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The woman wore a stunning white dress.

Even though her face was covered under a veil, he could still vaguely make out her exceptional features.

Her body gave off a simple yet delicate fragrance.

Who else could this be but Yun Yuqing

Yun Yuqings gazed at Zu An with her large and beautiful eyes as she gently ran her slender fingers across his various wounds.

“Why are your injuries so serious Does it hurt”

Zu An smiled.

“It was hurting pretty badly earlier, but now that youre here, it doesnt hurt anymore.”

Yun Yuqing blushed.

She snorted softly and said, “Youre still as slick-tongued as ever.”

Zu An held her hands.

They were cool and soft to the touch.

“Why are you here”

Yun Yuqing was just about to reply when a furious roar erupted.

“The two of you are flirting right in front of my face! Are you ignoring me”

The two of them turned around to see Ao Quans massive dragons head staring right at them furiously.

“How did you end up provoking a dragon” Yun Yuqing frowned.

Clearly, even she felt troubled when faced with such an opponent.

“I wasnt the one who provoked him.

That dude came at me on his own!” Zu An felt rotten inside.

He had just chased away one top-level expert, only for another one to show up out of nowhere! His luck was beyond horrid. Should I visit a temple and burn some incense

“Yet another beauty How does an annoying brat like you have such crazy luck with women Ugh, the more I think about it, the more irritating it becomes!” With a roar, Ao Quan opened his jaws, intent on biting the two of them in half.

With a frightened start, Zu An shouted a warning to Yun Yuqing.

“Be careful!”

Who could have expected Yun Yuqing to be even faster She pushed him gently to the side, then rushed forward to meet this dragon.

Even though her body was pitifully small compared to the massive dragon, she seemed more than a match for him.

Her fine, white hands formed a seal, her stance extremely graceful.

A large expanse of purple runes appeared in front of her, blocking the incoming giant dragon.

With a bang, Ao Quan seemed to slam into a transparent wall.

His ears were ringing, and the sudden collision left him slightly dizzy.

“Youre from the demon race!”

This dragon elder was vastly experienced, and immediately recognized his opponents identity.

Yun Yuqing remained silent.

There was no need for her to speak to him.

She didnt want to reveal anything about herself.

Ao Quan snorted.

“I dont care if you are human or demon.

Anyone related to Zu An must die!”

The effects ofFragrant Barf had ingrained his hatred for Zu An deep inside his bones.

With a roar, he slashed his claws at Yun Yuqing.

The tremendous power instantly shattered the transparent rune shield.

With a snort, Yun Yuqing retreated, forming another seal with her hands.

A dozen runes suddenly appeared behind her, spinning around like a halo.

Brilliant light flowed along those runes, and they shot out streaks of purple light.

These rays of light were like laser beams, and even the tough hide of the dragon could not fully deflect their power.

Smoke poured out from the places where the light made contact, and a faint burning smell spread through the air.

Ao Quan let out a pathetic wail, twisting his body frantically to avoid those purple rays.

Zu An was transfixed by the dazzling beauty in front of him.

She was the perfect image of a goddess of war.

He gulped.

Was this the same feminine woman who had continually begged for forgiveness while wrapped in his arms that night

“Damned woman, youve really made me mad!” Ao Quan roared in anger.

“Dragon Soulspeak—Seal…”

Before he could finish, however, the voice from his nightmares returned.

“Whatcha lookin at”

“Im looking at you, **head!”

Ao Quan felt like dying inside.

He was truly on the brink of insanity.

He vowed that, once he killed Zu An, he was going to figure out how to simplify his Dragon Soulspeak.

At the very least, he had to reduce the number of syllables in the incantation! He never wanted to go through the same painful experience ever again.

Yun Yuqing gave Zu An a shocked look.

She clearly knew just how powerful Dragon Soulspeak was, but she never expected that it could be defeated that easily!

She remembered the dark elf back at the Wu Manor.

He clearly could have escaped back then, but he had been distracted by this exact same line.

It seems that this line of Zu Ans—”Whatcha lookin at”—was even more incredible than Dragon Soulspeak.

