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Zu An didnt bother trying to track down Hong Xingying.

Instead, he dispatched some men to escort Qin Wanru back to the estate.

While waiting for her arrival, Zu An was reminded of something.

He searched Chu Tieshengs body and found two bottles.

There was a white bottle with the wordsBulls Cream on a red label.

That should be the drug that Qin Wanru had been poisoned with, the drug that even Ji Dengtu longed for.

Hmph, Im confiscating this! I cant let that Ji Dengtu get his hands on it.

Who knows how many innocent maidens will be harmed if he did

The second was a green bottle with the wordsWorries-Be-Gone on the label.

“Worries-Be-Gone” Zu An was stunned. Whats this The name seems rather poetic, but I dont know what kind of effects it has.

I should find a chance to test this out later.

Ji Dengtus ferocious appearance appeared in his head.

If Ji Dengtu ever found out just how much hed tormented his precious daughter, he would be a dead man.

He shivered and quickly rid himself of this thought.

He put it inside the Brilliant Glass Bead for future research.

Meanwhile, in the safehouse, Qin Wanrus first reaction upon seeing the Chu Estates guards was to hide.

After all, she was still worried about Zu An, since hed been gone for so long.

The messenger pledged his loyalty again and again.

She also remembered that this man had always been trustworthy, which was why she skeptically returned to the Chu Estate in the end.

When the people in the Chu Estate saw Qin Wanru, the final boulder was lifted off their shoulders.

After all, Zu Ans words were only one side of the story.

Even though he was the young master of the Chu clan, the ones who were truly in charge were Master, Madam, and First Miss.

Qin Wanru immediately got to work sorting out various matters.

When she finally had some free time, she pulled Zu An to the side and gave him a puzzled look.

“Just how did you do it”

“Do what” Zu An said with a smile.

“Im obviously talking about Hong Zhong and Chu Tiesheng!” Qin Wanru was completely bewildered.

“One was at the seventh rank, and the other at the sixth rank.

You should not have been able to defeat them! Not only that, they were surrounded by guards as well.

How did you kill them”

“Actually… Im a powerful expert!” Zu An declared proudly.

Like hell Qin Wanru would believe that! Shed seen Zu An fight before.

Even though his cultivation was indeed quite excellent, it was far from the level required.

However, with Hong Zhong and Chu Tieshengs corpses before her, she had no choice but to believe it.

She recalled again how Chu Chuyan had emphasized to her to trust Zu An, and she sighed inwardly.

Clearly, Chuyans insight far outstripped her own.

Something else immediately came to mind, and her expression grew exceedingly strange.

How was she supposed to face her daughter now

Just then, Chu Yuepo ran over with a smile, his attitude one of deep concern.

“Im so glad youre okay, sister-in-law! I was so worried about you!”

Qin Wanru collected her messy thoughts.

“Hmph! You must be quite disappointed to see me return! I dont recall you doing anything during the chaos.”

The third branch hadnt done a thing during Chu Tieshengs rebellion.

They merely pretended not to notice anything amiss.

Chu Yuepo smiled bitterly.

“Sister-in-law, everything happened so quickly, there was no time for us to react! You were already gone by the time we tried to look for you.

Chu Tiesheng and Hong Zhong were also too powerful to contend with.

My entire family wouldve been slaughtered if Id spoken a single word in protest!

“There really wasnt much I could do in that situation! I could only pretend to go along with them, while keeping some forces in reserve.

I was going to welcome big brother and sister-in-law back at a suitable time.”

Qin Wanru knew that he was putting on an act.

“And when was this suitable time going to be” she sneered.

Chu Yuepo smiled apologetically.

“As an example, I sent my men to assist Ah Zu.

If not for that, he wouldnt have dealt with Hong Zhong and Chu Tieshengs remaining forces so quickly.”

Qin Wanru knew that he was the type who would adapt to any given situation.

At the very least, he hadnt conspired with Chu Tiesheng straight up.

