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Chapter 1343: Envy

Still, perhaps because she guessed that Zu An was trying to remain in disguise, she didn’t expose him.

Her voice seemed to carry a kind of hidden magical power that made everyone present feel incredibly relaxed and refreshed.

Sure enough, Chi Wen was no longer as irascible as before and only mumbled, “The last time doesn’t count.

I didn’t eat enough last time, nor did I sleep enough, so that’s why I wasn’t at my best.

It’ll definitely be different next time.”

The others could all tell that he was lacking in confidence.

They couldn't help but sneer, but in truth, they were quite shocked.

Just how high was Zu An’s cultivation He had first defeated the Golden Crow Crown Prince, then defeated the Dragon race’s ninth prince Rumor had it that he had defeated the Lion race’s youngest prince, Shi Ling, too.

Even if one time was a coincidence, there was definitely no way winning so many times in a row could be fake, right

Princess Suolun finally found the opportunity to move over to Yu Yanluo’s side, saying, “Hello again, big sis Yu~”

This woman had helped the Snake race out of their predicament before, so Yu Yanluo naturally had a good impression of her.

She smiled and greeted her.

“Hello, little sister princess.”

Princess Suolun quietly asked, “Did that person really leave”

Yu Yanluo suppressed the urge to give Zu An a look.

This guy was always flirting with other women.

How was she even supposed to feel

Zu An cried out inwardly in protest.

He hadn’t flirted with her at all! It was probably just that her impression of me was too deep after what happened, which is why she couldn't forget about me…

Yu Yanluo also recovered her composure and said, “Of course he’s already left.”

“I heard that the one who tried to assassinate the crown prince recently might have been him, though…” Princess Suolun wasn’t willing to give up just like that.

Her voice was full of worry.

Yu Yanluo replied, “That’s likely just the palace’s one-sided story.

Think about it, even if he really had gone to the Fiend King Court, why would he go to the imperial palace and try to kill the crown prince Isn’t that just courting death”

Princess Suolun figured that made sense as well.

Even though Zu An had looked powerful in Lord Sui’s Tomb, he was still too far off from the Fiend Emperor.

Why would he ever run into the Imperial Palace the Fiend Emperor oversaw Most importantly, he didn’t even have a motive!

Upon realizing that Zu An really hadn’t come to the Fiend King Court after all, a bleak expression couldn't help but appear on Princess Suolun’s face.

“I have long heard of the Medusa Queen’s reputation.

Now that I have met you myself, I see it was well deserved after all,” Hu Yong said, leading his two brothers over.

When he saw Yu Yanluo, he looked completely smitten.

“The prince overpraises me.

I have also heard of the Tiger race’s bravery and valor…” Yu Yanluo excelled in such business exchanges.

She quickly exchanged greetings and learned that the three were the Tiger Race’s second prince Hu Yong, the fifth prince Hu Cheng, and the ninth prince Hu Xin respectively.

Yun Jianyue secretly nudged Yan Xuehen and remarked, “Stone cold woman, you’re normally showered in flattery by bootlickers all around you.

Now that you’re wearing a mask, no one is interested at all.

How does it feel”

Yan Xuehen said indifferently, “Aren’t you a grandmaster too This kind of thing is not even worth my attention.”

Yun Jianyue gritted her teeth in annoyance.

Even though her reason told her that such a thing really was pointless, she always felt awful when she saw those damned men surround Yan Xuehen while staying far away from her.

This humblebragger is so annoying!

Hu Yong and the others learned that Yu Yanluo and the others had arrived to do rock betting with Shi Min.

He quickly warned them, “Medusa Queen, you cannot let that Shi Min’s gentlemanly demeanor deceive you! That fellow is full of evil plans and loves to scheme against others.

He definitely has no good intentions for inviting you all here.”

Shi Min’s forehead darkened.

He retorted, “Hu Yong, slandering others behind their backs is not what a nobleman does.”

“Is speaking the truth slander” Hu Yong replied with a shrug, his face full of disdain.

Shi Min was speechless.

Shi Gong said, “Enough.

I won’t bicker with you out of respect for the Second Imperial Prince.

Don’t take advantage of our kindness and go too far.”

Hu Yong scowled and said, “Shi Gong, we might have understood it if your big brother had been the one to tell us that, but do you think even someone like you is worthy of that role”

Seeing that the two sides were about to clash again, the butler quickly stepped forward to smooth things over.

Princess Suolun didn’t want to participate in the Lion and Tiger race’s dispute.

However, she was also worried that they could accidentally injure others if they really fought, so she asked considerately, “I heard several cheers coming from below.

Rumor has it that someone opened a heaven-grade gemstone from the yellow floor.

