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Chapter 1374: Times Have Changed

As soon as Wu Liang landed, he pointed at Zu An and cursed, “You bastard, you’re so evil! Weren’t you clearly trying to kill me just now”

Zu An sneered.

“Damn fatty, what about you You’re clearly fine, and yet you’re making it sound as if you’re seriously injured or something, trying to make us and the Golden Crow Crown Prince take each other out!”

His scheme had clearly been seen through, but Wu Liang didn’t look ashamed.

He exclaimed, “But I really was seriously injured! I only managed to survive by relying on our ancestral skill.”

Zu An chuckled.

Not a single one of this damn fatty’s words could be trusted.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince saw Zu An’s group.

He gritted his teeth and yelled, “You!”

You have successfully trolled the Golden Crow Crown Prince for 444 444 444…

Zu An smiled and replied, “The two of us really do share some kind of fate.

Just how many times have we met already”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince choked.

He clearly recalled the humiliation and fear he had experienced from those two defeats.

Soon afterward, though, he said proudly, “You must be quite proud of yourself.

Sure, I admit that you have some skill.

In the past, I either had my skills countered, or I was ambushed, but I did lose to you.

However, your worst mistake was challenging me now.”

Zu An was startled.

He replied, “Looks like you’ve obtained quite a few benefits from this Fiend Ancestor statue and become much stronger.”

“Hmph, if I had gone through the trial normally, my strength would have already increased several times over, and not even my father the emperor would be much stronger than me.

But I didn’t expect all of you to ruin the ceremony!” the Golden Crow Crown Prince spat, gritting his teeth.

He continued, “It is fine, though.

This is already enough to destroy you all.”

“Kid, you’re quite cocky!” Yun Jianyue remarked, unable to keep watching his smug appearance.

She moved as quickly as lightning, sending a palm flying.

Even Wu Liang’s eyes widened.

That palm clearly looked normal, but upon closer inspection, the dao it embodied was intricate and profound.

Even he couldn't see through it! This woman’s cultivation didn’t look that high, so why was she able to deliver such a powerful attack Just who was she

The Golden Crow Crown Prince sneered.

“Hmph, you’re just overestimating your abilities!”

At the same time, he sent a fist flying.

The Golden Crow Sacred Fire surrounded his fist, and he tried to overwhelm Yun Jianyue’s skill through brute force.

The palm and fist collided.

Yun Jianyue’s expression changed.

She was still seriously injured, and the cultivation she could use was limited.

No matter how good her technique was, it couldn't compensate for the difference in raw power.

She was blown backward.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince pressed the attack, wishing to take the chance to eliminate her and lessen the threat.

Even so, with a simple wave of her sleeves, Yun Jianyue stopped him.

He had no idea how she had done such a thing.

The energies within him even stirred a bit.

Huh What kind of background does this woman have the Golden Crow Crown Prince thought.

Now, he even had the same thoughts as Wu Liang.

Wu Liang shouted just then, “Look at the current situation already! Don’t bother with normal martial courtesy or whatever anymore.

Everything will be over if we alert the people outside!” He took the lead and charged forward after speaking.

He knew that the others would suspect him if he didn’t do anything, and they would be even more unwilling to do anything.

“You’re courting death!” Golden Crow Sacred Fire surged around the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s entire body as he yelled.

He thought, The special armor around this individual seems to be able to defend against sword ki, so let’s see if it can guard against fire.

“Come on, guys, what are you all still staring blankly for Do you all want to meet your maker here!” Wu Liang began to scream from the heat, yelling at Zu An’s group.

Zu An said to the women, “Let’s deal with this Golden Crow Crown Prince first.

Also, hold back a bit so that we don’t end up being schemed against by this damn fatty.”

The women nodded.

They were all well-traveled individuals who at least had that much ability to hold back.

When he saw them attack together, the Golden Crow Crown Prince harrumphed.

His wings spread behind him, and his feathers turned into countless streaks of golden sword ki.

Then, they all fired at the party.

