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Chapter 1438: Grandgale

The group was briefly stunned.

That description really did seem to really match the foxes nearby! Could it be that the legendary Grandgale was a Bluefield fox

Zu An was a bit alarmed too.

If it really was like that, what was going on with the Phoenix Nirvana Sutras Grandgale

Suddenly, the foxes that were looking at them seemed to have been startled.

They scampered off in all directions.

The group suddenly felt as if the sky had darkened a bit.

Yu Yanluo wondered, “Is it going to rain Why are there so many dark clouds”

Zu An became vigilant, exclaiming, “Be careful!” He arrived at the three womens side, picking them up by the waist and quickly dodging to one side.

Yu Yanluo and Zu An were lovers, so it was fine.

Meanwhile, Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen didnt get angry either.

After being around each other for so long, they had already reached a tacit understanding and knew he wouldnt do such things for no reason.

As such, they all prepared seriously against the unknown danger.

Sure enough, a dark figure passed by where they had just been, moving at incredible speed.

If they hadnt been watching intently, they wouldnt have even noticed its presence.

Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen were incredibly shocked.

What was that Why was it so fast If not for Zu Ans warning, they might have already suffered under that things hands.

They felt that it was a bit strange, though Zu Ans cultivation is clearly lower than ours, and his soul is also inferior to ours, so why is he more sensitive to danger than us

Meanwhile, Zu An secretly thankedThe Book as he looked ahead of him.

They had managed to avoid the figure, but the foxes werent so lucky.

They had already ascended… literally, being launched into the air.

Their spines had been torn apart by sharp claws, their bodies falling limply.

There were no traces of life left in them.

Meanwhile, the owner of those sharp claws was a strange bird.

Its entire body was covered in white feathers, turning red toward the tail tip.

Its head was quite bizarre, resembling a laughing face.

It was Grandgale!

The group immediately recognized it.

It was exactly the same as the legend had said!

Zu An cursed inwardly, Did this guy eat too many foxes Its even started to look a bit like a fox.

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The strange bird opened its mouth, and a wild wind began to stir.

The foxes that had still been running were sucked into its mouth, along with the ones in its claws.

A satisfied look appeared on its face.

“If Tushan Yu were here, she might have already fainted,” Yun Jianyue said with a sigh.

“Could it be that in ancient times, this Grandgale was the Bluefield Fox races mortal enemy” Yan Xuehen wondered, her thoughts running along different lines.

Yu Yanluo frowned and looked at the strange bird.

Birds of prey were the Snake races natural predators, so she naturally disliked it.

Grandgale suddenly snapped out of a daze and stared at Zu Ans group.

Zu An noticed its expression, feeling a bit of alarm.

He said, “This is bad.

Its about to attack.” Grandgale disappeared as soon as he finished speaking.

However, after the previous display, Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen had long since prepared.

When they saw that, they both activated their own domains.

Finally, they saw the bird clearly.

It wasnt that it had disappeared, but rather that it was just too fast, to the point that human eyes couldnt keep up at all.

However, after being affected by two grandmasters domains, it slowed down visibly.

They quickly spotted it, and sent the Flying Snow Sword and Crescent Ring after it.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue werent the type to let others run roughshod over them.

Even though the two of them often bickered, that was that.

When they worked together, they made quite a deadly combo.

They almost instantly sealed off Grandgales escape.

Grandgale was left in a terrible situation and seemed about to receive severe damage, but it suddenly disappeared again.

Zu An understood what was going on better than anyone because he often used the same instantaneous movement skill.

Sure enough, Grandgale reappeared in the air above them a second later.

As if realizing that the humans werent to be provoked, it didnt risk attacking further.

Instead, it quickly grew larger, eventually blotting out the entire sun.

A single one of its wings was like a huge expanse of clouds.

At the same time, its power also became more and more terrifying.

Yun Jianyue frowned.

This guy had actually been holding back earlier! How were they going to face it now

Just then, Grandgale swung its huge wings.

A terrifying, visible hurricane swept toward the group.

Countless trees, mountains, and stones were crushed into nothing by the winds.

It was easy to see that if one were caught up in it, they would be diced up into tiny pieces.

The group instinctively tried to run away, but they quickly felt a powerful suction force that pulled them toward the hurricane.

At the very least, Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehens cultivations were high enough that they didnt have to worry.

They had their own ways of protecting themselves.

However, Zu An quickly moved to Yu Yanluos side and grabbed her waist.

He used his own Grandgale to move a few hundred meters away, temporarily avoiding the terrifying hurricane.

“Huh” The strange bird suddenly exclaimed in human speech.

Then, with a flap of its wings, the terrifying hurricane suddenly disappeared, only the devastating aftermath telling of what had just happened.

“Why do you have my races inheritance” Grandgale asked, lowering its head to look at Zu An.

Its previously sinister expression had become much gentler.

Zu Ans party party wasnt surprised that it could speak.

Monsters at that level all basically had human-level intelligence.

Seeing that it had given up on attacking, Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue also ceased their offense for the time being.

They waited to see how things would develop.

“I was fortunate to obtain the Grandgale inheritance through an opportunity…” Zu An said while bringing out his Grandgale.

He wasnt sure whether the bird could see the diagram otherwise.

As a result, Grandgales entire body trembled.

It said in disbelief, “Its actually the ancestors aura!”

“Ancestor” Zu An repeated.

He thought, Could it be that this Grandgale imprint actually came from its ancestor

Just then, Grandgale moved its wings.

Its body quickly shrank as it returned to its previous appearance.

It descended and said, “Since you have the ancestors inheritance, we arent enemies.

Theres no need to continue fighting.”

Yan Xuehen sighed in relief.

This was better.

The strange bird definitely wasnt weak.

In contrast, Yun Jianyue actually felt as if she hadnt gotten her fill of fighting yet.

She wanted to have a proper battle.

Yu Yanluo looked at Zu An strangely.

Do you actually have the inheritance of the Snake races natural predator No wonder Im always being subdued by you…

“Thank you, distinguished sir!” Zu An said.

He thought that being able to get through the trial peacefully was naturally best.

The Xiushe Snake had proven that that was the simplest way to pass a trial.

“What are you all doing Up ahead is the Golden Crows territory.

Theyre definitely not so agreeable,” Grandgale said, giving the women a look.

It thought to itself that the long-haired one and the ice-cold woman were both pretty strong, almost turning the tables on it.

“Were undergoing a trial…” Zu An tactfully explained the situation.

He couldnt just say that he was there to punish disasters like it, right

“So that was it.

Still, I fear you wont be able to get to the Scalding Valley the Golden Crow is in,” Grandgale suddenly said.


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