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Mosquito Daoist was shocked as well.

This persons cultivation was higher than the other three, and was most likely at the seventh rank.

Whoever it was, they had chosen their moment well.

If Mosquito Daoist had pressed on with her attack, even though the big breasted woman was dead for sure, she herself would have also been seriously injured.

Her many years spent on the run had made her prioritize her own safety above all else, and she would never expose herself to the risk of suffering severe injuries in order to kill someone.

She retracted her hand at once, and blocked the incoming sword.

The two exchanged several blows in an instant.

However, her opponent was extremely crafty, and did not try to overpower her directly, which greatly reduced the advantage of her superior cultivation rank.

Mosquito Daoist finally caught a glimpse of her opponent.

She was a ridiculously beautiful woman whose entire being radiated the crisp, cold bite of a winter morning, granting her the air of an immortal goddess descended from heaven.

Mosquito Daoist felt her self-confidence get crushed in an instant.

She normally flaunted herself as a beautiful woman, yet every single girl she had run into today was more stunning than herself! Either their chests were much larger, or their aura was superior to hers! She had been defeated in every single aspect!

She glared furiously at Zu An.

What the heck was up with this brat He didnt look like he was anything special, so why did he have so many stunning women around him Is there something special about him that I dont see

Opposite her, Zu An immediately cheered when he saw the woman in that long, icy-blue dress.

This woman was just as coldly arrogant and gorgeous as he remembered.


They had already been separated for a few months, after all.

When they had just separated, he could still see her from time to time using the communications mirror, but later on, he couldnt even do that anymore.

Chu Chuyans cold and indifferent expression warmed considerably when she heard his voice.

She turned to look at her husband.

She was just about to say something when she suddenly noticed that he was on top of her close friend, pressed up against her until even Pei Mianmans breasts seemed uncomfortably squashed.

Her beautiful brows immediately knit together again.

Pei Mianman didnt know what was going on either, but she was overwhelmed with guilt.

She pushed Zu An off of her and said, “Chuyan, youre finally here!”

Chu Chuyan smiled ambiguously.

“I might have missed out on such an exciting scene if Id arrived even a moment later.”

Pei Mianmans face flushed red.

She waved her hands and said, “Dont get it wrong! Its not what you think, he did that to save me…”

Chu Chuyan giggled.

“Manman, this isnt like you at all! I didnt think anything of it earlier on, but now, Im really wondering if theres something going on between you two.”

Pei Mianman quickly realized what was wrong.

If she had been her usual self, she would surely have used this chance to tease others.

When had she ever had to defend herself in such a panic

However, she reacted quickly as well.

She smiled sweetly and said, “Now that you mention it, the two of you arent husband and wife anymore, so it shouldnt really matter even if I did make a move, right”

Chu Chuyan snorted.

“Go ahead! Hes not that great anyway.

I dont care.”

Heartbreak was written all over Zu Ans face.

“Chuyan, how could you say something so hurtful”

No one—not even he—expected Pei Mianman to hook an arm around his arm and throw Chu Chuyan a flirtatious smile.

“You said it yourself~”

Chu Chuyan was given a fright.

Was this woman being serious! Then again, she remembered how daring Pei Mianman was usually, and immediately felt a twinge of regret.

But she had already said what shed said, and there was no way to take it all back.

She could only give Zu An an unhappy look. What is up with that ecstatic grin on your face!

You have successfully trolled Chu Chuyan for 233 Rage points!

Zu An was completely enthralled by the soft, warm feeling around his arm.

When he saw these Rage points, he almost leaped into the air in fright.

Qiu Honglei had a strange expression on her face, having keenly picked up on the awkward atmosphere.

The corners of her lips curved ever-so-slightly upwards.

This Pei Mianman adopted such an overbearing manner earlier when she questioned me.

To see her cowering like this in front of someone else is just too amusing…

But Pei Mianmans words also reminded her that Zu An was already single.

From now on, it was every woman for themselves.

A pensive smile spread across her lips.

She used to be Immortal Abodes courtesan queen, after all.

Seducing men was her specialty.

Mosquito Daoist finally snapped out of her daze, and roared in annoyance, “They just keep coming, one after another.

Just how many girls do you have, you brat! Stop wasting my time and call them all out already!”

You have successfully trolled Mosquito Daoist for 582 Rage points!

Zu An waved his hands frantically when he saw the three girls eyeing him as well.

“Stop trying to create disharmony between us! I have always lived a pure and innocent life.

