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Chapter 1348: Confidence

Yu Yanluo didn’t pay him any attention.

She gestured for the butler to begin opening the stone she had chosen instead.

The butler had also witnessed the supernatural signs that appeared when she chose her stone.

The item inside was most likely extraordinary.

He was even starting to tremble inwardly. The Jade Garden really is taking a huge hit today… There are heaven-grade treasures being opened left and right.

However, he quickly readjusted his mindset, deciding to just consider it marketing.

In the future, as long as the day’s events were properly publicized, they could bring in even more customers.

It would simply become a good thing for the Jade Garden.

Besides, he was also curious as to what the stone could produce.

He thus focused on cutting away the outer stone layer.

It wasn’t just him, either; the others were also curious.

They all moved closer, holding their breaths as they stared at the stone.

This stone was much smaller than the other one.

As such, it was faster to cut through than Shi Min’s stone from before.

As the butler cut into it, a wave of broiling heat swept outward.

At that instant, those present felt as if they had entered a blistering desert.

“Could it be something of the fire element” the onlookers exclaimed in surprise, craning their necks to look inside.

When the stone was cut open, it revealed a cup of sand.

Apart from that, there was nothing else.

Shi Min sighed in relief.

Meanwhile, Shi Rong roared with laughter, exclaiming, “Why were we making such a big deal out of this It was just some sand in the end.

My stomach is hurting from laughter!”

Princess Suolun looked at Yu Yanluo worriedly.

As one of the most powerful aristocratic clans in the Demon race, she had also tried her hand at rock betting in the past.

She knew that many rocks had all kinds of incredible effects happening outside them, and yet didn’t contain a single thing inside.

That was part of the thrill and charm of rock betting, after all.

Yun Jianyue continuously prodded Yan Xuehen with her finger, muttering, “We’re done for, we’re done for! Look at that clump of sand! Yu Yanluo is going to end up broke from this bet… How can she bring out that many heaven-grade ki stones right now Your White Jade Sect has money, right Why don’t you support her a bit”

Yan Xuehen was made really uncomfortable by her prodding.

She shifted her body away unnaturally, retorting, “Why don’t you help her out”

“Our Holy Sect is poor, so what can I do” Yun Jianyue replied, putting on a pitiful look of poverty.

Yan Xuehen harrumphed.

“Let’s wait for a bit.

Yu Yanluo might not necessarily lose.”

“Oh” Yun Jianyue looked at the clump of yellow sand.

She thought to herself, Don’t tell me there’s something special about this sand

Meanwhile, Shi Min also walked over.

Compared to his little brothers, he had much more restraint.

He looked at Yu Yanluo with a smile, remarking, “Medusa Queen, this competition is now decided, no”

“Not necessarily,” Yu Yanluo said calmly.

“Oh Don’t tell me t you are going to say that your sand is more valuable than my True Corpse Bamboo” Shi Min replied with a sneer.

“As a clan leader, causing needless trouble is beneath your dignity, no”

Shang Liuyu spoke up just then.

“This isn’t ordinary sand, but rather Exotic Witchsand, a rune ink material of peerless quality.

In addition, this ingredient is essential in the creation of some great forbidden formations.”

“What” The others looked at the sand again.

Then, they noticed that each and every grain was different from ordinary sand.

There was a faint blue radiance emanating from them, just like the radiance that came from runes.

It was just that its radiance was too well-hidden, and it couldn't be seen unless one looked at it carefully.

Shi Gong harrumphed.

“The princess has friendly relations with the Medusa Queen.

Could it be that you are just speaking out for her, and that you made up some story to deceive us”

The Little Golden Peng King chuckled and said, “I do not believe so.

For someone as free-spirited as the princess, she is not someone who would make up a story because of some personal bias.”

The Second Imperial Prince nodded and said, “Indeed.

I trust the princess’ character.

I have heard of the Exotic Witchsand too, but I do not know much about runes.

I have not personally seen this material before.”

Chi Wen cursed inwardly while wrinkling his nose. These two keep fawning on my little aunt.

Don’t tell me they really do want to become my uncle

Zu An also sighed in amazement.

Shang Liuyu always gave off a free and aloof air.

As expected, she was alluring no matter where she went.

The butler spoke up just then, saying, “I have actually seen it before.

This is indeed the heaven-grade Exotic Witchsand.”

