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Zu An immediately jumped in shock.

“Even if you dont mind, I do! Do I look like someone who would sell my body like that”

Chu Chuyans face turned slightly red.

She also felt like she was going a little too far by asking her husband to do such a thing “Sorry… Ive been slightly stressed over the Chu clans matters recently, so I blurted that out without thinking.

Please dont take those words to heart.”

Zu An waved his hand.

“If things are that hard for you, then your husband needs to help share the burden! Ill do whatever I can to get any information from Zheng Dan.”

“Hold on a minute.

I dont think we should proceed with this plan.” Chu Chuyan suddenly recalled what happened when she had him approach Qiu Honglei the last time.

A few days after she had sent him to meet her, this Qiu Honglei had appeared screaming and crying, going on and on about how she absolutely had to be married to Zu An.

Was the same thing going to happen a second time

Zu An held her hand.

“As long as it can help you, what is my own dignity worth” he said seriously.

Chu Chuyans heart softened, and her voice also grew extremely warm.

“Ah Zu, Ive let you down.”

Only when Chu Chuyan returned home did she feel like something was amiss.

Why did she feel as though something wasnt quite right

By then, Zu An had already been dragged off to the academy by Chu Huanzhao.

Chu Huanzhao scuttled over to Zu An on their way to the academy and poked him with her whip.

“Just what is going on between you and that Qiu Honglei” 

Zu Ans eyes darted to the Wailing Whip.

“Ill tell you after you put away the Wailing Whip.”

“Youre no fun.” Chu Huanzhao pouted.

She put away the whip, then she looked at Zu An.

Only then did Zu An say, “There is absolutely nothing going on between the two of us.”

“Who do you think youre trying to fool!” Chu Huanzhao sneered.

“That girl has already pursued you all the way to our doorstep! Ive even heard that she said she wouldnt marry anyone but you!”

“Really I guess that makes sense, though.

Im just too charming, after all… Dont worry, there will be more girls crying and begging to be mine in the future, so youll get used to it.” Zu An said nonchalantly.

Cheng Shoupings ears pricked up when he heard this. The young master is so badass!

Ill recognize the young master as my big bro wherever he goes in the future, even if he is no longer the Chu clans young master!

When he thought of this, the hurts from his previous beatings suddenly stopped troubling him.

Chu Huanzhao blushed when she heard this.

“Stupid brother-in-law, you dont feel any shame.”

Zu An laughed while Chu Huanzhao threw tantrums along the way.

They quickly arrived at the academy.

After attending several classes, Zu An returned to his staff residence for a quick rest.

With his current cultivation and knowledge, the lectures he attended in the Yellow class now lacked much meaning.

Moreover, because he was also a teacher in the academy, his colleagues turned a blind eye when he skipped classes.

Should I have a chat with the gorgeous principal and ask her to transfer me to Sky class Zu An was hesitant to do so.

That would draw too much attention to him, especially since his aptitude was still publicly known to be poor.

It wouldnt be easy to convince everyone else that such a transfer would be justified.

Even if Jiang Luofu used her authority as the principal, he would probably have to have his aptitude tested again.

Wouldnt his transcendent-level aptitude be exposed then

He also understood just what the transcendent-level aptitude meant after his experience treating Chu Chuyan.

Many people would come looking for him once this information was exposed.

He would be perfectly okay if they were all pretty girls.

However, if some ugly men came seeking his services, hed rather die than offer it to them.

There was Old Mi, who was always asking him to pay attention to the Wei clans situation.

If he left Wei Suos side, Old Mi would definitely grow suspicious.

Sigh, it seems like this issue of transferring to another class is hopeless.

However, staying in the Yellow class is just a waste of time!

As this conflict played out within him, there came a knock from outside.

“Hm” Zu An looked at the time.

Werent there classes currently going on Who could this be

Was it Shang Liuyu

He jumped up happily and rushed towards the entrance.