How could I have other women”

Pei Mianman rolled her eyes. Like hell Ill believe you! Zheng Dan was willing to give up everything for you earlier on.

Do you think Im blind Should I rat you out to Chuyan later…

Chu Chuyan and Qiu Honglei scoffed disdainfully as well.

They clearly didnt believe him either.

Despite their feelings, his first sentence reminded the girls that now wasnt the time to settle things with Zu An.

They would deal with that after they made it through this crisis.

Mosquito Daoist used this opportunity to charge at Qiu Honglei.

Her Empress Lantern posed the greatest threat, after all.

Chu Chuyan quickly brandished her sword and swooped over to help her.

She understood the current situation.

Even though Zu An had been captured by the Devil Sect, Qiu Honglei had most likely been helping him out this whole time.

Moreover, she knew more about her relationship with Zu An than Pei Mianman did.

After all, back then, Qiu Honglei had taken the initiative to ask to become Zu Ans concubine!

Even though she didnt feel good about it, she couldnt bring herself to watch idly from the side.

“Thanks!” Qiu Honglei gave Chu Chuyan a grateful look.

“Were all on the same side, theres no need to be so polite.” Chu Chuyan smiled, then shifted her full focus to the battle.

Qiu Honglei was stunned.

What did she mean byon the same side

In moments, however, Chu Chuyan was soon in great danger herself, and Qiu Honglei did not have the time to ponder its meaning any further.

She quickly used her lantern to help her out.

Zu An and Pei Mianman joined the battle as well.

They knew that, given Mosquito Daoists cultivation, they still werent a match for her even though they now had Chu Chuyan on their side.

It didnt take long for the light from Qiu Hongleis lantern to grow dim.

She said in alarm, “I already used it too much today! The lantern will run out of energy soon!”

Almost immediately, the lantern went out completely.

Mosquito Daoist laughed.

Her speed suddenly increased, and in no time at all, she covered the four of them in a fresh round of injuries.

Pei Mianman was already badly injured, and she could take no more.

Her body flew through the air and crashed to the ground off to the side.

Zu An was the main meat shield, taking blow after blow after blow, and not even the Primordial Origin Sutras incredible healing could keep up.

If it wasnt because Mosquito Daoist still wanted the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, he would have died a hundred times over.

He too was sent flying, crashing to the ground and gasping for air.

He struggled to find his feet again.

Seeing him drenched in blood, Chu Chuyan grew distressed and cried out, “Manman, hurry up and take Zu An away from here!”

She didnt tell her to bring him to Zhuxie Chixin, because sending Zu An to the capital was equivalent to sending him to his death.

That was why it would be best if the two of them took this chance to flee.

As for the consequences, she couldnt care less about them at that moment.

Pei Mianman frowned, but did not reply.

She was not in good shape at all, and found it difficult even to muster the strength to speak.

Zu An was not about to leave.

“No, I wont abandon my women and flee on my own.”

Even when they fought together, they werent a match for Mosquito Daoist.

If only Chu Chuyan and Qiu Honglei stayed behind, they would be in even greater danger.

Qiu Hongleis heart skipped a beat.

She wondered if he had saidmy women instead ofmy wife on purpose.

Chu Chuyan panicked.

“If you stay, well just all die together! Besides, others will be here soon.

You dont have to worry about us…”

Mosquito Daoist cut her off.

“Not a single one of you will escape!” With that, she intensified her attacks, and even the ice around Chu Chuyan began to melt.

Zu An was stunned.

There were others coming Who

There was the swift sound of approaching footsteps, and several members of the Devil Sects Solitary Eight appeared.

“Lady Saint!”

Qiu Honglei was overjoyed.

“Quick! Help us defeat Mosquito Daoist!”

They were momentarily confused by the presence of Chu Chuyan and Pei Mianman, but they quickly pushed their thoughts aside once they saw the danger that Qiu Honglei was in.

They quickly joined the fray.

The pressure on Chu Chuyan decreased substantially.

She turned around and said to Pei Mianman, “Manman, take him away! Dont tell me you dont know the consequences of staying here!”

Pei Mianman bit her lip.


She tugged at Zu An and said, “Ah Zu, trust us!”

Zu An was about to refuse, but her words caused him to freeze momentarily.

He let himself be pulled deeper into the forest.

Seeing this, the Solitary Eight of the Devil Sect was about to give chase, but Qiu Honglei stopped them from doing so immediately.

“Well deal with Mosquito Daoist first!”


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