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Chapter 1377: Intent to Kill

Wu Liang chuckled and replied, “Your highness, would it be possible for you to spare my life if I tell you”

The Fiend Emperor remained expressionless as he replied, “If you do not speak, you will die right now.”

All of Wu Liang’s fine hairs stood on end.

He exclaimed, “I’ll speak, I’ll speak, I’ll speak right now!”

Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen rolled their eyes.

This guy really lacked a spine.

How could he give in so quickly

Wu Liang continued, “If I’m not mistaken, the fiend races’ Imperial Tomb has formed a spacetime distortion, intersecting with an ancient Unknown Region.

That series of events has formed a special phenomenon in this tomb: A Yin Yang Tomb.”

The Fiend Emperor frowned, asking, “What is a yin tomb, and what is a yang tomb”

“In this case, the yang tomb is none other than this Imperial Tomb, the underground palace that everyone can see.

The legendary Yin Yang Tomb uses the yang tomb as a pretense to draw the attention of various tomb raiders.

Of course, there are many precious burial objects inside such tombs,”  Wu Liang explained, his eyes lighting up when he spoke of those objects.

That was clearly something deeply ingrained in his very bones.

He continued, “However, the true ruler of the tomb is hidden in the yin tomb.

That way, using the yang tomb, his peace won’t be disturbed by others after his death.”

“You scoundrel, are you saying that our ancestors’ Imperial Tomb has become a mere signboard for another” the Golden Crow Crown Prince shouted angrily.

Wu Liang said with an embarrassed chuckle, “What I said was just a coincidence, a coincidence.

Actually, it’s also because it was hidden in the fiend races’ Imperial Tomb that no one discovered this Unknown Region after all this time.”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince was about to say something else, but the Fiend Emperor stopped him.

He released a deep sigh and said, “Even with my abilities, I was never able to find a single Unknown Region.

Now, it seems that these legendary lands are all hidden extremely well after all.

No wonder I could never find them.”

Wu Liang continued, “Your majesty the Fiend Emperor, have these abnormalities happened at all in the Imperial Tomb in previous years”

The Fiend Emperor thought for a bit, but then shook his head and said, “They have not.

According to what I know, there have never been any records of such a thing in the royal family.”

“That makes sense.

If there were any records, this Unknown Region would have already been discovered by another Fiend Emperor in the past,” Wu Liang said.

He formed a hand seal as if he were calculating something, continuing, “If my suspicions aren’t wrong, it’s because a certain special condition was satisfied.

Perhaps it was a designated time, or perhaps it has something to do with the alignment of astrological signs, but only now has the Unknown Region revealed itself.

If we miss this chance, the next time it appears might be tens of thousands of years later.”

The Fiend Emperor began breathing heavily with excitement.

He thought to himself, Could it be that I really am blessed by the heavens So many of the previous Fiend Emperor ancestors had missed such a chance, and yet he was actually presented with the opportunity while he was experiencing heaven and man deterioration.

“Are you the descendant of the Pangolin race” the Fiend Emperor asked, giving Wu Liang a look.

A hint of satisfaction appeared in his eyes.

“Your majesty’s all-seeing mind blazes forth like a torch! These small tricks of mine naturally wouldn’t have escaped your knowledge…” Wu Liang replied, immediately showering the emperor in bootlicking praise.

Zu An was speechless as he listened.

This damn fatty really was good at flattery.

“The Pangolin race indeed had some unique skills in the past.

It is a pity that their inheritance has been cut short,” the Fiend Emperor remarked.

When he heard the Fiend Emperor’s praise, an even bigger smile spread across Wu Liang’s chubby face.

However, it immediately froze, because the Fiend Emperor gave him a cold look and asked, “Who sent you here”

Wu Liang immediately replied, “This petty one has been a bit strapped for money recently, and so while carried away by a moment of impulse, I became greedy for the items in the Imperial Tomb.

This little one hasn’t touched a single thing yet! I didn’t damage a single stalk of grass in this Imperial Tomb…”

Zu An rolled his eyes.

This guy really had the nerve to say that Who knew how much had been damaged when he made that huge hole to break in

“Your majesty, please show leniency! This humble one will definitely work like a loyal horse.

Furthermore, I’ll use everything I learned to help your majesty unravel the secrets of this Unknown Region!” Wu Liang exclaimed, sounding so sincere that even Zu An was almost convinced.

The Fiend Emperor interrupted him and said, “If you continue to refuse to speak the truth, you might never be able to speak again.”

