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Zhang Hans hand quivered from the abrupt booming voice, and his airs seemed to deflate a little.

He quickly turned his gaze toward the direction where the voice had come from, only to see two suave boys walking in his direction.

Zu An and Mi Li.

Mi Li shot a surprised glance at Zu An.

The latters shout actually caused her heart to tremble.

For a moment there, the imposing air he emanated that very instant actually carried some of Ying Zhengs flair.

However, recalling that it was Zu An they were talking about here, she quickly evicted that thought from her mind.

Similarly, Zhang Han was stunned for an instant too, but he quickly snapped out of it and sneered coldly, “I thought that youve escaped, but who could have thought that you would be so foolish to return.

I still havent settled the score with you for impersonating His Majesty!”

However, Zu An harrumphed coldly and said, “Insolence! How dare you speak so arrogantly to me Do you want your nine families to be exterminated”

Qiao Xueying and Chu Chuyan were shocked by those words.

They knew Zu Ans background well enough to know that it was an empty scare, but his disguise had already been seen through!

Putting them aside, even Mi Li couldnt help but direct a glance at him.

This fellows skin is really thicker than the city walls!

“Just how long more do you intend to impersonate His Majesty I didnt have the time to pursue the matter earlier, but you really are trying to climb over my head, arent you” A powerful pressure burst forth from Zhang Han, crushing down on everyone including Qiao Xueying and Chu Chuyan.

Zu An also felt his breathing suddenly becoming laborious under the pressure, but fortunately, he had already thought of a countermeasure beforehand.

He quickly hid behind Mi Lis body, and just as he had expected, the pressure immediately alleviated significantly.

So, he gleefully continued his mockery, “Audacious! Even if you dont recognize me, shouldnt you at least recognize her”

“Whos that” Zhang Han took a look at Mi Li, but he was unable to recognize her due to her menswear.

“You wont be able to escape death no matter whom you bring out here!”

“Zhang Han, I never thought that you would have already forgotten about me!” sneered Mi Li.

Zhang Han was stunned.

He might not be able to recognize Mi Lis appearance, but the voice sounded extremely familiar to him.

He began assessing her intently before exclaiming in horror, “Mi Li!”

Mi Li stepped forward and scoffed, “Looks like you still do remember me.”

Qiao Xueying and Chu Chuyan began assessing Mi Li curiously.

From her voice, they could tell that she was the woman sealed down there, but they didnt expect her to be so gorgeous.

However, what caught Chu Chuyans attention more was the fact that she was wearing menswear, presumably Zu Ans clothes.

Was she naked when Zu An saved her from the seal

While all sorts of thoughts filled up the two womens minds, Zhang Hans complexion turned a little awful, and even his voice began quivering in fear.

“H-how did you get out”

“In the first place, it was only a matter of time before I managed to break the seal.

What makes you think that I wont be able to escape” asked Mi Li coldly.

Zhang Han turned to Zu An furiously and shouted, “You were the one who set her free!”

You have successfully trolled Zhang Han for 999 Rage!

Zu An shrugged casually, saying, “Do I need your permission to save my own woman”

“…” Qiao Xueying.

“…” Chu Chuyan.

“…” Mi Li.

Does this fellow really think of himself as Ying Zheng Who do you think youre saying is your woman

“Do you know what a grievous mistake you have made by setting her free!” roared Zhang Han in agitation.

Before Zu An could ask about it, Mi Li had already interjected with a harrumph, “Zhang Han, you have served as Ying Zhengs guard dog for so many years.

Its about time for me to settle the scores with you.”

Zhang Han swung his spear sideward and sneered coldly, “I was assigned to look after this place and keep you sealed under His Majestys orders.

Since you managed to escape, Ill just have to imprison you back into your seal!”

“You want to seal me back” Mi Li burst into laughter.


Instead of responding to Mi Lis taunt, Zhang Han thrust his spear forth like a formidable dragon toward Mi Li, generating formidable momentum that horrified Zu An and the others.

They knew that they would surely be torn apart if that attack had been directed toward them.

However, with a cold harrumph, Mi Li rushed forward to confront him, and it didnt take long for her to unravel his offense.

With no one maintaining the altar anymore, the black fog filled with vile demons slowly began to dissipate.

Zu An made use of this opportunity to sneak over to the altar and help Qiao Xueying up.

Looking at the two women, he asked worriedly, “Are the two of you fine”

“Im fine,” the two women replied in unexpected unison, which shocked the two of them.

Zu An was surprised by it as well.

All of a sudden, he had an inexplicable feeling that he was caught cheating by his wife.

In the end, it was Chu Chuyan who snapped out of it first and said, “You should take a look at Snow.

Her injuries are far more severe than mine.”

As a seal had been placed on her mouth, her words were a bit muffled.

Zu An turned to Qiao Xueying and asked, “How are you feeling”

Qiao Xueying pushed him off and said, “I wont die.”

Noticing the trail of blood trickling down the corner of her lips, Zu An quickly pressed her down and said, “Dont move, youve sustained significant injuries.

You should quickly channel your ki to alleviate your condition.”

Qiao Xueying instinctively wanted to refute him, but sensing the concern in his voice, she eventually decided to hold her tongue.

Meanwhile, Chu Chuyan was a little perplexed by their unnatural interaction.

The two of them usually devolved into heated arguments as soon as they encountered one another, but the atmosphere between them felt a little different at this very instant, almost tender even.


A dull thud suddenly sounded.

The three of them immediately turned their heads over, only to see Zhang Han collapsing heavily on the ground.

Mi Li slowly made her way toward Zhang Han and said, “In the years Ive been sealed, I swore that the first thing I would do when Im free is to make you suffer a fate worse than death!”

Zhang Han climbed up from the ground as he raised his hand, beckoning to the terracotta soldiers behind him.

They immediately drew their weapons and aimed it at Mi Li.

Mi Li glared at them fiercely and roared, “I am the empress of the Great Qin Dynasty! Who dares to disrespect me”

The terracotta soldiers immediately put down their weapons and turned around as if nothing had happened at all.

I swear in my goddamned life Ive never seen more spineless soldiers than that!, retorted Zu An in his head.

Zhang Han also didnt expect to encounter such a situation either.

He roared at the terracotta soldiers furiously, “She has been stripped of her position by His Majesty! What are you afraid of her for!”

Despite his infuriated howls, the terracotta soldiers didnt respond at all, playing dead.

Mi Li stopped her footsteps and waved her sleeve in front of her.

A streak of red light flashed across the air, and the hands which Zhang Han had been holding his spear with suddenly plopped to the ground.

Zu An and the two women beside him nearly popped their eyes out.

Zhang Han was an opponent they were completely helpless before, even when he was taking them lightly.

Yet, Mi Li was actually able to sever his hands with just a wave of her sleeves

The disparity in prowess was so great that the three of them were struggling to come to terms with it!

Mi Li flung her sleeves outward, disgusted as if she had gotten something unclean on her hands.

She gazed at Zhang Han coldly as she uttered impassively, “Now, what else should I sever”

Zhang Han quickly retreated a few steps back, but unexpectedly, he wasnt as frightened as Mi Li thought he would be.

“I admit that Im indeed not an opponent for you, but did you think that His Majesty wouldnt have prepared anything to deal with you in case the seal got broken”


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