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Chapter 1341: Paradise

“Immortal floor” Shi Min looked troubled as he replied.

“We just lost 300 heaven grade ki stones.

I fear…”

Even though that was what he said, he was practically crying with joy inside.

He had been wondering how he would drag Zu An’s group up there without seeming suspicious, and he had thought that the heaven floor was the highest the princes could bring them to.

Who would have thought that this guy would go insane and ask to go to the immortal floor

You’re going to lose your entire family fortune in just a few minutes! Hahaha, forget about your Snake race’s mines and poison businesses, even your basic economic lifelines will belong to our Lion race!

Of course, he had heard that the Medusa Queen had just returned, and that the clan’s authority was mainly within the hands of Elder White and Elder Blue, but what did that matter As long as they used the name of the Medusa Queen and leveraged the Lion race’s powerful strength, the two Snake race elders were nothing.

Shi Gong and Shi Rong exchanged a look.

They really had endless admiration for their third brother.

The other group had taken the bait smoothly, as expected.

Yun Jianyue secretly nudged Yan Xuehen.

“These little lions are clearly feigning disinterest, and yet they probably have no idea that they’re being completely played with by Little An.”

Yan Xuehen also found the situation a bit laughable.

She now knew why Shi Min had pointed out the rocks that actually had something in them. This little lion flaunts himself as smart, but he doesn’t seem to have figured out who’s the hunter and who’s the prey.

Zu An replied loudly, “The third prince must be making a bad joke.

Everyone knows that the Lion race is one of the fiend races’ most powerful races.

It’s just a few hundred heaven-grade ki stones, so how can that be that much for you all”

Shi Gong and Shi Rong knew he was saying that on purpose to urge them to join.

But even then, they still enjoyed the praise.

The others who were standing around all voiced their agreement.

They would only watch from the sidelines, so they weren’t scared of things getting out of hand at all.

If they had a choice, they naturally didn’t want to be the only ones going home penniless.

It would be even better if such important individuals also suffered similarly.

Only Ban Ka and Heichi Gu advised both sides not to act so impulsively.

That was because, if Zu An lost the Boulder Topaz, Hidden Rainbow Stone, and all the other treasures, they really would want to vomit blood.

After all, those were things they already viewed as their own!

After all that happened, Shi Min reluctantly said, “Very well.

Since you are all in high spirits, we will keep you company for a while longer.”

The butler said with a smile, “This way, please!”

Ban Ka and Heichi Gu panicked.

Unfortunately, whether it was the Snake race or the Lion race, those weren’t people they could stop.

They could only watch as the group left.

Heichi Gu asked, “Brother Ban, what should we do now”

“Of course we should still set up that ambush outside.

We can’t just lose so many ki stones for nothing!” Ban Ka spat hatefully.

“But from the looks of things, the Snake race will probably be stripped completely clean soon…” Heichi Gu replied.

His teeth ached when he thought of Zu An’s cocky appearance.

Which true rock betting expert wasn’t calm and composed None of them were like Zu An.

This brat had just been freaking lucky! As easily as he had just won, that was how miserably he would lose on the immortal floor later.

A hint of viciousness flickered across Ban Ka’s face.

Even if the lion princes won, he would still choose to rob them.

In reality, because the Hyena race and the Lion race’s territory were close to each other, there had been some friction between them to begin with.

In terms of individual experts, the Hyena race was inferior to the Lion race, but their race also had a special talent.

When they moved together, their strength became extremely great.

In a group battle, they weren’t inferior to the Lion race at all.

That was why they had to make a move even if the lion princes emerged from the immortal floor rich.

If they won, it wouldn’t just be worth a few hundred heaven-grade ki stones, so it would be worth the risk.

As such, he didn’t stay behind to join in the liveliness, instead leaving ahead of time to make arrangements with his people.

Heichi Gu clenched his teeth, then followed Ban Ka out.

However, he just prayed that Zu An and the others wouldn’t lose everything.

How could he have predicted that Ban Ka would even dare to rob the Lion race

Meanwhile, Zu An’s group followed the butler out.

