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Chapter 1317: Sealed

Yu Yanluo suddenly realized something.

“Don’t tell me… Something happened to them”

Those kings had special status among the fiend races.

Like the Golden Crow race, they were considered part of the winged races.

That was why they were a bit closer to the Golden Crow royal family than the other clans.

After some hesitation, Kong Qing still said in the end, “We already got to know each other in Cloudcenter Commandery, and you’re young master Zu’s good friend too, so I won’t hide this from you.

“Something has indeed happened to them.

I’ll talk about our own wise king first.

The Fiend Emperor knows that his heaven and man deterioration draws near.

However, the Peacock, Golden Peng, and Elf races have tremendous authority and strength.

Fearing that the Golden Crow Crown Prince would be too weak and unable to completely subdue these three clans, he decided to use marriage to bring him powerful allies.

“Our clan’s Princess Nanwu, regardless of status, age, or appearance, is one of the most suitable candidates.

Our wise king had the intention of marrying into the royal family, but no one expected Princess Nanwu herself to be so opposed to that.

She felt that she didn’t like the Golden Crow Crown Prince and was unwilling to marry him.

“Still, she understood the wise king’s intentions, so she didn’t try to defend herself.

Our people all thought she was willing to go through with it, so no one was sent to keep an eye on her.

And yet, in the end, she found a chance to secretly leave home.

Of course, her pretext was that she was going to create an information network in the human world.”

Kong Qing paused for a moment before asking, “Did young master Zu really not come”

Paper Bride, who had previously been bored to death, perked up her ears.

“Why is Sir Kong so interested in him” Yu Yanluo asked.

Even Yu Yanluo and Yan Xuehen were curious.

It really was a bit strange for him to be so interested in Zu An.

“It’s nothing much.

I heard that he was the princess’ good friend, so the wise king was a bit curious about him,” Kong Qing said with a smile.

Princess Nanwu’s standards were so high that she wasn’t even willing to marry the Golden Crow Crown Prince, even turning down the offer to become the future Fiend Empress.

And yet, she had given her precious first feather to Zu An! Forget about the wise king, not even Kong Qing himself could resist such drama.

Previously, he had thought that the princess might have been duped by this human somehow.

Even though Zu An’s performance in Cloudcenter Commandery was already quite outstanding, he was still quite lacking compared to the Golden Crow Crown Prince, who had already been famous for many years.

And yet, who would have thought that not long afterward, there would be news of the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s defeat at Zu An’s hands!

At the time, Kong Qing really felt endless admiration for the princess.

She really had an eye for people!

“The princess’ good friend” Three sharp pairs of eyes landed on Zu An at the same time.

When did this guy become close to the Peacock race’s princess However, the three immediately looked away to avoid revealing anything, because they didn’t want to expose his identity.

Yun Jianyue asked curiously, “Is the princess you’re speaking of Kong Nanjing”

Zu An had saved her not too long before, and it wouldn’t be too surprising if a young lady like her had experienced her first awakening of love.

“Of course not,” Kong Qing said while shaking his head.

“The one I’m speaking of is Princess Nanwu.”

The three women’s expressions immediately became strange.

This woman had even fled the marriage intended to make her the future Fiend Empress! Was it because of him

Just what kind of crazy luck with women does he have How did he manage to even steal the heart of a fiend race princess tens of thousands of miles away!

Yu Yanluo suddenly felt a bit jealous.

No wonder Zu An wanted to beat up the Golden Crow Crown Prince so badly… She had thought that he did it because of her, but as it turned out, it was actually for the sake of the Peacock race’s princess!

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue’s expressions became dangerous. No wonder this guy made that bet to have the crown princess.

So he already calculated all of this!

Zu An really wanted to cry out in injustice when he saw the Rage points pouring in. I’m only normal friends with Kong Nanwu…

Kong Qing said apologetically, “Right, I have to apologize in place of Princess Changning.

It was because of a slip of the tongue on her part that the fact of Zu An being with the Snake race was exposed.

That was why the Lion race began to trouble you all.

I wanted to come and help you out of that situation, but when I learned that the second empress was passing by, I decided to just wait by the city gates.”

Everything suddenly made sense.

They had been wondering how the Lion race had found them so quickly.

It turned out to be because Kong Nanjing had ratted them out! Even though that woman was fairly decent-looking, she really was a bit low on the intelligence scale.

“It doesn’t matter.

