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“Aiyo~ Why are you suddenly shouting so loudly You made my heart thump in fright!” Bai Susu patted his own chest softly, acting like a frightened, dainty lady.

“…” Zu An.

I think someone as handsome as me should stay away from him lest he bears any ulterior motive toward me.

With such thoughts in mind, Zu An took several steps back away from Bai Susu.

“Shi Kun didnt come over due to the severity of his injuries,” replied Bai Susu.

“Hah, that lucky bastard!” sneered Zu An.

He reckoned that Shi Kun must be feeling really guilt-ridden at the moment that he dared not come.

“Whats wrong” Bai Susu sensed something amiss with his tone, so he asked in curiosity.

“That bastard tried to kill me and Chuyan, resulting in the two of us nearly losing our lives in the underground cavern,” roared Zu An.

He pointed to Qiao Xueying before carrying on, “He even pushed her in front of a terrifying zombie just so that he could escape on his own.

If not for the Goddess of Luck looking after us, we would have already lost our lives by now!”

Qiao Xueying was still resting due to her feeble condition when she heard his words and her eyelashes quivered slightly.

She seemed to be a bit shaken upon recalling what happened earlier.

The crowd flew into a commotion upon hearing those words.

One must know that fighting was disallowed amongst students of the academy, let alone killing one another and betrayed a fellow student to escape.

These were all huge taboos!

“Nonsense!” Wu Qing leaped out and roared in disagreement.

“How could someone of young master Shi do something like that Youre slandering him!”

Even though the one she fancied was Xie Xiu, she had a good impression of Shi Kun too.

After all, most people viewed Shi Kun to be a refined gentleman.

It was only in front of Zu An that he found himself so stifled that he ended up revealing his true colors.

Besides, the Wu clan was on bad terms with the Chu clan too, and she detested Zu An quite a lot.

Thus, she didnt hesitate to step forward and refute Zu An.

Her words brought about a flurry of agreement from the crowd.

Zu An was indeed not too well-liked amongst the student populace, and what Shi Kun mentioned earlier contradicted what they said.

Of the entire crowd, the only one who knew that Zu An was telling the truth was Zheng Dan.

However, the Shi clan was, in some ways, an ally to the Zheng clan, so naturally, she couldnt step forward to speak up on Shi Kuns behalf.

Zu An rolled his eyes.

“Are you Shi Kuns mistress Why do you pop out as soon as I mention this matter”

“M-mistress!” Wu Qing was utterly astounded.

She was the daughter of a duke, someone who used to be held in high esteem, so when had anyone dared to speak so crudely to her

You have successfully trolled Wu Qing for 581 Rage!

“How weird.

If you arent Shi Kuns mistress and you didnt witness the scene with your own eyes, why would you insist that Im talking nonsense”

“I… I…” Wu Qing was rendered speechless.

She had never been sharp-witted, so she was unable to make a comeback even after some time.

One of her lackeys, Pan Long, stepped forward and said, “Young master Shis character is clear for everyone to see.

Its only normal for Miss Wu to harbor doubts regarding what youve mentioned.”

Fu Feng nodded in agreement too.


Everyone knows that you dont get along well with young master Shi.

That greatly reduces the credibility of what youre saying.”

Their words brought about a wave of agreement from the crowd.

Considering the enmity they harbor toward one another, it was only normal for Zu An to make use of this opportunity to slander Shi Kun.

Zu An sighed deeply and said, “The woman youre interested in is speaking on the behalf of another man, but the two of you still unhesitatingly stepped forward to her aid.

Even for bootlickers, it sure is rare to see someone stooping down to your level.”

“You!!!” The two of them were infuriated to be described in such a manner.

You have successfully trolled Pan Long for 698 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Fu Feng for 698 Rage!

“Oh hoh! Are you intending to make a move on your teacher Very well, Ill show you what it means to respect your teacher today!” Zu An entrusted Qiao Xueying over to Ji Xiaoxi before rolling up his sleeves and walking up to the two of them.

Pan Long and Fu Feng were stifled.

It was only now that they were recalling that Zu An had entered this place as a teacher.

As infuriated as they were, they dared not to attack a teacher in the presence of so many people.

The more they thought about it, the more infuriated they became.

They couldnt understand just what Principal Jiang was thinking to actually assign this hoodlum to be a teacher!

You have successfully trolled Pan Long for 777 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Fu Feng for 777 Rage!

Zu An felt exhilarated to hear the pleasant sound of Rage points coming in.

Due to the flag he had raised for himself a while ago, all of the Rage points he earned had to go to waste, so he felt frustrated every time he saw Rage points coming in.

It felt like it had been forever since he had last celebrated the inflow of Rage points.

If only this Keyboard had a shop or something.

I would have spent all of my Rage points on buying stuff before using the last bit for the lottery.

This way, I would have been able to break the flag without wasting my points.

Barely as those thoughts arose in his head, Zu An suddenly froze up.

It dawned on him that the Keyboard indeed had a shop.

He could have used his Rage points to buy the Marrow Cleansing Pill! It was just that he instinctively disregarded the function as he thought that it wasnt worth the sum.

Damn it! That is a huge loss!

The crowd watched as Zu Ans face distorted, and they jolted in horror.

Lu De was worried that he would really attack Pan Long and Fu Feng.

If that were to happen, things would really get messy.

