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Those hed pissed off earlier were overjoyed.

They were absolutely ecstatic when they saw him embarrass himself in front of Lady Qiu.

Who would have expected Zu An not to care at all “My wife offered an invitation to Lady Qiu, but she didnt forbid me from joining her, did she” he countered.

That maid grew uncomfortable.

“She didnt, but…”

Zu An cut her right off.

“Its all good, then.

Well head over together.

I dont want her bullying our Honglei.”

The maid and all the other servants were left speechless.

This damned logic demon! No one could find a suitable way to refute him.

The maid, still evidently confused, led the two of them off to meet Chu Chuyan.

Eager whispers broke out among the ones left behind.

“Did I hear him wrongly Did he just say that he was worried that the first miss would bully Lady Qiu The first miss is such a good person—why would she bully Lady Qiu”

“Havent you heard The young master plans to take Lady Qiu as a concubine.”

“What Didnt he just move in with us not too long ago Can he even take a concubine And even if he could, how could he secure someone like Lady Qiu Where the heck did you hear something so ridiculous”

“Just ask his attendant.”

All eyes turned to Cheng Shouping, who was cheering and screaming for Zu An.

“Cheng Shouping, is what they are saying true”

Cheng Shouping stuck out his chest.

“Of course! Lady Qiu is even the one paying for her own release from the Immortal Abode!” he proclaimed, as though he was the one who had done something glorious and worthy of praise.

“No freaking way!”

“That makes no sense at all!”

“Maybe it is true.

After all, Lady Qiu previously sent a personal invitation to the young master to meet with her at the Immortal Abode.”

“Is there anything special about him at all, though”

Cheng Shouping didnt hold back his adulation.

“Our clans young master is suave and confident, distinguished and elegant! His charm is top-notch! Why do you find it strange that Lady Qiu likes the young master Forget about Lady Qiu, even Lady Spring and Lady Summer will prostrate themselves before the young master! Dont use your own shoddy standards to evaluate our young master, none of you can even compare… wait, why are you all rubbing your fists”[1]

“You **head! Just because we dont dare to beat up the young master doesnt mean that we wont dare to beat you up! Why are you acting all cocky!”

These servants were already fuming because of Zu An, yet Cheng Shouping continued to sing his praises without end, further stoking the fires of their rage.

Finally, their patience reached its limits, and they fell on him with a flurry of fists and feet.

Cheng Shouping wanted to cry, yet no tears came out. The young master is the one who reaps the benefits of all this.

Why am I always the one getting beaten up


Zu An rubbed his nose vigorously.

“Whats wrong Did you catch a cold” Qiu Honglei asked curiously.

Zu An giggled in reply.

“I dont think so.

Its probably because someone has suddenly thought of my handsome face.” 

Qiu Honglei smiled.

“Ah Zu is so humorous.”

The two of them chatted casually, which drew the ire of the maid who was leading the way. Theyre just a pair of cheaters!

When they finally arrived at Chu Chuyans residence, Qiu Honglei took her time to enter.

She looked at the placard on this courtyard, reading slowly out loud, “‘Unvoiced Residence… The ambience of this place is so unique, and it also has such a beautiful name.

Big sis Chu truly is a poetic and refined individual.

My heart feels much more at peace just reading these few words alone.”

Zu An was stunned.

He had never paid much attention to what this place was called, even after visiting several times.

Every time he saw it, he forgot about it straightaway.

He really was the uncultured one here.

“Lady Qiu has praised me in error.

Your Cloud Courtyard is extremely famous as well.

Its a pity that Ive never had the fortune of visiting it.” said a clear, cold voice.

Chu Chuyans sweet, fair, and graceful figure was already standing at the entrance.

Clearly, she had heard them approaching even before they had arrived.

Qiu Hongleis expression grew strange. Chu Chuyan doesnt show any signs of the sickness or weakness from yesterday! Instead, her complexion is rosy, and her skin is even glowing! She doesnt seem at all as cold as the rumors make her out to be!

Despite her bewilderment, her lips reacted quickly.

“Ive always wanted to invite big sis as a guest.

Unfortunately, the Immortal Abode is a dirty place.

I didnt want to tarnish big sis reputation.”

“Lady Qius words are too somber.

I truly admire how the lady could remain unsullied after so many years in such a place.” Chu Chuyan said as she welcomed her in.

Zu An was stunned. What the heck is going on Wasnt this supposed to degenerate into a hellish battlefield Why were the two of them already chatting like sisters

Qiu Honglei shared his confusioh.

Chu Chuyan had clearly been fuming yesterday.

Why was she able to chat with her in such a composed manner right now Just what had happened to her overnight

The two girls spend the rest of the time chatting idly about various topics.

The only thing they didnt talk about were things related to Zu An.

Even though Qiu Honglei constantly addressed her asbig sis, Chu Chuyan didnt show much reaction.

She didnt object to this form of address, but she didnt explicitly approve of it either.

She continued to politely call her opposite numberLady Qiu.

Zu An tried to cut in several times, but neither Chu Chuyan or Qiu Honglei gave him much attention.

Each of them were completely focused on the other—how could they be bothered with him right now

Zu An was unhappy. Somethings seriously wrong here! His plans to rake in a mountain of Rage points had fallen through.

After a few more moments of small talk, Chu Chuyan finally brought up her main issue.

“Does Lady Qiu really intend to wed yourself to Zu An”

Qiu Honglei had been waiting for this moment.

“Of course,” she said with a smile. 

Chu Chuyans expression was unreadable.

“You will not refuse, even if you had to become part of the Chu clan” she continued.

Qiu Honglei sighed.

“Since Ah Zu doesnt wish to leave big sis, I can only follow him wherever he chooses to go.

To be honest, I feel quite apprehensive as well.

That is why I hope that big sis will take pity on me.

Big sis has a reputation of being noble and magnanimous, so I do not believe you will make things difficult for me.”

Chu Chuyan shook her head slightly.

“Rumors dont always represent facts.

There is a limit to how generous a womans heart can be, especially when it comes to her own husband.”

Qiu Hongleis expression grew downcast.

However, she snapped out of it quickly.

“Ive heard that the shared affection between big sis and Ah Zu was merely ordinary.

It seems like everyone else has been gravely mistaken.”

Zu An pounced on this opportunity.

He scooted over to Chu Chuyans side and draped an arm around her.

“Of course! Our affection for each other is off the charts! Isnt that right, honey”

Chu Chuyan immediately grew embarrassed.

She instinctively wanted to push him away, but the events of the previous night appeared in her mind, and her entire body went limp.

Noticing the way Zu An held her, and the hint of shyness in her expression, Qiu Hongleis confident expression faltered.

Her plans were founded solely on the premise that Zu An wasnt highly regarded in the Chu clan.

As he lay floundering, she would swoop in during his hour of need, and kick off a chain of events that would help him rise up from the mire.

However, now that she had seen the two of them like this, it was clear that the reality was far removed from her own information.

Qiu Hongleis expression grew ugly.

Zu An patted his own thigh, inviting her to sit with him.

He said nonchalantly, “Ive always been a fair person.

I promise to share myself equally between you sisters in the future!”

QIu Honglei was bowled over, and Chu Chuyan recoiled, astounded at what she had just heard.

Just as the two were about to flip out, someone interrupted them to deliver a message.

“First miss, Master wanted me to inform you that there was a huge merchant protest in front of the City Lords Estate.

It seems to have something to do with that Zheng clan butler we captured.”


Qiu (秋) is Hongleis surname, but it can also refer to the season of Autumn.


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