A wave of killing intent surrounded Wu Liang’s body.

He was so scared that all his fat trembled.

He quickly exclaimed, “It was the Second Imperial Prince, the prince!”

Zu An thought to himself, As expected. He had had his suspicions for some time.

This damn fatty looked so shrewd and sharp.

No matter how greedy he was, why would he dare to set his eyes on the Imperial Tomb Furthermore, even if he decided to, he would have chosen to enter during a more peaceful time.

Why would he come on the day the Golden Crow Crown Prince was going through the trial After all, the security on that day was far more strict than usual!

On top of that, Wu Liang had even ‘accidentally’ guided them toward the main hall.

While they had been behind a corner, he had ‘accidentally’ alerted the people inside, forcing them to fight against the crown prince’s guards.

At first, Zu An had cursed him for being a clumsy idiot, but he had soon realized that considering how smart Wu Liang was, he definitely wouldn’t have made such a beginner’s mistake.

It had definitely been done on purpose to exploit his party.

Meanwhile, in the Fiend King Court, the only one who had the motive and ability to make him do that, apart from the Second Empress, was the Second Imperial Prince.

“It was him after all! That bastard has the heart of a wolf and the lungs of a dog!” the Golden Crow Crown Prince cursed.

“Who are you cursing!” the Fiend Emperor snapped, shooting him a cold look.

Only then did the Golden Crow Crown Prince remember that the Second Imperial Prince was also his father’s son.

Wasn’t that cursing his father too, then

He quickly said, “Second brother’s schemes have harmed your first son greatly.

Father emperor, you have to seek justice for me!”

The Fiend Emperor said with a cold snort, “This kind of thing is extremely common.

Even if it had been you or me, if we had been in his position, as long as we had some ambition, we would be unwilling to accept our fate.

We would similarly put in our all.”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince muttered resentfully, “But he almost killed me…”

The Fiend Emperor said indifferently, “Our fiend races are different from the weak humans.

We care about competition.

The previous Fiend Emperors all rose up through cruel competition between their brothers and sisters.

Only that way have we been able to ensure that every single Fiend Emperor is powerful and outstanding, that our fiend races would not come to ruin at the hands of trash.”

Zu An was alarmed.

No wonder the fiend races were filled with brave fighters.

So that was something inherited through generation after generation of competition!

“I have benefited from father emperor’s instruction,” the Golden Crow Crown Prince said, lowering his head.

However, inwardly, he was filled with killing intent.

Sensing his dissatisfaction, the Fiend Emperor said, “One day, when you ascend to the throne, you must treat your brothers well.

Siblings can compete against each other over the throne, but once you become the Fiend Emperor and have already secured your position, they will become your most reliable allies.”

“Yes, I will definitely treat them well,” the Golden Crow Crown Prince replied.

Inwardly, he sneered, but on the outside, he didn’t show anything.

The Fiend Emperor frowned slightly.

With his understanding of his son, how could he not tell what he was thinking He wanted to say something else, but after thinking about it, he reasoned that if he received the method to immortality in the Unknown Region, he would then be able to remain the Fiend Emperor.

With him there, the brothers wouldn’t be able to cause any trouble anyway.

Just then, he sensed that many powerful cultivators and armies had rushed over.

They had clearly all sensed the irregularities taking place in the Imperial Tomb.

As such, he sent out his spirit.

A golden figure left his body and passed through the entire mountain, appearing above the Imperial Tomb.

The massive projection looked at the people rushing over and said indifferently, “Pass down the order to guard every single major road.

No one is allowed to approach the Imperial Tomb; all those who do are to be executed without exception.”

Previously, Heichi Fei had still been a bit suspicious of whether the one who had gone inside was the Fiend Emperor.

When he saw that, he felt relieved. It really was him after all! Thank goodness I didn’t act on an impulse, or else I would be done for.

When he thought about how the Fiend Emperor knew that he knew about the affair with his wife, he felt nervous and hurried to prove his worth.

As such, he quickly stopped the forces that rushed over and didn’t allow them to approach.

The Fiend Emperor was a bit confused.

This guy was normally the most loyal to the crown prince.

He had thought that Heichi Fei would ask some questions, but he was actually so obedient today.

Even so, he didn’t overthink it.

After giving the order, he returned to the Imperial Tomb.

He gave Yan Xuehen and the other women a cold look.

Zu An was alarmed.

The Fiend Emperor was already displaying killing intent.


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