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Seeing Yun Yuqing walking ever closer with a smile on her face, Zu Ans panic grew exponentially.

How was he supposed to deal with this situation

His mind moved at warp speed.

Unfortunately, the door was pushed open before he could think of a solution.

He was completely helpless.

He could only do his best to remain expressionless, just like Huang Huihong and the others outside.

Those fellows attacked by bears in the wild had managed to somehow get out alive by playing dead.

His best option was to pretend to be under the Demonic Eyes control.

Yun Yuqing closed the door behind her.

She then sized up the man in front of her with great interest.

This guy had been a good-for-nothing living on the streets just a few months ago, and yet hed ended up taking the number one beauty of Brightmoon City as his wife.

He even managed to make quite a name for himself.

Many highly-rated experts failed to even make a name for themselves in this world, yet this fellow, despite being at the fourth or fifth rank, had already accomplished it.

She walked up to Zu An, then slowly circled around him, examining him curiously.

“You dont look half-bad.

No wonder you caught the attention of Chu First Miss.

However, you really are quite daring.

You are already a criminal, yet you still dare to make fun of me in King Wus territory.” Yun Yuqing let out a snort.

His earlier statement clearly hadnt escaped her ears.

You have successfully trolled Yun Yuqing for 233 Rage points!

Zu An groaned when he heard her words.

This woman really knew how to bear a grudge! So much time has already passed! Why do you still remember that

However, he still had to give her credit for her stunning beauty.

Now that she was up close, he could admire her in even greater detail.

He couldn\'t pick out a single flaw in her.

Her fine, supple skin could steal the heart of any man.

The most fatal part of her was that sweet fragrance that seemed to linger around her body.

It wasnt something that could be bought, and it made men go absolutely wild.

He remembered Sang Hong saying that this woman was a member of the demon race. Are all demon race women this pretty Its quite different from what Im used to.

“Oh my, I almost forgot what I actually came here for.” Yun Yuqing slapped her own forehead in a cutesy manner, acting as though she had suddenly remembered something.

Of course, after seeing how she had toyed with so many experts, Zu An couldnt associate her with the wordcute at all.

Yun Yuqing sat down casually in front of him.

Her fine fingers gently fiddled with the teacup in her hand.

“Do you really have thePhoenix Nirvana Sutra” 

This was a technique that only existed in legend.

She had never heard of anyone successfully cultivating it before.

She was worried that this was just a ploy of the emperors, so she had to confirm it.

“Yes.” Zu An said in a dull voice.

Yun Yuqings eyes lit up.

However, she still had more doubts.

She continued, “How did an ordinary person like you obtain such a miraculous technique”

“The gardener in the Chu Estate, Old Mi, was a eunuch who had escaped from his service in the imperial palace.

He was the one in charge of finding the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra,” Zu An replied.

Since the emperor already knew that he had the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, it would not be long before the events surrounding it leaked out as well.

There was no point in concealing all this.

Yun Yuqing nodded.

It seemed as though the conclusion she and King Wu had reached was more or less correct.

“Old Mi is unrelated to you in every way.

Why would he pass on something so precious to an outsider”

This was what confused her the most.

“He was an eunuch, and wanted to find a vessel to possess.

Since I was handsome and suitable, he chose me,” replied Zu An.

“He thought you were handsome” Yun Yuqing was stunned for a moment, then she burst out laughing.

Her laughter was even more pleasant than the song of an oriole.

“Ive heard that you were quite the narcissist, but I never expected that you could still say such things when in this state!”

Zu An resisted his urge to react.

“All right, all right.” Yun Yuqing quickly stopped laughing.

“Then why dont you tell me more about this Phoenix Nirvana Sutra”

“Understood.” Zu An began to recite a passage of scripture in a slow and wooden manner.

“Jade shatters under the cries of the phoenix, flowers that were wilting are now full of cheer.