Zu An suddenly remembered something. I forgot to get that seashell back from Qiu Honglei. He always forgot about this whenever he met with that woman.

He was just wondering how he was going to explain things to the other party when he noticed that a girl with bright eyes and a kind demeanor was standing at his doorstep.

She possessed a beauty that was very much on par with Shang Liuyu.

“Arent you going to welcome me in” This young lady said with a smile.

“Of course youre welcome.

Shouldnt you be in class right now, though” Zu An was slightly confused.

This girl was Zheng Dan, whom he had just met this morning.

Zheng Dan walked straight in.

“Arent you supposed to be in class too”

“But Im a teacher…” Zu An closed the door behind him, his voice slowly losing its confidence.

“If teachers can skip class, why cant students as well” Zheng Dan blinked at him, her appearance charming and lovely.

“Of course you can.

However, Ive always thought of you as an extremely obedient person.

I didnt think it was possible for you to do something like skip classes.” Zu An heard from many students that Zheng Dan was the epitome of a well-bred lady from a prestigious clan.

Every single movement she made was full of elegance, without a single flaw.

“Being a good girl for too long starts to get tedious, and I crave for something stimulating once in a while.

I believe Ah Zu understands this well.” Zheng Dan looked at him questioningly.

Her moist, pink lips twitched in a hint of a smile.

Zu Ans heart skipped a beat.

The last time, Zheng Dan had tried to seduce him in this very room.

The two of them had almost set a wildfire ablaze back then.

Why did this woman come here today Theres no way shes here just to fool around.

“In that case, then lets do some stimulating things together.” Zu An smiled and moved closer to her.

Hmph! You think Im scared Its not as if Ill come out of this the loser!

Ive even got my wifes permission!

“Sure~” Zheng Dan flashed a charming smile, as if silently inviting him in.

Zu An was just about to touch her when Zheng Dan said, “Teacher Zu, this student has been practicing a set of palm techniques, but Im far from proficient at it.

I wanted to ask the teacher to give me some pointers.”

A shiver ran down Zu Ans entire body when he heard her call himteacher. Theres no way this woman has watched any student-teacher romance dramas, is there 

“Im not even a cultivation teacher.

Why dont you look for Teacher Bai instead”

Zheng Dan grunted.

“I cant tell if that fellow wants to be a guy or girl.

Ill never want to be taught by someone like him.”

“But the Zheng clan should have many teachers, right Why dont you seek out one of them” Zu An couldnt help but ask.

“They see me as their young miss.

How could they possibly dare to hit me for real Besides, they are all men, so its not appropriate for us to engage in any practical training.” A bashful look appeared on Zheng Dans face.

Zu An grew depressed.

“Am I not a man too”

Zheng Dans red lips parted slightly.

There was a slight pause before she said, “Youre different.”

Holy **… if I wasnt already used to the different plots of movies and dramas, I would be dancing in the palm of her hand right now.

Zu An deliberately put on a troubled look.

“You know that I am a Yellow class student.

How could I possibly be a match for someone from the Sky class” 

“Hmph! Who are you trying to fool You beat Yuan Wenlong in the Clans Tournament, and you defeated Shi Kun in the dungeon.

How many others can boast of such a level of cultivation” Zheng Dan stamped her foot and pouted playfully.

“Is it because you dont want to teach me”

Zu An sighed.

“I really dont know what I can teach you…”

Almost all of his own skills had been obtained through cheats.

He really didnt have much that could be taught to others.

Zheng Dan didnt seem to mind at all.

“Its okay.

You can just spar with me freely.”

“How could I be that shameless Dont blame me if you want to cry from the pain later~” Zu An cracked his knuckles and snickered.

Before he even finished his sentence, the entire world was flipped upside down.

He had been thrown into the ground.

Zheng Dan bent down, an innocent look on her face.

“Ah! Sorry, I must have used too much strength just now.

Ah Zu, are you okay”


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