Recalling the events in Wu Manor also brought to mind the night shed spent, wrapped up in Zu Ans embrace.

Her fair cheeks flushed with a trace of pink.

“Do you think Im powerless without my Dragon Soulspeak” Ao Quan cried out in anger.

He raised his head towards the sky and brought it down again, spewing out a long stream of dragons breath as it descended.

The two of them could tell with a single glance that this gray-colored dragons breath carried devastating power.

“Bloody hell, your breath stinks!” Even from so far away, Zu An could smell a foul stench.

He felt as though he were in a chemistry lab filled with different types of acids.

Zu An cast a worried look at Yun Yuqing.

If a single drop splattered her, she would dissolve right away.

Yun Yuqing didnt allow herself to lose focus.

The rune formation behind her surged with radiance.

Streaks of purple light shot out to intercept the incoming attack, intercepting the incoming dragons breath.

The stream of purple met the stream of dark gray in between the two combatants.

In that instant, it was difficult to tell which would come out on top.

“Be careful!” Zu An immediately shouted a warning.

However, it was too late.

A massive dragon tail swept towards her.

Yun Yuqing couldnt dodge in time.

She hurriedly raised a hand, and was just barely able to form a rune shield.

Unfortunately, this hastily-constructed rune shield was insufficient to block a proper attack, and it was smashed to bits with a loud crash.

Yun Yuqing groaned, and her body flew backwards.

The rune formations behind her dissipated.

Without her purple rays to defend her, the gray dragons breath streamed towards her uncontested.

Ao Quan was clearly wary of this woman, and wanted to use this opportunity to get rid of her once and for all.

Yun Yuqings ki was in a complete mess.

The dragons tail strike had almost completely scattered her inner ki flow.

Of course, given her cultivation, she would recover after a few breaths, but there was no way her opponent would give her the chance.

A hint of despair flashed across her eyes as she watched the dragons breath get closer and closer.

Suddenly, she felt something warm wrap itself around her.

When she snapped out of her daze, she was already tens of feet away.

She discovered herself in Zu Ans embrace.

“Ah Zu!” Even though the two of them had shared the most intimate act, objectively speaking, they werent all that familiar with each other, and being carried like this still left her feeling rather embarrassed.

Zu An was gasping for air.

Fortunately, his reactions had been quick enough.

Otherwise, this beauty would really have died right before his eyes.

“You again!” Ao Quan bristled in fury.

With a blood-curdling scream, he charged straight at Zu An.

Zu An had just used Grandgale twice in succession.

It had taken him a great deal of rest just to recover those two uses, and there was no way he could use it a third time.

Given the gap in their levels of cultivation, running for it was meaningless without this movement skill.

Yun Yuqing quickly leapt out of his embrace, shoving him behind her to protect him.

She locked eyes with the incoming dragon, and then her beautiful eyes widened.

The surroundings were suddenly suffused with a tinge of purple.

“Demonic Eye!”

Ao Quan had lived a long life, and instantly recognized the formidable skill which belonged to the demon race.

His dragons body came to an immediate halt.

He had been bewitched by the Demonic Eye.

He immediately used Dragon Soulspeak to dispel the Demonic Eyes effects.

“Dragon Soulspeak—Close…”

How could Zu An allow him this chance “Whatcha lookin at”

“Im looking at you, **head!”

Ao Quan didnt even have the strength to curse.

Hed said this phrase so many times that he wanted to throw up.

This was a living nightmare! He didnt want to go through this ever again.

“Even if I dont use my Dragon Soulspeak, your Demonic Eye can only control me for a few minutes.

You will meet your demise once I break free!” Ao Quan felt incredibly wronged.

Under any other circumstances, he would never have been trapped by this Demonic Eye technique.

All of this was that bastard Zu Ans fault.

Yun Yuqing said nothing.

Her focus was solely on restraining him.

She had no trouble controlling a few dozen or even a hundred ordinary people, but a massive dragon a hundred zhang in length was an entirely different story.

Her body began to tremble, and sweat began to coat her forehead.

Seeing this, Zu An looked at Ao Quan and said, “Arent you forgetting something”


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