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In the end, Ye Chenliang was left ramming toward Pei Mianman all alone.

He had also seen how the dozens of swords had been vaporized in an instant, and it really scared him out of his wits.

If the black flame was able to even melt metal, what chance would a body made out of flesh and blood stand against it

He had never expected Yuan Wendongs swords to be so useless.

At least a rock would still cause a splash when dropped into a pool of water, but all of these swords disappeared without achieving anything at all.

By the time Ye Chenliang finally came to, it was already too late for him to stop anymore.

He could only watch in despair as his body headed straight for destruction.

It was then that the middle-aged man with a bald spot on his head suddenly appeared between the two of them.

This middle-aged man placed his hand on Ye Chenliangs head and stopped his charge.

“A mere third rank actually attempted to ram down a fifth rank.

What have you been learning in the academy all of these years” the middle-aged man bellowed furiously.

Following that, he turned to Pei Mianman and glared at her.

“You too.

Do you need to be so vicious against your fellow schoolmate”

Pei Mianman reined in her black flame as she remarked, “All I did was to stand here.

What can I do if he so fervently wishes to charge in and court his own death” After saying those words, she turned her head away from this widely-feared discipline master and walked away.

The crowd, who had just witnessed her strength, quickly opened up a path for her to pass through.

Meanwhile, Zu An was a little taken aback by Pei Mianmans strength too.

Its fortunate that Pei Mianman didnt use her elemental powers yesterday, or else I would have ended up being vaporized like those swords! No matter how the Heiress Ball of Delights is, theres no way it can protect my life even after Ive been burned into ashes.

The discipline master, Lu De, watched Pei Mianman departing without saying a word.

However, by the time he turned to look at Ye Chenliang, he already had a different face on, “Are you the one causing a fuss here”

Ye Chenliangs soul almost escaped from his body in this instant.

He hurriedly pointed to Zu An and exclaimed, “Teacher, it wasnt me! He was the one causing trouble!”

Lu De turned to Zu An and asked coldly, “You were the one causing trouble here”

Zu An shrugged nonchalantly.

“I stood here without making a move from the start to the end.

They are the ones who insistently tried to provoke me one after another, wanting me to duel them.

If you dont believe me, you can ask the other students around.”

The crowd quickly verified Zu Ans words.

They might have looked down on Zu An for relying on women previously, but after seeing how he was able to mooch off women to such an unbelievable level, getting involved with four out of the Ten Great Beauties of the Sweetheart Ranking—not to mention that the two of them were even the top two, Chu Chuyan and Pei Mianman—the only feelings that they had left for him were respect and admiration.

If they could just learn a thing or two from this master, they would be set for life.

Zu An would have never imagined that even decades later, the legend of theMoochlord would continue to be passed down through each generation of students.

There were even a group of people who revered him so greatly that they couldnt bear to call him by his name, opting to useThe Man instead as a show of respect.

Seeing how the students were vouching for Zu An, Lu Des face turned chilly.

He began striking Ye Chenliang with the ruler in his hand without any mercy.

“Ive long heard that you have been forming factions in the academy to bully the weak! Very well, let me show you what it means to reform a person through virtue today!”

The ruler in the hands of the discipline master was far more formidable than Chu HuanzhaosWailing Whip.

Ye Chenliang was left shrieking in agony under the strikes.

He felt incredibly wronged here.

Yuan Wendong was the one who started the fight here, so why are you only hitting me

However, Ye Chenliang knew better than to voice those thoughts aloud.

Yuan Wendong might look like a gentleman on the surface, but it was just a cover to conceal his viciousness.

Now that the other party had reached the fifth rank, he definitely couldnt afford to offend him.

After dealing with Ye Chenliang, Lu De turned his gaze toward Hong Xingying, who was lying on the ground.

“The same goes for you too.

Its only your first day at the academy, but youve already gotten yourself into trouble.

Do you think that I dare not to teach you a lesson just because youre from the Chu clan I shall make sure to beat the academy rules into your bones today!”

