good beating.

But since he knew how to behave, then hell skip the beating.

“Since you and the Devil Sects saintess have some connection, then use this chance to infiltrate the Devil Sect.

You are to first find out where the Devil Sects Yun Jianyue is hiding, and then second figure out what kind of relationship the Devil Sect and King Qi has exactly.

Furthermore, if you can gain a steady footing in the Devil Sect, then you might be of use to me that way too.”

Zu An sighed in relief. At least he doesnt know where Yun Jianyue is.

Yeah, I cannot let him know, or else Im dead for sure.

He put on a troubled look and said, “The Devil Sect Master is a grandmaster! A nobody like me wont be able to do anything!”

The emperor said calmly, “I only need you to find out some information, Im not telling you to fight her.

Ill intervene personally when it comes to face her, so you dont need to worry.”

Zu An looked like he was relieved.

Immediately afterwards, he said in confusion, “Didnt your majesty say that the assassination on the crown prince cant possibly have been directed by King Qi Why are you still investigating their relationship”

The emperor said unhappily, “Just investigate it if I tell you to, dont ask so many questions.”

But a while later, he was worried that Zu An might not put too much detail in this matter, so he said, “Even though the chances of King Qi colluding with the Devil Sect isnt high, what I fear is that he might actually make use of the fact that Ithink this.

That is why I want you to look into it.”

Zu An was stunned. Is this dude a psycho He says that it has nothing to do with King Qi, yet now hes saying that it might.

Tsk, its really hard to please such a paranoid ruler.

I have to be more careful in the future.

I absolutely cannot think that Ive ever truly earned this guys trust.

He coughed lightly and said with a troubled voice, “But I only have some personal friendship with Qiu Honglei, this has nothing to do with the Devil Sect as a whole.

There are many people from their group who wants me dead, so itll be hard for me to join them.

My life is insignificant, but itll be bad if I end up ruining your majestys plans.”

Zu An already expressed what he needed to express.

He has nothing to do with the Devil Sect, and he definitely didnt recognize no Yun Jianyue.

The emperors brows eased.

Even though he knew that this kid was flattering him, he still liked what he was hearing.

“Thats an easy matter.

Arent there still a few Devil Sect assassins locked up Figure out a way to save them.

The Devil Sect will naturally appreciate this.

Furthermore, with your connection to Qiu Honglei, you can easily join them.”

Zu An was stupefied. Well, would you look at that.

Regardless of whether it was Qiu Honglei or Yun Jianyue, they were all begging him to save those prisoners.

It was to the point where they were okay with him just ending their lives painlessly if he couldnt save them.

But the emperor gave him the green light in saving them! What did he have to worry about

The emperor frowned when he saw that he was standing there all stunned.

“What, cant do it”

“Ill do my best.” Zu An looked like he was troubled.

However, he almost burst out laughing inside.

The emperor said, “You shouldnt think that this is an easy task.

There is no lack of smart people in the Devil Sect.

That Yun Jianyue was able to cultivate to a grandmaster level, and she managed to think up this entire plot, so her intellect is definitely top notch.

What you should consider first and foremost is how to prevent them from suspecting you.

Furthermore, I will inform Guo Zhi to cooperate with you.

Rescue them once you are confident in doing so.”

“Thank you your majesty for your guidance.” Meanwhile, inside, Zu An sneered. Youre praising Yun Jianyue so greatly, yet you saw through her plans so easily.

Arent you actually tooting your own horn here

“Enough, you can leave.” The emperor waved his hand, clearly about to return to his cultivation.

Zu An gritted his teeth.

“Your majesty, if this subject may make a presumptuous request.”

“What” The emperor opened his eyes with surprise.

Zu An said, “I am willing to infiltrate the Devil Sect for your majestys sake, but Qiu Honglei has saved my live several times, so I want to return her kindness.

Your majesty, can you spare her life after you destroy the Devil Sect”

He did his best to play the role he should be playing.

He absolutely cannot let the emperor notice how happy he was right now.

The emperor sneered.

“Is that called returning kindness Arent you just lusting after her”

Zu An chuckled in embarrassment and looked like he was hard-pressed.

The emperor thus said, “Whatever.

As long as you can help me successfully wipe out the Devil Sect, then I can give you a trifling woman.

Of course, this is the premise that she completely gives up her rebellious status.

Otherwise, do not blame me for being ruthless.”

“Of course, of course.” Zu An said hurriedly.

“Get out.” The emperor said emotionlessly.

Zu An left the imperial study.

Even though nothing odd could be seen from the surface, his inside was extremely grave.

In the emperors eyes, he was an ant that might die at any time.

He didnt care about Zu An at all.

He could survive once or twice, but if he survived through the skin of his teeth every time, then he refused to believe that he would be this lucky every time.

Hmph, you shouldnt look down on me.

Tides might just turn in the future!

He said this inside, but he had no choice but to turn back to reality right now.

Cheng Xiong targeted him again and again, and he was able to launch a successful counterattack.

However, it was now the emperor.

Did he really have the ability to defeat him

But this was the freaking number one expert in the world!


His eyes flickered about.

The first stages of a plan seemed to have formed within him.

He returned to his courtyard.

Yun Jianyue pretended to be speaking without thinking.

“Hm, you seem fine I thought that the emperor was about to get rid of you.”

With her cultivation, Eunuch Wens words didnt escape her ears.

Zu Ans mood immediately improved considerably when he saw the long-haired beauty before him.

“If the emperor really wanted me dead, would you sacrifice yourself for me out of love”

He obviously didnt tell her about what happened inside.

He just returned from the gates of hell.

He would be wasting such a huge stroke of fortune if he didnt fully make use of it to gain their favor.

Yun Jianyues expression grew cold.

“Damn brat, dont think that I wont kill you just because you saved me.”

Zu An had some confidence when he saw that there were no Rage points that came in.

“Sigh, there are too many people who want me dead.

Youre not the only one.”

Yun Jianyue frowned.

However, she didnt ask anything else when she sensed the bleakness in his voice.

A while later, she suddenly said, “I might leave soon.”

Zu An immediately panicked.

“No! What if I dont tease you so often anymore You know that I wasnt being disrespectful on purpose! I just felt like a glorious sect master getting angry was pretty interesting.”

Yun Jianyue shot him an annoyed look.

“I really might not be able to hold myself back from killing you one day.”

She already had a rough idea of this mans nature after being around him during this period.

She knew that he was different from most people in this world.

He didnt have too many social restrictions or taboos holding him back.

Even though some of the things he said really were annoying, it was precisely because of this that she felt that this was a different experience.

There was no one who dared to talk so casually and joke around with her after she achieved her high cultivation after all.

“Big sis, youre such a typical tsundere.” Then, Zu An put away his smile.

“But your injuries havent recovered yet.

Isnt it too dangerous for you to leave”

Yun Jianyue shook her head.

“The emperor has now returned.

Were both in the palace right now.

As my condition improves, it will be hard to hide my aura from him.

Itll be dangerous if I stay here further, and it will harm you as well.”

Zu An naturally wouldnt persuade her to stay when he heard this reason.


Ill try to find a way to bring you out of the palace.”

This was definitely going to be a dangerous operation.

They couldnt startle the emperor, or else there was no way she would be able to elave.

He suddenly thought of an idea.


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