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Zu An immediately jumped in fright. Who in the world would act like this in Immortal Abode

Even though this was only a brothel, no one would believe that a business of this size didnt have anyone backing it.

It wasnt just him.

Everyone in Immortal Abode looked towards the source of the sound.

They wanted to see who was causing trouble on such an important day in Immortal Abode.

What met their eyes was a burly man with a foot on a chair, the blade in his hand stabbed straight into the table.

His eyes were full of provocation as he looked at the young masters seated here.

What attracted even more attention was his eye-grabbing red hair, adding a bit more of a rough and powerful feel to his appearance.

Zu An instead muttered in disdain your hair is messy like ramen noodles.

How many people can pull off this type of look Do you think youre Xiaoli Feidao![1]

This was also the first time he saw red hair since coming to this world.

Was there green hair too”


While Zu Ans imagination ran wild, one of the young masters on that table couldnt help but stand up.

“Brazen! Do you know who is sitting here”

“Oh Do enlighten me.” That red haired husky fellow dragged over a chair and sat down with a face full of interest.

The young master who stood up suddenly felt a bit nervous when he saw this overbearing mans subordinates.

But when he recalled that this was Brightmoon City, that this was Immortal Abode, he managed to calm down a bit.

He pointed at the luxuriously dressed young master in the main seat and said, “This is Wang clans young master, Wang Yuanlong! Have you never even heard of Chu, Yuan, Zheng, and Wang, Brightmoon Citys four major clans”

Zu An was stunned.

He remembered Chuyan telling him that Chu and Wang clans had always been on good terms.

He would even go so far as to say that they were allied clans.

“Tsk, and I thought it was someone important.” That red haired burly chap picked his ears with his pinkie.

Then, with a flick of his finger, a clump of earwax landed on the other partys face.

“I might have felt some reservations if you said that you were Duke Chus princess or City Lord Xies young master.

Does even the son of an insignificant grain selling merchant dare to holler in this type of place”

Wang Yuanlongs originally composed expression immediately changed.

This guy was trying to step all over him!

“May I ask how these sirs entered this place” At this time, a worker led over a group of Immortal Abode guards.

Wang Yuanlong was a frequent visitor of this place.

His family had money and he was fond of spending extravagantly as well, so they had to treat him well.

They couldnt let him feel wronged like this here. 

“With invitation cards of course!” The red haired man said, tossing a crumpled invitation card onto the table.

“Please forgive my clumsy eyes.

Our Immortal Abode doesnt seem to have issued your distinguished self an invitation.

If I may ask, how did you obtain this invitation card” The male worker didnt even need to open the invitation to know that this invitation card was real.

After all, these invitation cards were specially made by Immortal Abode.

Regardless of whether it was their design or materials, they were extremely special.

They werent something outsiders could replicate.

“You guys indeed didnt send me one, but obtaining them isnt anything difficult.

Isnt it fine if we just snatch a few” That red haired burly chap shrugged his shoulders.

He spoke in a completely undisturbed manner, as if there was nothing wrong with his actions. 

This entire place erupted into commotion.

This group of ruffians actually did these types of things in the open!

However, there were some intelligent people who had different thoughts.

The invitation cards Immortal Abode sent were all to people with reputation.

If they could steal so many in one go, then this mans strength really was worth pondering over.

The expressions of those in Immortal Abode changed. Wasnt this just slapping them right in their faces That male worker said, “This place does not welcome you.

I must ask all of you to leave.”

“Hm Are you scared that I dont have money” This red haired man directly flung out a bag onto the table.

From the familiar sounds coming from within, it was easy to guess that this was the sound of silver ingots.

However, this move only drew a sneer from Wang Yuanlong.

“Bumpkins will always be bumpkins.

With so many reputable figures here, who would be so stupid as to bring real silver here All of us come with banknotes.”

“You little bastard! Youre courting death!” The red haired man immediately erupted with fury, as if a sore spot had been poked.

He directly grabbed a plate of food and threw it at Wang Yuanlongs face.

Wang Yuanlong immediately dodged.

Even though he wasnt some cultivation genius, his status as a Wang clan young master ensured that he never lacked cultivation resources.

Money could still nurture a respectable level of strength.

However, all of this happened too fast.

He avoided getting hit in the face, but the plates food still splattered all over him, leaving him in a rather sorry state.