Hong Xingying nearly burst into tears.

I was the one who suffered the most tragic plight earlier on, so why do I need to continue suffering now

It had only been a day since he arrived in the academy, so he wasnt clear about the politics going on here.

Due to that, he ended up pointing his finger at Yuan Wendong and said, “Teacher, why arent you punishing him then”

A cold glint flashed across Yuan Wendongs eyes.

On the other hand, Lu De harrumphed coldly and responded, “Hes reached fifth rank, but what about you I can tell you frankly that the students who are able to reach the fifth rank are all top-notch talents of our country, and theyll be regarded as treasures no matter where they go.

If any of you are able to reach the fifth rank in the future, as long as you dont go too far, the academy will basically turn a blind eye to whatever misdeed you do.”

Zu An felt his heart skip a beat.

It looked like strength was important no matter which world one was in.

The students that had gathered around didnt appear to be surprised by Lu Des declaration, revealing that they had already known about theseimplicit rules beforehand.

After Lu De was done saying his piece, he dragged the two wailing fellows away with him, leaving the crowd praying for their safety.

Wei Suo, who was hugging Zu Ans thigh, gulped fearfully as he said, “Boss, there was a moment there that I feared for your life when you talked back to him.

Those who fell prey to Baldhead usually dont end very well.”

Zu An chuckled in response.

“Since Lu De seeks to reform the students through virtue, its only right for him to listen to the voice of reason.”

“Youre probably the only one who dares to reason with him.” Xie Xiu laughed heartily as he walked over to Zu An.

“I thought that I am a man who has conquered many beautiful flowers, but it looks like Im still lacking compared to Brother Zu.

I never thought that you would be able to win the hearts of four of the beauties in the Ten Great Beauties.

Im humbled by your accomplishments.

I hope that we can sit down together to trade our insights in the future.”

“Brother Xie, youre flattering me.

Dont you have one by your side too” Zu An answered.

“By my side Why am I not aware of it” Xie Xiu was taken aback.

While there was no lack of beautiful women by his side, he didnt think that any of them had reached the level of the Ten Great Beauties.

“Isnt your sister one of the Ten Great Beauties Brother Xie, it would be great if you could introduce her to us,” Zu An replied.

Xie Xiu nearly choked on his saliva.

“T-that… I still have matters to attend to, so Ill be taking my leave.” Completely ignoring Zu Ans attempts to keep him, he left the area frantically without even turning his head around once.

Zu An was dumbfounded.

“Why does it look as if he has seen a ghost”

On the other hand, Wei Suos reverence for Zu An only grew even deeper.

“Boss, you have my highest respect.

Despite already having the four of them, you arent content yet and still want to flirt with young master Xies older sister.

Truly unthinkable.

Theres none in our generation who can hope to compare to you!”

“You sure have a smooth tongue.

You would have surely thrived in the corporate world.” Zu An was a little disgusted by how Wei Suo was fawning on him, so he shoved him aside.

He turned his attention to Ji Xiaoxi and said, “Miss Ji, you have my earnest gratitude for the matter earlier on.”

Before Ji Xiaoxi could respond, Chu Huanzhao had already butted in first, “What do you mean by this I was the one to help you first!”

Ji Xiaoxis face reddened.

“Its nothing much, Im just doing what is right.

I need to leave now.”

It would appear that she was still uncomfortable from being in the center of attention here, so she began to jog away.

However, barely after taking a few steps, she suddenly turend around and said, “I nearly forgot.

Do drop by my home when you have some time on hand.

My father would like to talk with you.”


The crowd looked at the two of them with a weird stare, which surprised Ji Xiaoxi.

It was only then that she belatedly realized the innuendo hidden amidst her words, but she had no idea how she should start explaining the matter.

In the end, she gave up and ran away with a furious blush on her cheeks.

“What the hell is that How dare she seduce you in my presence!” Chu Huanzhao huffed angrily.

The way her small chest was puffing in and out looked incredibly adorable.

Zu An rolled her eyes at her.

