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Zu An was stunned.

“Were waiting for someone” he asked.

“Who are we waiting for”

“Xie Xiu,” Shang Liuyu replied.

“Xie Xiu” Zu An took a while to process this information.

“So, the principal even managed to get Xie Xiu to tag along with us! This principal is truly wise! With him around, it would be so much easier to take over Plum Blossom Sects holdings.”

Although Xie Xius usually behaved somewhat frivolously, he was still the city lords son.

His presence would help to smooth most of the official procedures along.

Shang Liuyu shook her head.

“Luofu didnt arrange for him to come.

She wanted you to be the one to invite him.”

“I have to invite him” Zu An was dumbstruck.

“Yes.” Shang Liuyu smiled.

“The academy cant just announce to the world that it has accepted your seven-and-a-half million taels of silver, let alone let someone like Xie Xiu find out.

Well need you to step forward and front this.

Ill just pretend to be helping you.”

Zu An was speechless for a while.

Are you serious That gorgeous principal loves wearing black stockings so much that even her heart has turned black! She really wont pass up even the slightest chance to use me!

“Do you feel troubled” Shang Liuyu asked.

“Not at all.” Zu An shook his head.

Honestly speaking, Jiang Luofu already treated him quite well.

The promissory note for seven-and-a-half million taels of silver would only have rotted away if left in his hands anyway, so hed taken the opportunity to exchange it for some assistance, and Jiang Luofu had been most generous with her help.

Zu An finished weighing up the pros and cons.

“Lets look for Xie Xiu.” 

Shang Liuyu had no objections, and followed him as he made his way to the Sky class.

Along the way, she asked him several times about his relationship with Zheng Dan.

Zu An offered a series of ambiguous, non-committal answers.

Sensing that he didnt want to talk about the matter, Shang Liuyu smiled gently and didnt press further.

The two arrived at the Sky class.

Zu An called for Xie Xiu while taking the opportunity to observe the class.

Clearly, Chu Chuyan rarely came to school.

Zheng Dan hadnt returned to class either. 

“What do these two… teachers need me for” Xie Xiu found it really hard to address Zu An as his teacher.

However, there was nothing he could do about it.

He had called him out of class precisely using his authority as a teacher!

The teacher lecturing the class was overcome with joy when he saw Shang Liuyu, and had little attention to spare for anything else.

Shang Liuyu smiled.

“Its not I who need you for something, but rather Zu… Teacher Zu.”

Why do I feel weird calling himTeacher as well

Xie Xiu stared at Zu An with a bitter smile.

“Tea… teach…”

Zu An laughed and hooked his arm around him.

“You dont have to do that.

Just call me Ah Zu when were not out in public.”

Xie Xie laughed awkwardly.

“Ah Zu, what did you need me for”

Zu An replied, “You were there when I won seven-and-a-half million silver taels from the Plum Blossom Sect, right Back then, Mei Chaofeng wrote out a promissory note for me.

Since he has already passed on, there is no way for him to pay me back this debt, so the only thing left for me to do is to try to take over his assets.

I came to you because I need some help.”

“Me” Xie Xiu was only interested in skirt-chasing, and he really couldnt care less about these official procedures, let alone something this big.

He was just about to turn Zu An down when his eyes were drawn to Shang Liuyu standing beside him.

“What is teacher Shang doing here with you” he asked in confusion.

Zu An said, “Of course shes here to help me recover the debt.”

Xie Xius eyes widened.

“Brother Zu really is incredible! Teacher Shang is known for being a noble and virtuous person who cares little for worldly pursuits.

Yet somehow, you were actually able to convince her to help you out!”

Zu An laughed, “Youre flattering me.

Ive always been a popular guy.”

Xie Xiu had no response to that.

After a short pause, he agreed to go along with them.

After all, even if he didnt mind offending Zu An, he didnt want to leave Shang Liuyu with a bad impression of him.

There wasnt a single man in the academy who didnt fancy a gentle and pretty female teacher like Shang Liuyu.

Even though Xie Xius feelings for her werent as fervent as some others, being in the company of such a great beauty was still a joyous affair.

Helping Zu An out was just a side issue.

“Haha, youre the best!” Zu An clasped his fist respectfully.

He didnt bother thinking about why this guy accepted.

All he cared about was getting this job over and done with.

The three of them left the academy together with a small group of specialists.

Given her nature, Shang Liuyu was already doing the principal a huge favor just by following along.

Asking any more of her would have made her upset.

Along the way, Xie Xiu went all out, trying to engage Shang Liuyu in a variety of topics.

Even though his philosophy had always been to never abandon an entire forest for a single tree, Shang Liuyu was just too beautiful! Even his dao of women was being shaken.

He scrounged up all sorts of reasons to strike up a conversation with her, and even used some of his methods of seduction.

Unfortunately, Shang Liuyu responded to all of his desperate attempts in a polluted but disinterested manner.

Sensing her attitude, Xie Xiu admitted defeat for now.

He shifted his attention to Zu An.

“Brother Zu, my admiration for you has only grown.”

“You, admire me Why” Zu An replied instinctively, his mind still preoccupied by his interactions with Zheng Dan.

“Just how did you convince teacher Shang to come with you Youve even picked up Immortal Abodes Qiu Honglei! Once might be a coincidence, but when such a thing happens several times, theres definitely a reason behind it!” Xie Xiu looked at him with expectant eyes.

Zu An waved a hand casually.

“Youve got it all wrong.”

“How so” Xie Xiu asked curiously.

“Youve missed out on some other important girls.

Chu Chuyan, for example,” Zu An said proudly.

This was a complete, 360-degree capture! Of course he was proud of his accomplishment.

Xie Xiu ground his teeth silently.

Bro, even if youre amazing, theres no need to show off like this in front of me, is there

“What can I do” Zu An muttered to himself.

“When a man is too outstanding, he naturally ends up having to deal with these sorts of problems.”

Xie Xius teeth creaked, and his jaw began to ache.

Shang Liuyu, who was listening in on their conversation, resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

It took Xie Xiu some time to dispel his gloominess.


By the way, Ah Zu, just how did you come up with thatSmiling, Proud Wanderer tune the last time”

Zu An forced out a smile.

“Didnt I say that I wasnt the one who came up with it”

“Ah Zu, youre too humble.” Xie Xiu said with a sigh.

Zu An grew dejected as well. Why do none of you all believe me when Im telling the truth

“Is brother Xie also interested in music” he said instead.

“Truth be told, I actually dont have the slightest bit of interest in it.” Xie Xiu laughed.

“I only picked up a bit of it to chase after girls.”

Zu An was shocked then grabbed Xie Xius hand.

“Bro, great minds think alike.”

Shang Liuyu took a deep, calming breath and stayed quiet.

“Since brother Xie isnt interested in music, why did you ask me about this If you want to use that song to pick up some girls, please, feel free,” Zu An said nonchalantly.

“Its not for picking up girls,” Xie Xiu smiled bitterly.

“However, my older sister is quite interested in that song.

She has many things she wants to ask you about.”

His expression froze in the middle of saying this.

Zu An had just said that he only learned music in order to pick up girls, yet here he was, offering up his sister to him… wasnt he basically sending her like a lamb into the tigers den

Fortunately, Shang Liuyu saved him from his embarrassment by interrupting them.

“Ah Zu, Ive also heard about thisSmiling Proud Wanderer matter earlier today.

Didnt you tell me the last time that the songScenery of Home was the only one you knew”


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