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Shock was written all over Zu Ans face.

Madam, I dont even know what to say… 

He merely wanted to throw out something that would be impossible for her to accept, and then stall for more time while they argued back and forth.

Who wouldve thought that she would straight up agree to it

Just as he was about to speak, purple light erupted from the other partys eyes.

It was as if he had sunk into a purple world.

Nothing else existed for him anymore, apart from this sinister purple.

Soon, he found that his body was no longer under his control.

Then, even his consciousness became blurry.

The instant before he completely lost consciousness, the Hundredwarble imprint within him suddenly shone again.

A bright red bird emerged, flying around the purple world as if angry at being disturbed.

Wherever its red figure flew to, the purple haze there would gradually scatter.

Soon, the purple world was completely split in two by Hundredwarble, and Zu An slowly began to regain his consciousness.

A groan came from beside him.

Yun Yuqings face was pale, and a streak of blood flowed out from the corner of her lips.

She had clearly been injured by this interaction.

The purple color in her eyes swam chaotically, and quickly dispersed.

Unfortunately, she didnt notice that a faint trace of red had been mixed in with it as well.

“What was that strange red bird” Yun Yuqing couldnt comprehend what had happened.

Even though Hundredwarble did not exist in the material world, she was still able to sense it because it clashed with her spiritual world.

Fear still lingered within Zu Ans mind.

Thank heavens he had been brought back to consciousness by Hundredwarble! Otherwise, he wouldve been done in by this woman without even realizing it!

“Thats a secret.” Zu An smiled.

“Secrets make men seem more charming.”

Yun Yuqing wanted to beat her head against a wall.

Why is this guy so freaking annoying!

Zu An said, “Say, Madam, wasnt that a little dishonest of you The two of us were clearly having a business discussion, but you suddenly attacked me.

Whats up with that”

Yun Yuqing smiled sweetly.

“Dont tell me you dont know how incredibly fickle women can be! Thats why you should never trust a woman so easily!”

Zu An snorted.

“Hmph, thats none of my business.

I was being utterly sincere, and yet youve insulted me.

How do you plan to compensate me for my mental anguish”

“How about I apologize to you” Yun Yuqing said, bowing gracefully.

Her stance was graceful and perfect.

Even though Zu An knew that she was making use of her beauty, he couldnt bring himself to stay angry.

“Forget it.

I guess I can just barely bring myself to forgive you.

Lets return to our discussion from before.

If I am not mistaken, Madam seems to have agreed to my request”

Yun Yuqings face went red. I only said that because I wanted to catch you off guard! Did you really think I was serious 

“Something as important as that should be discussed with my husband.”

She knew that her Demonic Eye was completely useless against him, and she might not be able to obtain what she needed from him.

That was why she needed to go back and explain everything to her husband first.

Zu An was taken aback.

“I dont think this is the sort of thing you talk to your husband about, is it”

Yun Yuqing had no words for him.

What the heck even goes on inside this brats head!

I was going to talk to my husband about how we should deal with you! Do you really think that this was what I wanted to discuss with him

“Young master does not need to worry about that.

My husband and I will definitely reach a conclusion.” Yun Yuqing got up to leave.

As she reached the doorway, she suddenly turned around.

“Young master is a smart person.

I believe you know what you should and shouldnt say, right”

Since her Demonic Eye was useless against him, there was no way for her to erase his memory.

It would be troublesome if he mentioned these matters to King Liang and the others.

“No, Im really dumb.

Can Madam remind me again about what I shouldnt say” Zu An said with a smile.

Yun Yuqing felt a wave of helplessness. Are you the criminal, or am I the criminal Why do I feel like our roles have swapped

In the end, she still explained, “You are already doomed to die once you reach the capital, but you might still be able to live if you work with us.

Before our negotiations are complete, I believe that the young master wouldnt be so rash as to go about spewing nonsense.”

Zu An laughed.

“Who is Madam trying to fool The emperor is the worlds number one expert! If he wants me dead, how can Madam possibly save me”

Yun Yuqing fell silent.

What Zu An said was true.

This fella really was too sharp! It was almost impossible to fool him with insincere words.

Zu An continued, “King Liang and the others will return soon, and I will definitely tell them what happened here.

If you guys start fighting, who knows, I might even be able to find a chance to escape!”

Yun Yuqings face grew cold.

“Are you forcing me to kill you”

The temperature of the room seemed to drop a few degrees.

Her killing intent was clear to Zu An.

He said indifferently, “If you really dare to kill me, then there wouldnt be a need for you to waste so much time talking to me.”

The air in the room became heavy.

Yun Yuqings expression flickered several times. 

He continued with a smile, “Of course, if Madam gives me a kiss, I might just decide not to say anything.”

Yun Yuqing was speechless, unsure of what to do.

A light knocking came from outside.

One of her maids offered a quick reminder.

“Madam, we need to move quickly.

King Liang and the others are about to return.”

Zu An smiled. I should give this maid a sticker when I get the chance to. Her timing was just too good! “Madam, we dont have much time left.

You should think things through.

Do you want to bring disaster onto the entire King Wu manor, or just give me a kiss Its really not that hard of a choice if you ask me.

Its just a kiss.

What do you even have to lose”

Yun Yuqings complexion flickered between red and white.

She subconsciously glanced out the window and saw the signal that she had agreed on with her husband, which indicated that King Liang was about to return.

Even though she was more or less certain that Zu An wouldnt actually tell King Liang and the others about this, the entire manor, as well as the future of the demon race, rested on this.

She didnt want to take any risks.

“Close your eyes!” Yun Yuqing looked at him, her face red.

She never imagined that she, the glorious wife of a king, would fall so low as to be toyed with by a prisoner like this.

“No way! What if you made someone else do it for you” Zu An said with a smile.

“You!” Yun Yuqing bit her red lip.

She was clearly extremely conflicted.

However, time waits for no one, and she couldnt think of any better ideas.

Left with no choice, she walked over to his side, got on her tiptoes, and moved her lips towards his cheek.

A little peck like this wouldnt matter much, right She would just keep it a secret from her husband.

How could she have known that Zu An had already predicted this In that instant, he suddenly turned his head so that his mouth was facing hers, instead of his cheek.

“Ah!!!” Yun Yuqing cried out in alarm and backed away in a flash.

She stared at him, covering her mouth.

You have successfully trolled Yun Yuqing for 999… 999… 999….

Zu An was amused by the Rage points flowing in. Isnt it just a kiss Do you really have to get that mad

Killing intent flashed across Yun Yuqings eyes.

She was just about to attack, but a maids urgent voice sounded.

“Madam, we have no more time! Hurry!”

She could only give Zu An a hateful glare, before disappearing through the window.

There was the sound of a snap, and the guards all gradually recovered their awareness.

“Hm What happened” Huang Huihong instinctively felt that something was not right, but when he searched his memories, he only remembered that Madam Wu had brought over some food, and had left shortly afterwards with her maids.

Nothing else seemed to have happened.

The Demonic Eye had clearly altered his memories, and replaced them with rational untruths.

Despite this, Huang Huihong still felt uneasy.

He quickly went to Zu Ans room to take a look, and sighed in relief when he saw that he was still there.

“Hurry up and go to sleep already! Why are you smiling so stupidly”

Zu An shook his head. What do you know You were simping so hard for Yun Yuqing earlier, but your goddess agreed to kiss me of her own volition!

Zu An slowly savored the memory of that feeling amidst the lingering fragrance, so sweet and soft.

It wasnt a bad feeling at all.

In the manor, King Wu was already waiting anxiously in a secret room.

He saw his wife return, and immediately rushed up to her and asked, “How did it go”


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