Everything before the twelve gates thaw, twenty-three wisps leave the emperor in awe…”

He had already prepared for such a situation.

In years gone by, Huang Rong had deceived Ouyang Feng using aNine Yin Sutra that was seventy percent truth.

He only needed to do the same thing here.[1]

Only by telling most of the truth would you be able to deceive a true expert.

Moreover, if one modified the key areas, not only would these experts not be able to successfully cultivate the technique, they might even slip into madness.

Yun Yuqing nodded as she listened to him.

When he finished, a pensive expression appeared on her face.

“These chants are indeed profound and mysterious.

You might have been able to deceive someone else.

Unfortunately, you encountered me.”

Zu An was speechless.

Despite his sudden shock, he quickly calmed himself.

He was worried that she was deliberately provoking him, so he continued to show no response, maintaining his stupefied act.

Yun Yuqing chuckled at his appearance.

“Your ability to stay calm is admirable.

Unfortunately, you arent familiar with the characteristics of the Demonic Eye.”

Yun Yuqing slowly stood up.

She smoothed out her dress, as though she was always mindful of her appearance no matter where she went.

“The Demonic Eye can influence ones mind, but it cannot completely control it.

I need to jump through some hoops in order to reach my objective.

“For example, if I were to order someone to kill themselves using my Demonic Eye, this would go against human instinct, and so they would definitely resist.

However, I can instruct them to walk to the edge of a cliff, and then tell them to jump forward.

Jumping forward is an extremely simple task, so that person wouldnt resist.

He would respect this order, and I would get what I want.

“For you, the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra is the most important thing to you, and it isnt too much of an exaggeration to consider it to be your very life.

How could you possibly show no resistance when revealing it”

She looked at him with her large, beautiful eyes, and Zu An knew that he had been exposed.

He sighed.

“Madam really is sharp.

I am truly impressed.”

“To be honest, I admire you more.

All of those experts outside have been controlled by my Demonic Eye.

Your cultivation was clearly sealed, yet you could still withstand my Demonic Eye.

How did you achieve this” Yun Yuqings mouth was slightly open, betraying her stunned surprise.

Zu An smiled.

“Of course its because of the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra.”

He could only rely on this as his bargaining chip.

The more he touted the strength of the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, the better.

“That was what I suspected as well.” Yun Yuqing smiled.

The gentle and soft expression tugging at the corners of her lips was enough to make even the toughest hearts melt.

“Lets talk about the most important thing, then.

What will it take for you to hand over the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra willingly”

Zu An shook his head.

“Thats a question I should be asking you.

Just what can you even offer that would be worth the exchange for me”

Yun Yuqings expression turned cold.

“It seems you still do not understand your current situation.

You are but a prisoner right now, and your cultivation is sealed as well.

Even if you were at your peak, it would still be too easy for me to kill you.

What right do you have to demand anything of me”

Zu Ans expression remained calm.

“Madam, please don\'t kid yourself.

How could you possibly dare to kill me Everyone knows that I am in the Wu Manor right now.

If Im killed here, then both you and King Wu are done for.

The emperor will be utterly furious.

Given his cultivation, how easy would it be for him to kill the two of you”

He glanced towards Huang Huihong and the others as he spoke.

“Didnt you leave all of them alive because you wanted a way around this”

Hed only just figured out all of this too.

His panicking heart gradually calmed down.

Yun Yuqing gave him a look of surprise.

“I really have a new level of respect for you.

Not only were you able to continue your act through all of that, you were able to think so meticulously.

No wonder those who have obtained the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra become the targets of everyones envy!”

“Being praised by a great beauty like Madam makes me feel strangely good.” Zu An looked quite pleased.

“Do you have anything flowery left to say Please, dont stop.”

Yun Yuqing narrowed her eyes.

However, she quickly smiled again and said, “So What do you think about me Am I pretty”


Huang Rong and Ouyang Feng are characters in The Legend of the Condor Heroes.


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