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Chapter 1311: A Grudge Must Be Repaid

That night, Zhang Ji and Chu Ji came to seek him out several times.

Zu An had to admit that sometimes, the affairs of the world were just that strange.

They had clearly never discussed anything among themselves beforehand, and yet things coincidentally turned out the same way.

For instance, they all brought different kinds of soup.

However, they had one thing in common, which was that they were all nourishing soups.

Zu An really was getting very worked up from eating all of those foods.

He had been doing his best to hold it in, and yet now, these three seductresses kept teasing him using all sorts of tricks.

He tried tactfully refusing several times, to the extent where he even said outright that he couldn't let down the duke and the madam.

However, Liu Ji smashed straight through his bottom line by retorting, “You might not be letting them down, but what about us”

Zu An was no herbivore.

Liu Ji had completely stirred up the flame within him.

In the end, just like that, whether it meant letting down the duke or the madam, he spent the restless night with them.

The next morning, after he dealt with the various affairs of the manor, he quickly returned to the Imperial Envoy residence.

When he returned to his room, he saw Yan Xuehen sitting inside with a completely cold expression.

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 147 147 147…

“Where did you go last night!” Yan Xuehen exclaimed.

The previous night, she had intended to discuss the matter of returning to the fiend race’s side with Zu An, but she couldn't find him anywhere!

Her first thought had been that something had happened to him.

After thinking it over, though, she felt that with Zu An’s official rank and cultivation, there likely wasn’t anyone in Cloudcenter Commandery who could threaten him.

As such, she had decided to just stay put and wait for him.

The entire time, because she was scared of being discovered, she had fled whenever there was even a bit of activity.

And yet, in the end, Zu An hadn’t come back after an entire night.

She felt that ever since she had met Zu An, her unshakable daoist state had been pretty much completely ruined.

Now, her emotions were even stronger than before.

“I…” Zu An trailed off.

He had a guilty conscience and didn’t know how to explain himself.

Yan Xuehen saw his appearance and jumped in fright, asking, “What’s going on Why do you look so weak”

Zu An was stunned.

He looked in the mirror and saw that he had two black circles beneath his eyes, and his complexion was haggard.

His expression suddenly became a bit strange as he thought, Human bodies aren’t made of steel after all… Those three seductresses could grind even an iron rod into a needle. However, he replied, “It might be because I’ve been constantly running back and forth.

I had to deal with some personal affairs last night and wasn’t able to rest either.”

Yan Xuehen’s face reddened.

She remembered how Zu An had carried her almost all the way.

Later on, they had done ‘that’ in the hot springs… No wonder he was so tired.

As such, her anger completely disappeared, instead replaced with an apologetic feeling and gentle concern.

She said, “In that case, you should rest well.

We can leave tomorrow.”

Zu An had initially thought that it would be fine to leave on that day, but he was actually a bit tired.

Thus, he didn’t refuse.

He asked, “Right, what did you eat yesterday”

After some hesitation, Yan Xuehen said, “Sir Sang invited me to the banquet, but I don’t like those types of gatherings and didn’t go.

I thought you were going to come back eventually anyway, and it would be fine to have a meal then.

But in the end…”

Zu An’s eyes widened.

He asked, “Then… You didn’t eat anything all day”

Yan Xuehen proudly said, “Cultivators like me can go for several days without eating or drinking anyway.

Furthermore, I cultivate a technique that emphasizes peace of mind.

It’s normal to fast, so I don’t feel hungry.”

As soon as she finished her sentence, however, her stomach growled.

Yan Xuehen was speechless.

Her fair and clear face immediately turned completely red.

Zu An didn’t try to tease her and instead said in consolation, “Of course it would be fine if you skip a few meals at other times, but you’re injured right now! We also exhausted so much energy on the way here, so you need to replenish your energy.

I haven’t eaten yet either, but I know some good places in Cloudcenter City.

Even though they aren’t that famous, their food is authentic.”

Yan Xuehen wanted to refuse at first, but when her stomach growled again, she was too embarrassed to keep protesting.

Thus, Zu An took her to different breakfast booths to try the local specialties.

Yan Xuehen was alarmed when she saw the bustling morning market.

She had previously felt that such noisy places were annoying, but for some reason, she now felt that they were just another facet of the world.

Perhaps these were precious things that she had already forgotten about for too long

There were all kinds of delicacies everywhere.

Yan Xuehen no longer acted like her usual goddess-like self, instead eating until her mouth was covered in oil.

Zu An chuckled, reaching out to help her wipe the corners of her lips.

However, Yan Xuehen’s face reddened and she took a step back to avoid his hand.

Then, she quickly took out her handkerchief to wipe her mouth.

Zu An didn’t feel offended and knew that it was just her nature.

There was no way she would accept him that quickly.

The fact that she was willing to come out to have breakfast with him was already a huge improvement.

After finishing breakfast, the two returned to the Imperial Envoy residence.

They were both a bit tired, so they decided to get some rest.

Zu An jokingly suggested sleeping together; he would sleep on the floor, while she could take the bed.