There were some others there back then, so there was no hiding it,” Yu Yanluo said.

She naturally didn’t hold it against them, especially when the Peacock race was treating them with such sincerity.

“As expected, Madam Yu truly has the bearing of an influential figure,” Kong Qing said in praise.

He continued, “Because Princess Nanwu clearly fled to avoid this arranged marriage, the royal family has been extremely unhappy.

Our wise king had no choice but to take responsibility and resign from his post to quell the Fiend Emperor’s anger.

That’s why the wise king actually feels guilty right now.

Between that and the Golden Peng King’s situation, the wise king is worried that there might be unnecessary… trouble.

That’s why he’s basically refused to see any guests.”

The party exchanged a look.

Apart from the dispute between the princes and second empress, the Fiend King Court’s clans were also in conflict, both covertly and openly!

“Did something happen to the Golden Peng race” Yu Yanluo asked curiously.

Kong Qing looked all around him.

Then, he said in a hushed voice, “Not long ago, the Golden Peng King was invited into the palace for a feast, but after the banquet, the next day, the people of the manor found him dead.”

Those present were all horrified.

The Golden Peng King’s status was extraordinary! Furthermore, he was an incredibly well-known expert, and yet he had died just like that!

Yun Jianyue didn’t hesitate and directly asked, “Then did the Fiend Emperor kill him”

Kong Qing jumped in fright, quickly stopping her and saying, “This lady, you must not speak carelessly! Slandering the Fiend Emperor even in private conversations is a huge offense, let alone such a sensitive matter as this.”

After some hesitation, he added, “That suspicion has indeed spread through the streets, but the Golden Peng King didn’t show any signs of wounds or poisoning.

Furthermore, the Fiend Emperor was in incredible grief, personally presiding over his burial.

He also promoted their heir, the Little Golden Peng King, into the new Golden Peng King, wishing him great success.

The Little Golden Peng King has expressed his loyalty several times as well, which is why the rumors had nothing to continue from.”

Yan Xuehen said indifferently, “To acquire something, you must give up something for a time.”

Yun Jianyue’s eyes lit up and she added, “Not bad, stone cold woman.

I have a newfound respect for your intelligence.”

Yan Xuehen was speechless.

Even though she didn’t like political schemes, she had always been a smart person.

Figuring something like that out wasn’t too difficult.

However, this woman made her sound like some idiot or something.

Kong Qing chuckled in embarrassment and said, “That’s something everyone has their own opinions about.

It’s enough as long as we have our own ideas.

However, it really isn’t too appropriate to discuss further.”

These two women really are fierce! Yet they clearly look like delicate and dainty beauties…

Yu Yanluo said with a frown, “Kong Nanwu has already left, but isn’t there still Kong Nanjing From what I’ve heard, she seems to be a strong candidate to become the crown princess.”

Kong Qing wanted to say something, but he stopped.

In the end, he said, “Princess Changning is indeed outstanding as well, but due to various factors, her desire to become the crown princess is unfortunately just wishful thinking.”

The others had strange expressions.

They had never expected him to provide such an evaluation of the situation.

If this reached Kong Nanjing’s ears, wouldn’t she go absolutely insane

Kong Qing continued, “There have only ever been two candidates for the position of crown princess.

One is Princess Nanwu, while the other is the Elf race’s Princess Snow.”

That immediately caught Zu An’s attention.

He had finally received news about Snow again!

“Princess Nanwu’s outstanding qualities need no further introduction.

Meanwhile, this Princess Snow has also truly shocked everyone,” Kong Qing said in admiration.

“For the sake of saving her clansmen, she didn’t hesitate to enter the human world.

For fear that she would be too beautiful, bringing unnecessary trouble, she had the Elf King seal her appearance.

But now that she’s returned, she no longer needs to have such misgivings, and can finally show her face to the world.

That’s why, after the Golden Crow Crown Prince met Princess Snow, he was actually more biased towards choosing Princess Snow.

Now that Princess Nanwu has fled her home, the most likely crown princess candidate title has naturally fallen onto Princess Snow.”

Zu An was stunned. She had her appearance sealed

However, he didn’t feel happy about that at all.

The only thing he remembered quite vividly was Snow’s playful and somewhat feisty nature.

And yet now, they were telling him that she had already changed Zu An suddenly felt a bit dejected. She didn’t have her body possessed by someone, right

He had already experienced similar things several times, so it was hard for him not to interpret the situation in such a treacherous way.


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