“Preposterous, utterly preposterous!”

Wang Yuanlongs entire body was shaking.

Immortal Abodes male worker couldnt continue watching this.

He immediately ordered his men to move.

Unfortunately, these strong and vigorous guards were all beaten up miserably by the red haired mans subordinates before they could even approach the man himself.

The red haired man didnt even glance behind him.

He only grabbed a clump of melon seeds from a plate next to him, tossed them into his mouth, and then spat the shells everywhere.

“This is between the two of us, so why are you bothering other people If you have the skills, why dont you just come and settle things with me”

Wang Yuanlongs expression was beyond awful.

Even though he was furious right now, he wasnt stupid.

Regardless of whether it was the strength the other party showed when he threw that plate or the strength of his subordinates, everything was stating that these overbearing people were stronger than him.

Every invitation card could only bring a single guest, so all of his subordinates remained outside.

If they really started a fight, then the one on the losing end would definitely be him.

But if he backed down here, what kind of reputation would he still have in Brightmoon City

He wouldnt have any dignity left!

Today was even the day of the Courtesan Meeting.

If Qiu Honglei looked down on him today, then he really wouldnt be able to shed tears even if he wanted to cry.

While he was stuck in a dilemma, a ridiculing voice suddenly sounded from the side.

“Hm This brother seems a bit unfamiliar I reckon you probably dont show yourself much around the city.”

Zu An was stupefied. Wasnt Chu Yucheng enjoying his bear girl Why is he suddenly stepping out This didnt seem to match his usual nature

As if he saw through his confusion, Chu Hongcai explained, “Chu clan engages in the salt industry, so we need Wang clans help in exchanging some of our salt for grains to deliver to the border areas.

Third bro works with Wang clan often, so his relationship with Wang Yuanlong isnt bad.”

He already stood up from his seat while talking.

He clearly didnt want to see that red haired man make things difficult for Chu Yucheng.

Zu An inwardly thought Madam Chu really has to properly look into this clan! The main branchs relationship with the second and third branch isnt anything special, but the second and third branchs relationship seems to be a lot closer!

“Brother Yucheng!” When he saw Chu Yucheng step out, Wang Yuanlong was almost moved to tears.

Chu Yucheng didnt even have time to reply.

That red haired man immediately rolled his eyes and said, “And where is this fat porky from Do we need you to interfere in our affairs”

Chu Yuchengs breathing stopped.

He was normally quite proud of his build, feeling like this was what peak performance looks like.

Yet now, this fella called him a fat pig to his face.

How could he possibly endure this

“Im going to f*cking kill you!” Chu Yucheng roared out in anger, directly sending a palm flying towards this red haired mans face.

That red haired mans subordinates immediately rushed over.

Everyone in the surroundings immediately cried out in alarm.

After all, those tough looking guards were beaten up so easily by these subordinates, so they felt like this little fatty was done for as well.

Zu An rushed to Chu Hongcais side.

He couldnt help but ask, “Youre not going to help him”

“Theres no need.” Chu Hongcai said with a cool and confident voice, his hands still wrapped around his sword.

In the time it took for them to exchange these words, Chu Yucheng already charged like a wild boar, sending those subordinates flying everywhere.

That red haired man voiced his surprise.


With a casual kick of his feet, the chair he was stepping on slid perfectly under where Chu Yucheng was headed next, making him trip and fall over.

The red haired man laughed in disdain.

“What is the use in having so much strength for nothing A fat porky will always be a fat porky.”

Chu Yuchengs eyes became completely bloodshot.

He screamed while charging at him.

This time, the red haired man didnt dare sit without moving.

With a strike of his palm, his entire figure flew through the air.

Then, the scabbard in his hands thrashed at Chu Yuchengs face!

“Be careful!” Chu Hongcai couldnt remain still any longer.

From those brief movements, he could already tell that this persons cultivation was considerably higher than both his and Chu Yuchengs.

Third bro was most likely in trouble.

As such, he drew his longsword in a hurry and thrusted out.

Only Zu An alone stood in place, feeling a bit conflicted. Should I help them out

Madam Chu seems to already be on guard against the second and third branches, she might even be eager to get rid of them.

If I dont help though, these two took care of me so enthusiastically just now, so it wont feel quite right.


Xiaoli Feidao is a series of five wuxia novels by Gu Long.


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