However, Yan Xuehen got so angry she almost slashed him with her sword.

In the end, Yan Xuehen slept next door to him.

The two were both experts, though.

Even though there was a wall between them, they could hear each other’s breathing.

They both quickly calmed down and entered the land of dreams.

They dozed off into the evening.

When Zu An woke up, he felt incredibly refreshed, while Yan Xuehen’s face also seemed to be glowing.

For cultivators like them, that amount of sleep was already enough for them to recover.

Zu An went to find Sang Hong in order to say goodbye.

Sang Hong said seriously, “I will tell the world that you went off to investigate whether or not there are other spatial cracks.

However, this pretext will not last for too long, so you should return as quickly as possible.”

“I will.

Sect Master Yan is coming with me too.

Even if you don’t trust me, you trust her, right” Zu An replied with a chuckle. 

Yan Xuehen secretly pinched him. How many times has this guy made use of my reputation already My reputation really is going to be done for one day.

Sure enough, when he heard that Yan Xuehen was going with him, Sang Hong sighed in relief.

He said, “Of course I will not worry any further if Goddess Yan is traveling with you.

I wish the two of you a smooth journey.”

The two waved each other farewell.

Afterward, Zu An and Yan Xuehen didn’t disturb anyone else and headed to a secluded place.

Zu An took out the Wind Fire Wheels, then reflexively squatted down.

He patted his back, gesturing for her to get on.

Yan Xuehen’s expression became a bit unnatural as she said, “There’s no need.

My injuries have recovered quite a bit.

I’ll just hold your arm.”

Zu An knew that she was easily embarrassed and didn’t force it.

He got on the Wind Fire Wheels, then flew into the sky while holding her arm.

The oxygen in the sky was thin, and the winds were biting cold.

However, it wasn’t that big of a threat to the two of them.

Zu An asked, “Should we go through the Great Snowy Mountain again”

Yan Xuehen said in assent, “That path is the shortest.

We’ll be able to avoid the more dangerous areas after the last lesson.”

Zu An thought that made sense, so he continued to fly toward the Great Snowy Mountain.

Along the way, he breathed in the elegant fragrance of the beauty at his side.

His thoughts were just starting to stir when Yan Xuehen warned him ahead of time, “If you suddenly speed up and stop again, don’t blame me for becoming hostile.”

Zu An’s face heated up.

It seemed what he had done last time hadn’t fooled her.

He could only give up on those thoughts when he heard that.

Soon afterward, they entered the Great Snowy Mountain.

Both of them became nervous, worried that something might happen.

Fortunately, they had already become familiar with the safe route.

Their luck was better the second time, so they didn’t encounter anything dangerous.

As they passed the hot spring, Zu An couldn't help but suggest, “Should we take a break in that hot spring again”

The memory of the previous time appeared in Yan Xuehen’s mind when Zu An mentioned that place.

She blushed with embarrassment and looked away without saying a word.

Zu An knew that she was easily embarrassed and didn’t tease her anymore.

He could only give up on that tempting thought.

Just like that, the two crossed the borders of the Great Snowy Mountain and arrived in the fiend race territory.

Then, Zu An headed directly for the Fiend King Court.

Several days later, he caught up to Yu Yanluo’s group; they were staying in a certain tribe’s territory.

Yan Xuehen immediately separated from Zu An when she saw them, seemingly scared that they would notice something.

“Ah Zu!” Yu Yanluo exclaimed, leaping into his arms when she saw him.

Yan Xuehen raised her eyebrows, but she didn’t say anything.

She could only walk to one side, feeling mysteriously annoyed.

There was a stalk of grass hanging from Yun Jianyue’s mouth as she reclined lazily on a tree branch.

When she saw Yan Xuehen, her eyes immediately lit up.

She quickly jumped down to complain, “Stone cold woman, do you know how bored I was after you two left This fiend race territory is huge, but there’s almost no one here.

There were several days where we didn’t even see a single person! I was so bored I almost considered chasing after some chickens for amusement! Thank goodness you’re back.”

Yan Xuehen frowned and harrumphed.“So what if I am back It is not as if I will play with you.”

Yun Jianyue giggled, replying, “Aren’t we acting too unfamiliar with each other here Let’s head inside first.”

A crafty glint flickered through Yan Xuehen’s eyes, but she didn’t reveal anything else.

When they entered the room, Yun Jianyue closed the door behind them.

Yan Xuehen asked with a frown, “So What is it”

Yun Jianyue rubbed her hands and replied, “How is bullying chickens more fun than bullying you Stone cold woman, has your little butt missed the feeling of my hand”

She pounced after speaking, but her smile quickly froze.

She looked down and saw that a finger had struck her major acupoint.

She exclaimed in disbelief, “You’ve recovered”

A hint of a smile appeared in Yan Xuehen’s usually cold and indifferent eyes.

She replied, “Witch, who would have thought that something like this would happen to even someone like you”

Then, she pulled Yun Jianyue’s dress straight down, and loud slaps rang out.

Smack smack smack!

A grudge had to be properly repaid!


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