Zu An’s expression changed.

In the past, he had experienced the Ardent Sun Sword Formation.

However, this time, it was many times stronger.

Not only was there more sword ki, every single strand was thicker.

They all carried an incredibly sharp air of destruction.

The group could feel a stinging pain on their skin even from far away, and it looked as if a sea of gold were surging over them.

Zu An immediately used his Blue Luan Sword Formation, and blue sword ki filled the skies.

In the past, the Blue Luan Sword Formation had been quite impressive looking, but this time, in front of the sea of gold, it seemed quite sparse in comparison.

He could only stop some of them.

Meanwhile, however, the other golden sword ki attacked the others.

Wu Liang turned into a ball of flesh, and the tough armor from before appeared on his back again.

However, this time, the power of the sword ki was much greater than before.

A lot of it smashed into the armor, with metallic pings ringing out.

It hurt so much that he grimaced and cried out in pain.

Meanwhile, the crown prince took the chance to attack some weak spots that were exposed, trying to break through an opening that way.

Wu Liang was left an absolute mess from all of that.

However, by relying on the tough armor behind him and the Divine Pangolin Claw he had obtained from Lord Sui’s Tomb, he just barely was able to hold on.

As for Yu Yanluo, when she saw the endless sword ki, she used her World Painting, absorbing the sword ki into a special world.

However, her expression quickly changed, because a lot of the sword ki rushed back out from the World Painting!

Her cultivation was far from the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s, making it difficult for the world within her artifact to hold such great power.

After that interference, however, the sword ki’s power was already weakened considerably.

Yu Yanluo’s eyes flickered with red light.

The intangible sword ki in front of her paused for a moment, then began to petrify at a visible rate.

In the end, the sword ki no longer listened to Golden Crow Crown Prince and fell to the ground, shattering to pieces.

Yun Jianyue’s battle was much simpler.

She didn’t even raise a finger.

A curved moon spun around her rapidly, slicing the sword ki that approached her in two.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince frowned.

When he looked closer, he saw that it wasn’t a moon at all, but rather a strange weapon shaped like a curved moon.

He was a bit stunned.

Where did these women come from Why were they all so strong

At first, Zu An was worried that the girls would be in trouble.

When he saw that they had dealt with it so easily, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He roared, “Birdman, it’s time for us to attack now, right!”

With that shout, he summoned Hundredwarble.

At the same time, he mixed in the Lion Race’s unique skill ‘Lion’s Roar’, which he had learned recently.

The two kinds of sound waves worked together to produce multiplicative effects.

Even the Golden Crow Crown Prince became a bit absentminded despite his increase in cultivation.

Zu An quickly took the chance to move over to his side.

He summoned the Poisonous Prick and thrust it at the crown prince.

Right at that moment, the Fiend Ancestor statue’s eyes lit up again.

Zu An felt as if he had been targeted by a great primordial beast.

An indescribable fear overtook his entire body.

If not for his will being firm enough and the fact that he had  already experienced all sorts of things, he might have been scared into becoming an absolute idiot on the spot.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince took the chance to recover.

His wings hacked at Zu An’s body; their power and speed were far greater than the Golden Wing Godblade he had shown in the Snake race territory.

However, Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue’s attacks arrived just then.

They had formed a kind of tacit understanding with one another.

One carried a Flying Snow Sword, while the other had a Crescent Moon Blade.

They forcefully blocked a single wing each.

Their lovely figures staggered backward and an unusual blush appeared on their faces.

The attack had clearly made the energies within their bodies surge powerfully.

Their injuries hadn’t fully healed yet, so such a clash was extremely uncomfortable.

A ball of flesh rolled over just then, the claw in its hands shooting toward the weak point on the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s throat.

Just then, a red sun appeared from behind the Golden Crow Crown Prince.

Then, a golden war chariot rushed out, blocking Wu Liang.

The impact made his flesh ripple, and he spat a mouthful of blood.

The others’ expressions changed.

They all cried out, “Don’t let him get on that war chariot!”


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