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Chapter 612: Two-Faced Woman

The crown princess looked at Zu An’s rear figure.

She was stunned.

It was always her who was protecting the crown prince.

However, she was a woman, and so deep down, she needed a strong man to protect her as well.

Unfortunately, because of her current status, she was forced to hide that deep down and never reveal it.

Right now, the other party protected her behind him and faced the powerful assassin alone.

She knew that this assassin was at the master level.

Not even the Minister of War Shi Miao was her match, so how could this golden token envoy possibly stop her

However, he continued to stand in front of her and risk his life.

The crown princess remembered something she read from those romance books: No woman could resist a man who was willing to sacrifice his life for her.

Back then, she scoffed at that quote and merely attributed it to being the writer’s subjective wishes.

Now that she experienced it herself, she suddenly felt this deeply.

She didn’t know what made this individual protect her like this.

Was it his duty, or was it something else She wasn’t sure, and she didn’t want to be either.

She only knew that she could never forget this man’s upright and tall figure again.

An overcast voice sounded at this time.

“Which scoundrel dares to cause trouble in the imperial palace!”

She saw a dark red figure fly over.

The morbid pale skin and ice-cold eyes… Zhuxie Chixin!

The crown princess sighed in relief when she saw his arrival.

The man who protected her didn’t need to die.

Zu An also sighed in relief. Bro, what took you so long If you didn’t come, I would’ve wondered who was even fighting against who here.

The reason why he put on this valiant act was because he received news of Zhuxie Chixin’s arrival. 

Wouldn’t this grant him a promotion

Of course, he didn’t expect his actions to unintentionally bring about a different effect.

Zhuxie Chixin’s figure was extremely fast.

He immediately exchanged a palm with that long haired woman.

Both of them were shaken up.

The long-haired woman flew backwards, while Zhuxie Chixin’s figure also staggered.

“Huh” Zhuxie Chixin was surprised.

Her cultivation didn’t seem to be at the level of a normal master rank!

However, he didn’t fret.

After all, he was the fear inducing leader of the Embroidered Envoy.

Not only was he a loyal subject of the emperor, he possessed tremendous strength himself.

He was at the peak of the master rank himself.

He even gained some new insights recently, allowing him to reach the doorstep of the grandmaster rank.

Apart from the emperor and King Qi, there weren’t many who dared claim to be more powerful than him.

“Seeing someone at your age with such high cultivation leaves me beyond surprised.

You were destined for great prospects, but you are now going to lose your life because you invaded the imperial palace.” Zhuxie Chixin sighed, as if he felt sincere pity.

The long-haired woman chuckled.

“I heard that Chief Commander Zhuxie Chixin’s strength has the entire court in awe.

Now that I have met you, I can see that you are indeed as formidable as the rumors, though unfortunately a bit too arrogant.

Do you really believe that you can win against me”

Zhuxie Chixin remained unfazed.

“There is no point in speaking any further.”

After saying this, his figure turned into a streak of lightning.

It seemed even faster than Zu An’s instantaneous movement!

His entire figure erupted into scarlet flames, as if he became a phoenix.

Zu An clicked his tongue.

He always thought that Zhuxie Chixin was the ice element from his cold exterior.

This man was actually the fire element

Furthermore, it now looked like he was the one who cultivated the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra! He looked like a reincarnated phoenix.

He felt a bit jealous.

Even though his own Phoenix Nirvana Sutra had its amazing effects, it didn’t look that badass in a fight!

The crown princess’s gentle voice sounded.

“Sir, are you wounded at all”

Zu An was stunned.

This princess was always cold and aloof when he faced her before, both her tone and appearance fierce.

When did she ever speak to someone with such a gentle voice

He cupped his hands.

“Thank you, crown princess, for your concern.

They are merely some small injuries.”

Zu An actually wasn’t injured at all.

But if he didn’t say this, how was he supposed to get his contributions later

The crown princess’ red lips parted slightly.

She looked at this large and tall figure in front of her and thought to herself, this is a true man among men who doesn’t shed tears! He’s nothing like the stupid crown prince who cries if he accidentally bumps into a desk corner.

Zu An felt more and more strange.

Why was this crown princess looking at him all stupid without saying anything

He coughed lightly and urgently asked, “Crown princess, are you injured anywhere”

The crown princess blushed.

She shook her head.

“I’m okay.”

She was wounded, but how could she tell this to this man

The crown prince cried out, “I’m injured, I’m injured! I got a huge bump on my head when I hit that pillar! It’s swelling really big!”

Crown princess: “......”

She was utterly furious.

Look at this man, and now look at her own husband!

She felt extremely tired.

Zu An smiled and said, “Crown prince, you do not need to worry.

This small injury will be okay once the imperial physician applies some medicine.”

“But it hurts really bad.” The crown prince pouted.

Then, he looked at the crown princess.

“Mom always blows on it for me when I get hurt.

Linglong, can you blow on it for me It might get better faster.”

The crown princess was about to explode. Am I your freaking wife or your mom

She harrumphed and said, “Blow on it yourself.”

“Oh…” The crown prince was really scared of her from her constant abuse.

He didn’t dare say anything else and blew on the bump with a wronged expression.

Zu An: “......”

I was definitely seeing things earlier.

The crown princess is very fierce.

The crown princess moved over to his side, her voice gentle again.

“What should I call you, sir Have we met before”

The golden token envoys were all mysterious and rarely appeared in public.

However, she was the crown princess, so she had met a few of them.

Even though all of them wore masks too, she knew that the one in front of her wasn’t one of them.

Zu An picked up the waist token and flipped it around, showing her the number.

“I am Eleven.”

Golden token envoys didn’t give out their true names, they were all referred to with numbers.

There was no need to hide this.

Furthermore, he was still waiting for his reward afterwards, so he had to make sure the crown princess knew who it was that saved her and the crown prince.

It was now the crown princess’ turn to become shocked.

“Eleven Weren’t there only ten golden token envoys”

“Ah, I was recently promoted.” Zu An immediately felt gloomy.

From what he knew, every single golden token envoy had many silver envoys beneath them, and beneath that were countless bronze envoys.

He was the only one with just a command token.

Of course, he guessed at the emperor’s intentions behind this.

The reason he was granted this token was to make it easier for him to take care of different matters, for him to trick King Qi.

He didn’t plan to give Zu An any real authority.

“You were recently promoted” The crown princess blinked.

“Sir truly is young and promising.”

“The crown princess is too generous with your praise.” Zu An was used to seeing her high and mighty appearance.

He really found it hard to adjust to this gentle side of her.

The crown princess smiled when she heard what he said.

The reason she said this was to test him out.

For some reason, she subconsciously didn’t wish for this envoy to be an elder or a middle-aged man.

Zu An was stunned.

The crown princess was so beautiful, but her expression was normally so fierce that it ruined this beauty.

She really was much more charming while smiling.

“Linglong, your smile is so pretty.

Why have I never seen you smile before” The crown prince stopped blowing air too and widened his eyes.

Even though he was stupid, everyone had a natural feeling of intimacy towards attractive things.

The crown princess gave him an annoyed glare. Do you really have no idea why I never smile around you

Qiu Honglei’s sword suddenly thrusted out.

She loathed this scene.

Was the crown princess from a freaking brothel She was seducing a man as soon as she felt a bit safer Her own husband was right next to her!

The other assassins also charged over when they saw this.

They decided to take down the crown prince too, because if they succeeded, then even the greatest losses would be worth it.


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