Do all of you who came from below know what happened”

“Oh There was something interesting like that” The Little Golden Peng King, who had been watching indifferently the entire time, seemed to have heard something interesting.

Zu An said with a smile, “It was just a fluke.

All of that was actually thanks to the Lion race’s princes.”

Shi Min and the others’ faces turned entirely red.

They choked so hard, they felt as if they could even develop internal injuries.

“Just what happened” the Second Imperial Prince asked.

Even he was now interested.

Upon hearing the Second Imperial Prince ask about it, the butler gave a summary of what had happened below.

The expressions of those present immediately changed greatly.

Hu Yong and his brothers roared with laughter.

He exclaimed, “Shi Min, who would have thought that you would get what you deserve like this I am sure you tried to scam them, but instead ended up helping them.”

Shi Min harrumphed.

“Rock betting naturally has wins and losses.

It is not too surprising for this kind of result to appear.

Since we agreed to bet, we must accept losses.

We do not have your capricious mule-headedness.”

Perhaps because he could tell that Shi Min was furious, Hu Yong didn’t get angry and just chuckled, replying, “With my understanding of you, the more you speak like this, the more it indicates you are scheming something.

Medusa Queen, you must be careful.”

Yu Yanluo smiled, but didn’t say anything.

How could she not sense the Lion race’s malice

“Stop trying to sow dissension already.” Shi Min harrumphed.

“There are so many cultivators here; do you really think I can still play any tricks”

While the two sides were arguing, Shang Liuyu had already started to walk toward the gathered people.

With each step, water appeared to ripple beneath her feet.

It really was as if she were walking on water.

Even Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen, two grandmasters who were full of knowledge and experience, were a bit surprised.

They both whispered to each other, “There’s definitely more to this woman than meets the eye…”

“Zu An seems to have been able to get so many heaven-grade weapons from Chi Wen because of her.” Yan Xuehen’s face suddenly turned red, because she remembered that one of those heaven-grade weapons was none other than the Wind Fire Wheels.

She had been carried on his back as they flew on them…

Yun Jianyue didn’t notice her reaction and asked,  “Say, do you think this woman is Little An’s lover”

Yan Xuehen frowned and replied, “I do not… think so.” However, she didn’t sound particularly confident.

Shang Liuyu walked up to Yu Yanluo; even she seemed a little surprised by the other woman’s incredible beauty.

She said with a smile, “I’ve heard Zu An mention how stunning you were.

Now that I’ve met you today, you are indeed extraordinarily stunning.”

Yu Yanluo’s expression became a bit strange.

Judging from Shang Liuyu’s tone, why did it sound as if the other woman had come first, and that she had joined the harem afterward or something

She tossed that absurd thought out of her mind and replied with a smile, “I’ve also heard him mention just how lofty and exceptional Ms.

Shang was.

Today, I discovered that his description was still a bit lacking.”

Yun Jianyue remarked in annoyance, “What are these two trying to do It’s as if they’re jealous rivals or something.

That Little An really is screwing around too much with all of these women.

Sigh, it’s really a pity for my precious disciple.

She‘s doomed to be played with in the palms of these vixens.”

Yan Xuehen’s expression was also strange.

She thought to herself that if not even a girl like Qiu Honglei could win against them, then her own Chuyan, who was as pure as a white sheet of paper, would be even worse off! Even I, as the master, am not too good in this field…

The onlookers’ expressions became a bit strange.

They had never expected the Medusa Queen’s affinity with people to be so great. Looks like we have to reevaluate her again.

Even though so many people had arrived and so many disturbances had happened, the Second Imperial Prince and Little Golden Peng King had remained in place.

And yet, when Shang Liuyu walked over, they also got up and followed her.

The Second Imperial Prince laughed and said, “Let me give everyone an introduction.

This Miss Shang is the Ocean races’ mermaid princess.

This time, she has come this time to attend the All Races General Assembly as the representative of the Ocean races!”

Zu An suddenly looked toward Shang Liuyu.

Even though he’d had his suspicions, he still couldn't help but feel a bit surprised when he received the confirmation.

No wonder Shang Liuyu had her own swimming pool even though she only had a small courtyard back in Brightmoon Academy; furthermore, even back then, she hadn’t liked to wear shoes.

Soon afterward, those present began to greet Shang Liuyu.

After all, the Ocean races were extremely mysterious and powerful.

As the mermaid princess, her status was definitely great.

A while later, the Little Golden Peng King said with a smile, “I am not particularly interested in how high the cultivation of that Zu An you speak of is, but the fact that he is related to so many exceptional beauties is something I am extremely envious of.”

After he took the lead, the others’ discussions also shifted onto Zu An.

“Medusa Queen, just what kind of relationship do you have with him” the Second Imperial Prince asked, looking at Yu Yanluo with sharp eyes.



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