“Enough, how can a teacher like you fight against a student” Lu De walked in between them before glancing down at his tattered clothes.

His eyelids immediately started twitching.

“Hurry up and change to other clothes!”

Zu An clicked his tongue in annoyance.

“How am I to find any clothes here”

Cultivators had the ability to cleanse the dirt off their body, so there was no need for them to bathe or change clothes too often.

Considering that the dungeon only lasted for ten days, most of them didnt bother bringing along a spare set of clothes.

Its all Mi Lis fault! She kept slashing at me viciously, causing my clothes to all become strips of cloth! Also, why did she only shred my upper half but left my lower half intact I mean, how good it would be if she could cut a bit of holes on my pants too so that I can show off a little…

Heh, the men would feel self-conscious and all women would start weeping tears.

Haaa, but what a pity that it would never come to be!

It was then that a gentle voice sounded.

“I… I have spare clothes here!”

The crowd turned their heads over, only to see Ji Xiaoxi shyly taking out a green robe from her bag.

It wasnt convenient for her to move around as she was taking care of Qiao Xueying, so she could only toss it over.

The crowd was stunned.

Son of a birch! The two of them had already gotten that close to one another, such that Ji Xiaoxi actually brings about a spare set of clothing for him wherever they go!

All of the male students clenched their teeth in burning jealousy.

Even playboy Xie Xiu couldnt keep his calm here.

I really must consult him on this soon.

How in the world was he able to build up a harem filled with top beauties without incurring their jealousy But wait a moment, he couldnt possibly tell me his secret, right

Should I get my older sister to come into contact with him and see if she can figure something out

Xie Daoyun would probably feel deeply conflicted if she found out that her younger brother had the intention of selling her out.

Meanwhile, Zu An looked at the new influx of Rage points coming in, and his mood finally improved a little.

Heh, it looks like no matter which world one is in, theres no better way to incur the ire of other men than to provoke them with beautiful women.

Zheng Dan stared at Zu An in astonishment too.

Whats with this man How could someone as average as him win the affection of so many beauties

This was simply how humans were.

They would always value something more when it was in hot demand.

Even Chu Chuyan also directed a surprised look at Ji Xiaoxi.

She had heard previously that the two of them were friends, but from the looks of it now, it was clearly far more than that.

Pei Mianman was the type of person to stoke the flames and stir trouble.

She discreetly nudged Chu Chuyan and said, “Chuyan, it looks like your husband is quite popular with women.

You ought to keep a close eye on him lest he gets stolen by someone else.”

Chu Chuyan harrumphed coldly.

“Feel free to take him.

I dont care.”

“Really” Pei Mianmans eyes glimmered in interest.

I really dont understand why this man is so popular with women.

Is there something special about him

On the other hand, Chu Chuyan was starting to feel a little frustrated.

Whats wrong with him First Snow, then Ji Xiaoxi, and now even Zheng Dan is looking at him weirdly! Hes supposed to be a wastrel in Brightmoon City, someone who is… not even a man… He only just cured his impotence back at the underground palace!

So, just why are those proud and lofty women so interested in him Am I blind or are they blind

Ji Xiaoxis face reddened when she realized that everyone had misunderstood her.

The truth was that she didnt prepare this spare set of man clothes for Zu An but her father.

Ji Dengtu was an alcohol addict, and his drunken rampage was really one to behold.

So, she would often bring some spare sets of clothes with her in case her father ever needed them.

Who could have thought that it would lead to such a misunderstanding

She wanted to explain, but she wasnt particularly good at public speaking due to her shy nature.

On top of that, she was worried about sullying her fathers reputation, so she ended up stuttering helplessly.

Zu An caught the clothes and replied with a smile, “Thanks!”

What a kind and adorable lady she is!

He looked at her slightly chubby cheeks and wondered if she would burst into tears if he were to smooch her cheeks.

However, as soon as those thoughts arose in his head, he suddenly felt a rush of scorn for himself.

It was just a moment ago that she helped me, so how can I think of bullying her right away Pui, you scum!

He quickly tossed those thoughts to the back of his mind before grabbing the clothes to the side.

Then, he made sure to declare loudly, “Im going to change my clothes right now.

Make sure that you dont sneak a peek!”

All of the women clicked their tongues and turned away.

Please, who would sneak a peek at him before so many people

Zu An proceed on to face the male students and added on, “I mean it.

You really shouldnt peep at me.

Im saying this for your own good, especially my fellow male brethren.”

Those words were extremely effective in piquing the curiosity of the listeners.

Why is he suddenly saying all of these Is it because he has something he dares not show us

By this point, all of the male students were already utterly exasperated with Zu An, not to mention that there were also those like Hong Xingying who hated him with a passion around.

They would love more than anything to find out any physical defects he had just so that they could go around spreading it.

So, with Pan Long and Fu Feng taking the lead, the male students discreetly snuck closer to Zu An to take a peek.

Xie Xiu was curious as well, but his pride wouldnt allow him to peek at another man changing clothes.

It was then that Hong Xingying suddenly walked back.

He couldnt help but notice that the other party had an utterly horrified look on his face.

Even though the two of them hadnt really spoken to one another before, Xie Xiu still couldnt help but lean closer and ask, “Whats going on”

Hong Xingying was such deep shock that his eyes were staring blankly into space.

He murmured in a daze, “You should take a look yourself.”


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