In order to make sure every single floor’s guest had a good experience, and that they didn’t disturb each other, none of the rooms were directly connected.

Naturally, that was even more so the case for the immortal floor.

After entering through the door, the butler took Zu An and the others to a place that resembled a pavilion.

However, unlike a pavilion, there was heavy security there.

“Please enter,” the butler said, gesturing with one hand.

The guards recognized him and all stepped aside.

Shi Min and the others walked in naturally, as if they were frequent visitors.

At the same time, they sized up Zu An with a mocking expression, as if they were waiting for him to make a fool of himself.

When Zu An and the others entered the pavilion, no one could see what the butler had pressed, but a faint blue light suddenly flickered along the ground.

Then, the entire pavilion moved upward.

Zu An was stunned, remarking to himself, “An elevator”

He once again had to admit that there were many things in this world that were similar to things in his previous world; it was just that they made it happen a different way.

One side relied on technology, while the other relied on cultivation.

The pavilion elevator’s design was quite ingenious.

It was just like the sightseeing elevators from his previous world; the surroundings were completely open.

Not only could they appreciate the Jade Garden’s scenery, they could even view the majestic Fiend King Court.

Yu Yanluo was the clan leader of one of the human race’s number one gemstone businesses, as well as the human capital’s former number one beauty.

What kinds of things hadn’t she seen before As her personal maid, Maid Xing had acquired similar experience.

As for Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen, they were both grandmasters who were experienced in different things.

Their mentality and willpower were extraordinary, so why would they be surprised by a mere mechanism

The lion princes stared for a long time, but the other group was completely composed.

It actually made them seem like the bumpkins, so they quickly lost interest.

Meanwhile, the others below could only raise their heads and look at the two groups enviously.

Someone said with a sigh, “I’ve never ever been to the immortal floor in my life.

I wonder what it looks like up there…”

Another person said with a sneer, “You almost lost your pants on the yellow floor, and yet you want to go to the immortal floor I really don’t know where you get your courage from.”

The one who had spoken first replied angrily, “In the beginning, the Snake race’s people didn’t even have as much as me, but aren’t they still going up there”

The onlookers’ faces heated up when he said that.

All of them turned around to look at the yellow floor.

After the previous event, the yellow floor had gained several times the usual number of guests.

Furthermore, every single person chose the cheapest rocks and refused those that were even a bit more expensive.

However, that was a story for another time.

Soon afterward, the pavilion stopped.

Transparent slabs of stone appeared in front of both groups, leading all the way to the immortal floor on the other side.

With that, even Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue were stunned.

The Jade Garden really had gone all out! In order for those floating steps to exist, an excellent rune master had definitely been invited for the design.

Furthermore, the ki stones that would be consumed by each use were no laughing matter.

“Distinguished guests, please enter,” the butler said.

He chose to lead the way this time, as if to ease the guests’ nervousness.

The two groups followed behind him and soon arrived outside the immortal floor.

They saw several rows of the character for ‘immortal’, ‘仙’, written on a signboard.

They wondered who had written those, because every single stroke seemed to carry mysterious and profound meaning.

“Hm” Shi Min and the other brothers’ cultivation realms weren’t high enough and they couldn't see anything, but Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen were both stunned.

It was because the one who had written the characters had a higher cultivation rank than them.

Yan Xuehen couldn't help but ask, “Could it be that these were written by the Fiend Emperor”

The butler said with a smile, “Our guest must be joking.

How could we have the honor of having his majesty the Fiend Emperor personally write for us This board was something we found in a storehouse.

We felt that it was appropriate and moved it here.”

“Your storehouse” Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue’s expressions turned strange.

The Jade Garden actually had that profound a history

The party entered through the door.

A wave of ki that penetrated deeply into their hearts wafted out.

There weren’t any sumptuous buildings inside, but rather a soft green meadow with fresh flowers.

It was as if a small forest were before their eyes.

How was this still a rock betting place This was absolutely a hidden paradise!

Even Shi Min and the others were startled.

They had only played on the heaven floor before, so it was their first time on the immortal floor too.

Just then, a beautiful voice called out, “So it was you guys!”



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