“Its not as if youre my wife, so why are you interfering so much in my business”

It went without saying that he understood the true meaning behind Ji Xiaoxis words.

Most likely, it was regarding the trauma he was suffering from.

It looked like he would have to make haste and quickly acquire some dudous.

Perhaps, he might just be able to fool that old pervert, Ji Dengtu.

“I… Im just keeping an eye on you on my older sisters behalf!” Chu Huanzhaos cheeks puffed out indignantly.

“It hasnt been long since my older sister left, and youre already messing around with other women!”

Zu An replied nonchalantly, “You can go ahead and ask your older sister if she needs you to keep an eye on me.”

That wife of mine looks at me the same way a person would look at a stranger on the street.

No, I might even be less than a stranger to her.

Why should I keep my chastity for her then… Pui pui pui, what the hell am I talking about

“Hmph! Stop flirting around here.” Yuan Wendong walked over with an awful look on his face.

“Zu An, I dont believe that you can live your life hiding behind women.

It wont be long before the Clans Tournament.

By then, lets see if you can get a woman to substitute you on the ring!”

Zu An was confused.

He turned to Chu Huanzhao and asked, “What Clans Tournament”

Chu Huanzhao was pouting unhappily, but she still answered his question, “Just like our Chu clan, the Yuan clan is involved in the arm trade too, so theres rife competition going on between two of our clans.

In order to avoid escalating the conflict, the two clans have decided to hold a tournament once between the juniors of both clans every three years.

The winner will get to decide the market share for each sector that each clan gets for the next three years.”

“Do I need to participate as well” Zu An asked.

Chu Huanzhao nodded in response.

“Everyone in the clan needs to participate.

The previous time around, it was my older sister and cousins from the second branch and third branch.

Since youre the son-in-law of our Chu clan, its likely that youll have to step forward and represent us too.”

Zu An felt a little stifled to hear this abrupt news.

What the hell is this I cant even enjoy the privileges of being the son-in-law of a prestigious clan, but I still need to fulfill my responsibilities

“Then… is the Yuan clan a ducal clan too”

Chu Huanzhao shook her head in response.

“Thats not it.

Their clan has a noble lineage too, but they are without a fief.

In terms of position, they are far beneath my father.”

Zu An couldnt resist asking, “Isnt it embarrassing for a ducal clan to have to compete with minor powers to decide the market share through a duel”

Before Chu Huanzhao could answer the question, Yuan Wendong had already responded to the question with an awful look on his face, “The Brightmoon Duke has a high standing, but our Zhou Dynasty is a place ruled by laws.

Besides, the Chu clan isnt the only one with a ducal lineage either.”

Zu An nodded in realization.

“Ah, I get what youre saying.

In other words, you have someone backing you up.

Its no wonder why youre barking so loudly, it turns out that you already have a master!”

You have successfully trolled Yuan Wendong for 321 Rage!

Looking at the academy staff walking around not too far away, Yuan Wendong took in a deep breath before saying, “You have nothing but your sharp mouth, so I shant waste my time bickering with you.

Just wait till the day of the tournament…”

Yuan Wendong leaned toward Zu An and whispered softly, “Ill break your limbs and turn you into a cripple!”

Zu An sighed deeply.

“I think you should first worry about how you are going to compensate for their swords.”

Due to Lu Des sudden appearance earlier, most of the crowd had already scattered.

Nevertheless, there were still a dozen people standing there.

They were staring at Yuan Wendong with hesitant looks on their faces, not moving a step at all.

Earlier, Yuan Wendong had used their swords to attack Pei Mianman, only to have Pei Mianman burn their swords down to cinders with her black flame.

They felt that Yuan Wendong should take responsibility for it and compensate them, but they were a little afraid to ask for it.

However, with Zu An bringing up the issue once more, these people finally bucked up their courage and began shouting out loud.

“Compensate us our swords!”

“I spent a lot of money to purchase that sword of mine!”

“My sword is the work of Master XX, and its known to be able to slice through metal like mud…”


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