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“Correct!” Chen Xuans face distorted the instant he heard Zu Ans name.

He couldnt live under the same sky with the one who killed his brother.

Not only did he not recognize his sworn enemy last time in Immortal Abode, that kid even made him look like a fool.

He was absolutely furious.

You have successfully trolled Chen Xuan for 404 Rage!

The mistrustful Chen Xuan gave this woman a look.

“Why would the gang boss suddenly mention this person”

The woman revealed a faint smile.

“Just curiosity mainly.

I havent ever heard Stockade Master Chen openly declare that he wanted to kill someone before, and this person is still alive even though a few days already passed.

Does this Zu An have some kind of outstanding ability”

Chen Xuan scoffed angrily, “He isnt too outstanding himself, but he has quite the wife and father.

The Chu clans son-in-law isnt that easy to kill.”

When he thought about how that little bastard paraded around town, he was sure that there was some kind of ambush waiting.

He could only tail him from the shadows.

But he didnt notice anything.

This made him even more wary of making a move.

The reason the Blackwind Stockade has lasted this long wasnt because of his high cultivation, but rather because of his prudence.

Fortunately, even though he wasnt able to kill Zu An, he was able to kidnap Wang Yuanlong along the way.

“I have heard some things about the Chu clans new son-in-law as well.

He is not only under the Chu clans protection, he also has a position in Brightmoon Academy.

If I may ask, how does the stockade master plan on killing him” asked that woman with curiosity.

“Wont the gang boss find out after I kill him” Cheng Xuan obviously didnt want his plan exposed.

At the same time, he also became more on guard.

The woman smiled when she saw his change in expression.

“Please dont be nervous stockade master.

I was merely concerned since this isnt the Blackwind Stockades domain.

Does the stockade master need Whale Gangs assistance”

Chen Xuan shook his head and said coldly, “There is no need.

I dont need anyone elses help if I want someone dead.”

“Then I wish the stockade master success.” A hint of a smile appeared in this womans eyes, this look really enough to melt the hearts of any man.

Chen Xuan looked at her with fixed eyes.

An impulse to run over and rip off that veil ate at his self-restraint, but his rationality still prevailed.

He got up and bid her farewell.

“Since weve reached an agreement, this one will leave first.”

He had already left for a long time.

He was a bit worried that something strange would suddenly happen in the city, so it was probably better to leave sooner rather than later.

As for this woman, shell be his one day anyway.

“Stockade master should take care on your way home, I wont see you out.

We will surely meet again.” The woman bowed.

“The gang boss is so beautiful, so of course I hope to meet with you again.” Chen Xuan laughed loudly, and then he turned around to leave.

When his body completely disappeared, that red clothed woman removed the veil on her face.

She sneered.

“Just another perverted toad!”

Zu An would definitely be shocked if he was here.

This was someone he knew! What was even more shocking was that this persons outfit and bearing were entirely different from what he was used to.

On the other side, everyone was shocked by Qiu Hongleis words.

Chu Zhongtian cried out in alarm, “What Lady Qiu knows where Wang Yuanlong is”

Qiu Honglei smiled bashfully, “It is nothing certain, but I received a report that someone who looks similar to young master Wang was led into a certain district by some people.”

Qin Wanru was anxious.

“Why didnt you tell us earlier if you knew where he was”

“There were too many people before, so I wasnt sure if the news would get out if I spoke about it outside.

Also, I am worried about Chen Xuan taking revenge on me after this matter…” Qiu Honglei looked like she was really scared.

Chu Zhongtian gave his wife a look, and then he said to Qiu Honglei with a gentle voice, “Lady Qiu does not need to worry, we will definitely send out people to protect your safety in the future.

However, could you please tell us the address first so we can send out some men to rescue him first”

Qin Wanru erupted into fury right away when she saw her husband give her a look because of another woman.

But Wang Yuanlongs rescue was definitely urgent, so she could only hold back her rage and wait for her reply first.

But who would have thought that Qiu Honglei would shake her head with her lips sealed

“What is the meaning of this, lady Qiu” Chu Zhongtian said in confusion.

Qiu Honglei said after a bit of hesitation, “I only want to tell Ah Zu.”

Seeing everyones eyes shift to him, Zu An was stunned.

“What difference does this make Telling me and telling them is the same thing, right Ill tell them later anyway.”

“Its different.” Qiu Honglei shook her head.

Her usual charming appearance instead became surprisingly resolute.

Zu An was dumbfounded.