Shi Gong’s expression changed when he heard that.

He snapped, “You had better not speak out of place!”

The butler calmly replied, “The Jade Garden has its long history and reputation to protect, so how could I speak improperly I have come into contact with many treasures over the years.

I once had the opportunity of seeing Exotic Witchsand, and that is why I recognize it.”

Zu An took the chance to say, “Looks like we win, then.

Your True Corpse Bamboo can only make a heaven-grade Soul Summoning Banner, and it’s only useful for those who cultivate sinister arts, so its uses aren’t too widespread.

The Exotic Witchsand our clan leader has opened up can not only be used to make a forbidden formation, but also, anyone can use it as well.

That clearly makes it more precious.”

The butler nodded.

That was indeed the case; the Exotic Witchsand was a bit more precious.

“Nonsense!” Shi Gong immediately retorted.

“They’re both heaven-grade treasures, so how can you say the sand is more precious”

The Second Imperial Prince nodded and said, “What you say is not entirely without reason.

That is why we should ask the Jade Garden.

They have come into contact with many treasures.

If these two were used for an auction, which one would sell for a higher price”

The butler was a bit startled.

He said respectfully, “Replying to the Second Imperial Prince.

That would depend on who participated in the auction.

If there were cultivators who practiced skills related to departed spirits present, the True Corpse Bamboo could sell for a high price.

On the contrary, if there were more rune masters participating, the Exotic Witchsand could sell for a higher price.”

As someone who worked in a place like the Jade Garden, he was naturally experienced in such matters.

He didn’t sound biased toward anyone.

Of course he wouldn’t make the foolish decision of saying that the Exotic Witchsand was more precious, but he wouldn’t lack any conscience and say that the True Corpse Bamboo was more precious either.

That way, he wouldn’t offend either side.

Regardless, the difference in value wasn’t even that high to begin with, so what he said was also the truth in a sense.

The Second Imperial Prince was quite satisfied with the answer.

He said with a smile, “In that case, then, this matter will be considered a tie.

We can hold another round; what does everyone think”

The Little Golden Peng King nodded and said, “This is an excellent chance to witness the performance of two rock betting experts.

I would be delighted to witness more.”

Shang Liuyu frowned slightly.

However, she was representing the Ocean races this time, so she couldn't really say anything.

Since the two with the highest status had already spoken, the others wouldn’t have any different opinions.

They all voiced their agreement.

Zu An frowned.

The Second Imperial Prince was clearly being biased in favor of the Lion race.

Could it be that the Snake race really had offended him somehow That shouldn’t have been the case! This guy wouldn’t really get revenge for the crown prince’s sake, right

“The Second Imperial Prince is wise.

In that case, I will continue and select another stone,” Shi Min said.

He bowed, then continued to look around this garden.

After the previous lesson, he didn’t dare to show any more carelessness.

This time, he was a hundred and twenty percent focused.

He had to find an extraordinary treasure to destroy his opponent.

Yu Yanluo was a bit upset inwardly.

With the way things were, however, there was nothing else she could do.

She could only look around again, or else Shi Min could end up selecting a suitable stone before her.

She secretly told Zu An and the others in a worried tone, “Shi Min’s achievements in examining rocks are almost at the same level as my own.

Even if my skill is a bit higher, there won’t be too great of a difference.

Furthermore, there’s no guarantee in this kind of activity anyway, which makes the difference even more negligible.”

Yun Jianyue added, “That’s not all.

That second imperial birdman also seems to be partial to the Lion race.

If we find something of equal value, he might decide to continue to hold another round, all the way until Shi Min wins against us.”

“There is another issue,” Yan Xuehen said with a frown, “If we continue like this, we will not have enough heaven-grade ki stones to purchase any more rocks.”

The three women were all in agreement, so they all began to lose confidence.

Zu An, on the other hand, had a completely different attitude.

He said reassuringly, “Don’t worry, you have me here.”

“You” They all looked at him.

Those present were all experts, so they paid close attention to the actions of the two competitors.

However, they saw that Yu Yanluo wasn’t looking at the stones, and was instead looking at Zu An.

They were all startled.

This man seemed to be quite important to the Medusa Queen! 

Once we return, we’ll have to have some people look into this Yan Zu.

Zu An coughed lightly and said, “Trust me.

Choose that big rock by the pavilion later!”


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