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Chapter 1436: Zu An Stirring the Water

As the Nine Infants recovered, its expression became even more malicious.

It screamed at them angrily in an infants voice.

Even though it sounded somewhat ridiculous, its body gave off extreme pressure, and its nine malevolent snake heads were no laughing matter.

The new snake head fired a wave of flames at Zu An.

It clearly remembered who had smashed it to pieces earlier.

Meanwhile, the other snake heads also coordinated their attacks.

Blazing flames swept forth, cutting off his path of retreat.

This guy even knows how to create a crossfire net Zu An thought.

Since there was nowhere to evade, he decided he wasnt going to.

He used his Blue Mallard ability and summoned the fierce waters from the nearby river.

A tremendous amount of water quickly rushed forth, forming water dragons that flew toward the wall of flames.

Fire would always be countered by water, let alone when it came from such a ferocious river that contained an endless supply of water.

Meanwhile, the Nine Infants flames had to come from itself, so it wouldnt be able to continue forever.

The wall of flames was gradually pushed back by the water, eventually turning into mere strands of smoke.

The Nine Infants became enraged.

The other snake heads turned around and sucked in a large amount of water, before spitting them out in a hail of water bolts.

However, the three women rushed over to Zu Ans side, helping him block the dense barrage of bolts.

Zu An then used Grandgale, instantly arriving next to a few of the Nine Infants heads.

He planned to end it with the Poisonous Prick.

Youre good at regenerating, right Lets see if you can still regenerate after you get cut by the Poisonous Prick.

This thing clearly had a physical body.

It wasnt like the Yayu, created from hatred and resentment.

However, as soon as Zu An appeared, the snake heads became especially vigilant.

Several of the heads swiftly bit down at him.

Its vicious-looking teeth proved that the nine-headed monster wasnt just a glass cannon mage, but actually had first-rate physical prowess too.

Still, what Zu An couldnt stand the most was the horrible breath coming from its mouth.

It was like a toilet that had never been flushed before, or perhaps like a rotten egg mixed with ammonia, sulfur, and other unknown smells.

Zu An almost fainted from the first whiff alone.

By the time Zu An recovered from his momentary daze, however, the nine snake heads attacks had already reached his body.

Fortunately, his cultivation was high, and with the three womens help, he barely managed to withdraw.

He wiped off a handful of cold sweat.

He realized that he had been negligent.

This enemy was completely different from the others he had fought so far.

If it had been just one or two heads, Zu An might still have had a chance of hurting it with the Poisonous Prick.

However, the nine heads were covering for each others weaknesses and attacking in tandem.

Together with the atrocious biological weapon of a smell coming from its mouth, fighting against it in close quarters really wasnt a sensible plan.

Fortunately, he wasnt alone.

A brilliant streak of moonlight flew outward, and the Crescent Ring instantly severed one of the monsters heads.

Yan Xuehen didnt want to be outdone either.

Her Flying Snow Sword flew forth like a shooting star, piercing directly through another snakes head and causing it to erupt in bloody mist.

However, the two women didnt seem too happy, because they could only watch as one of the severed heads flew back toward the monsters neck.

Then, the blood around the cut began to disappear, and the head rejoined the body.

Likewise, the head pierced by the Flying Snow Sword quickly healed, the bloody hole in its forehead disappearing.

In moments, the two heads had returned to their original state.

“What do we do if this monster can regenerate infinitely” Yu Yanluo asked worriedly.

Another head would grow as soon as they cut off one.

Such a battle really did make them feel a bit of despair.

Yun Jianyue said, “Its fine.

Have you all noticed that the new heads are a bit lighter than the old ones Also, I did some calculations earlier.

These two heads recovered a bit slower than the first one.

Even though the difference is minute, Im sure it slowed down a bit.”

“You are right,” Yan Xuehen said with a nod.

“Even though this Nine Infants can regenerate, it definitely consumes some kind of energy, or else it would not make sense.

As long as we can remove its heads fast enough, it will definitely be unable to recover in time.”

Considering their credibility as grandmasters, Zu An and Yu Yanluo didnt doubt their words at all.

Just like that, they began fighting the monster in tandem once again.

With their previous experience, their coordination became even more seamless.

Soon, another snake head was removed, followed by a second, a third, a fourth…

At first, the Nine Infants could recover quickly, but eventually, it couldnt take it anymore, recovering more and more slowly.

One snake head couldnt recover at all, and a constant trickle of blood streamed out of it.

The monster no longer looked as sinister and malicious as before.

Rather, it actually showed a bit of fear as it looked at the group.

It thought to itself, Where did these crazy humans come from Are humans all this strong

It realized that it could actually end up in a bad position if it continued to fight, so it sought out a chance to flee into the ferocious river.

Even though Zu Ans group tried to cut it off, the river was too large, so they couldnt fully seal it off.

As such, they could only watch as it escaped.

p1ease visi(t) n0ve1b(in).ne)t

“Ahhh, this is so annoying! Itll be hard to bring it out again now that its fled,” Yun Jianyue complained, feeling a huge headache.

Not too long before, they had suffered quite a bit when dealing with the Yayu for the same reason.

Now, the same thing was happening all over again.

“Its fine.

I have a solution,” Zu An said, sounding surprisingly calm.

“What kind of plan do you have” the others asked, looking at him curiously.

Zu An didnt reply.

He walked over to Yan Xuehen and said, “Remove your waistband.”

Yan Xuehen was a bit stunned.

Are you mad Youre actually asking me something like that in front of those two

Yun Jianyue also looked at him in shock, exclaiming, “Little An, youre quite something! You even dare to go after this stone cold woman”

Yan Xuehen realized that even though Zu An was bold, he wasnt unreasonable to that degree.

There was definitely a reason.

As such, she naturally undid her waistband and gave it to him, asking, “What are you going to do”

When they saw that scene, Yu Yanluo and Yun Jianyues expressions were a bit strange.

Something didnt seem right…

Zu An took the red waistband without a word and walked over to the river.

He tossed the other end into the water, then began to stir it around with his wrist.

The red waistband grew longer and longer, soon filling a large portion of the ferocious river with bright red.

It agitated the river, forming a giant whirlpool.

Zu An thought to himself mockingly, Im really becoming more and more like Nezha.

The story of Nezha from his previous world described how he once washed himself with the Primal Skysilk, but it caused the entire dragon palace to shake as if an earthquake had struck.

He had just remembered the story, so he tried to copy it, and sure enough, it worked.

The Primal Skysilks characteristics were something not even an ocean could withstand, let alone a mere river.

The surging waters were completely displaced.

Countless waves rushed into the air, forming giant whirlpools that resembled enormous washing machines.

Finally, a dark figure flew out of the water.

It was none other than the Nine Infants! It clearly couldnt stand the turbulence anymore.

Its snake heads faced Zu An, almost as if it were about to denounce him for his bad deeds.

However, even as it tried to speak, no sound emerged.

Several snake heads couldnt take it anymore and vomited.

It had ended up getting motion sickness!


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