That was why she decided not to be too hard on him.

She let him go with some light criticism.

After dealing with this, she went looking for Chu Huanzhao.

These past few days would surely have been frightening for her.

When she found Chu Huanzhao, the girl was cuddled up in Zu Ans embrace, fast asleep.

Tears were still hanging off the corners of her eyes.

“Shh…” Zu An immediately gestured for her to keep quiet when he saw Qin Wanru come in.

Clearly, he didnt want her to wake Huanzhao.

Qin Wanru frowned, then caught sight of Huanzhaos arms wrapped around Zu Ans neck.

She could only sigh. Youre a fiend!

A while later, Zu An carried Chu Huanzhao to her bed.

After tucking her in, he said, “Madam, Huanzhao has been constantly worried about us these past few days, and hasnt gotten much sleep.

It was only a while ago that I managed to calm her down.”

Qin Wanru smiled faintly.

“This child is normally so wild and mischievous.

Who knew she still cared so much about her parents It seems the love and affection weve shown her hasnt been for naught.”

Her expression suddenly stiffened.

“What kind of thoughts do you have towards Huanzhao”

Zu An was stunned.

“Thoughts I dont have any.

I just treat her as an adorable little sister and a good friend.”

“Thats good, then.” Qin Wanrus expression eased up.

“However, you had better watch yourself around her.

Even though shes still young, she will reach a marriageable age soon.

If shes always seen clinging to you, her reputation will suffer.

If that happens, there might not be any clans willing to take her in.”

Zu An laughed out loud.

“Who wouldnt want someone as cute as Huanzhao If no one will take her, then I will!”

Qin Wanrus face immediately turned red.

She grabbed a backscratcher and began to hit him.

“You scoundrel! You did have bad thoughts after all!”

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 233… 233… 233…

Zu An dodged her blows and pleaded, “Madam, spare me! It was just a joke, just a joke…”

Old Mi was hiding in the shadows.

He smiled thoughtfully when he saw this scene.

Not bad.

This kid has more skills than I thought.

He had planned to slowly establish himself in the clan once hed possessed Zu An.

He never expected Zu An to gain the acknowledgement of the Chu clan all on his own.

He had even made such significant contributions to the clan this time around.

His status in the Chu clan would only keep rising.

Even more surprisingly, Zu An had not only obtained the favor of the first miss, he was extremely close to the second miss as well.

Once hed taken over Zu Ans body, he only needed to use a few tricks, and the second miss would be in the bag as well.

Even Madam Chu seemed to be acting rather strangely around him of late.

Hed lived for so many years.

Even though his body was deficient, his knowledge was vast.

His theoretical knowledge far surpassed anyone else.

With the right tricks and the right opportunity, taking Madam Chu to bed would still be possible.

At worst, hed just use theWorries-Be-Gone.

He knew perfectly well what that bottle of medicine in Zu Ans possession did.

Perhaps because he had been lacking for so long, Old Mis desire for such things was much greater than anyone elses.

When someone had lived for as long as him, a mature woman like Qin Wanru was much more appealing.

Zu An is just too young, after all.

This kid is still trying to choose between them! A real man would obviously take them all!

He had already gathered everything he needed.

He was going to carry out the possession ceremony in a few days.

He was going to be reborn!

When he thought about how all of the Chu clans wealth and all of these ravishing beauties were going to be his, a burning desire flashed in Old Mis eyes.

He sneered. This kid is still deliberately hiding it from me, but Ive already sensed the aura of my own treasures!

He\'d been afraid that his body wouldnt be whole after he possessed Zu Ans, but now, this final worry had been put to rest as well.

This rotten kid dares to try to deceive me! You deserve to have your body possessed.

“Hahaha!” Old Mi couldnt hide his joy when he returned to his room.

He looked up to the heavens and laughed heartily.

A cough came from outside his window.

“What made you so happy all of a sudden”


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