He really couldnt think of the difference.

Chu Chuyan instead picked up something.

“Just why does lady Qiu treat Ah Zu so differently”

Qiu Honglei snuck Zu An a look, and then she said bashfully, “Because I like him.”

Chu Zhongtian was drinking some water, but when he heard this, he almost directly sprayed it out.

Qin Wanru was shocked.

Her first reaction was that she heard wrong.

Chu Chuyans eyes also became completely round.

She clearly didnt expect to hear this answer.

Zu An was currently being tossed about in a storm as well.

Just what was this woman trying to do

After her initial shock, Qin Wanrus face immediately became cold.

“Lady Qiu, do you know what you are saying right now”

Qiu Honglei nodded.

“I do.

My heart was already stolen by his talents, resourcefulness, and character from our first meeting.

I immediately fell in love with him.”

Chu Zhongtian rubbed his ears.

The perfect lover Qiu Honglei spoke of was Zu An

Even though he never treated this son-in-law too poorly, if he was being honest, even though he wasnt the trash everyone called him, he was still too far from a perfect lover, right

Qin Wanrus brows also furrowed as she looked at Qiu Honglei.

This woman looked pretty and quick-witted out the outside, but what was wrong with her eyes

The one who was least surprised was instead Chu Chuyan.

After all, she knew more about Zu Ans affairs than the others.

But why did this woman go this far Was she able to tell that he was exceptional too

Chu Chuyan subconsciously became a bit uncomfortable inside when she realized that this secret only she knew was now known by someone else.

Qiu Honglei spoke up at this time.

“But I also understand my own status well, I have no right to compete against the first miss at all.

What I seek is only to peacefully remain at Ah Zus side.

A concubine is fine, even being his servant girl is fine.

I will be more than delighted to serve him.”

Chu Zhongtian: “......”

Qin Wanru: “......”

Chu Chuyan: “......”

Qin Wanru found it a bit hard to recover her composure.

Was there really any girls who were this proactive Just how long has it been since he entered their household It was one thing if a woman came looking for him, but she even said that she wanted to become a concubine

She might have chased her right out if this was an ordinary girl, but Qiu Hongleis reputation in Brightmoon City was just too great! She was also ridiculously beautiful, so she couldnt bring herself to deal with this girl like how she normally would.

Why would a beauty that even she couldnt help but admire like this Zu An kid

Even Zu An himself was a bit stunned.

The two did share a pleasant time in Immortal Abode before, but nowhere did it reach a point where they would talk about marriage! Also, werent they just playing games before, both sides scheming against the other Why arent you playing your cards like a normal person

Chu Zhongtian released a slight cough.

“Lady Qiu, you are saying that you want to… be Zu Ans concubine”

He obviously wouldnt treat her words of servant or slave seriously.

How could anyone stand someone of Qiu Hongleis status becoming a servant

But he really just couldnt understand.

There were too many high ranking officials and distinguished individuals who were defeated by her charm.

All of them wanted to take her as their wife, yet all of them were refused without exception.

Everyone even began to wonder in private just what kind of man would actually meet her standards.

Many of those in Brightmoon Citys higher levels even suspected that she wanted to become the head of the household.

Perhaps she might invest in some young and promising talent.

But in the end, she chose to become the concubine of another familys son-in-law What the heck was this

“Yes.” Qiu Honglei raised her head.

Her expression was firm, as if she was saying something she was extremely proud of.

Qin Wanru couldnt take this anymore.

“Stop joking around already! What kind of person is lady Qiu You can find any husband you want! Why would you come all the way here to become Ah Zus concubine!”

Zu An was completely stunned. What kind of words are those Arent you making me sound like some piece of trash

Qiu Honglei smiled.

“Indeed, there are many men I could choose from, but I only care about talent and character.

Ah Zu was the only man who could move my heart these years.

I already knew that he was my destined one from the first time we met.”

Zu An thought like hell Ill believe you! The first time we met you were already clearly scheming against me!

But the others still didnt recover from their shock.

They were all Brightmoon City locals, so they obviously knew just how great Qiu Hongleis reputation was.

They couldnt figure out what was going on no matter how they racked their brains.

Qiu Honglei continued, “Back then, I also knew that Ah Zus status was a bit sensitive.

Ive been a bit more frugal these years, saving up some money as well.

If the Master and Madam does not mind, I wish to pay the fee to free myself in Ah Zus place.”

Zu An almost vomited blood on the spot.

Just who is paying for whose freedom!


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