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Chapter 1268: Three Three Flower

The fiend race experts choked.

Only then did they remember that there was a final boss present.

A strange wave of silence fell over the crowd.

They all felt unhappy, but judging from the strength Zu An had displayed, he was indeed stronger than them.

All of them felt awful when they realized that.

However, they were all proud individuals from distinguished clans.

How could they just accept their fate like that

Duan Tiande was the first to speak.

“Your cultivation is higher than ours, but there are so many of us here.

You wont be a match if we join forces.

Arent you being a bit too greedy, trying to monopolize this Prime Souldew all for yourself” Zu An had saved his enemy Qiao Heng earlier, so he knew that the two of them had no chance of being on the same side.

As such, he wasnt scared of offending him.

With Duan Tiande taking the lead, the others all voiced their agreement.

They clearly wanted a cut of the profits.

Zu An replied calmly, “Is that so Then you can all give it a try.”

The fiend race experts were speechless.

Even though they believed they could win if they joined together, there was nothing good at all awaiting those who moved first.

In that case, even if they did successfully make Zu An back off, they would lose the strength needed to get a portion of the reward themselves.

None of them were that stupid.

Still, remaining silent forever wasnt a solution either.

They looked at each other, schemes brewing during the calm.

Qiao Heng spoke up.

“This brother didnt compete with us over those medicines earlier, so its natural that we return the favor and choose not to fight with him over the Prime Souldew.”

Duan Tiande raised a brow and replied, “Is it really because he didnt fight over the medicine Isnt it obviously because he saved you before”

Qiao Hengs expression changed.

Before he could retort, however, Ma Huang stared at him and said ambiguously, “Thats right.

How can the price of those medicines compare to this Prime Souldew If this brother is willing, I can use the medicine from earlier to exchange for this Prime Souldew.”

He had successfully seized a stalk of the Silverthread Flower, which was why he had the right to say that.

The others all voiced their support too.

Zu An frowned and was about to act when Princess Suolun said, “It is not just the medicine.

Earlier, when we were in the fog forest, it was all because of them that we were able to leave safely.

Without them, we might have already perished there.”

Princess Changning cried out inwardly in regret.

Why was she always just a step too late She quickly voiced her agreement.

“Right! They saved our lives, so it is reasonable and fair to let him have this Prime Souldew.”

The others became angry when they heard the two women speak.

They still would have had the advantage in numbers before, but if these three stood on the other side, what the heck was the point of fighting

Yan Xuehen took out a beautiful white jade bottle and gently lowered herself next to the Prime Souldew.

She made a hand seal, and the Prime Souldew seemingly flowed into the jade bottle on its own by some mysterious force.

She said, “The most worrisome trait of Prime Souldew is that it can solidify.

At that point, it loses its usefulness.” She applied a dao rune on the jade bottle as she spoke, clearly to prevent such an outcome.

The others were all amazed when they saw such astonishing methods, thinking to themselves that even the weakest-looking woman in Zu Ans party had such extraordinary knowledge.

Just what kind of background did this group have

Yan Xuehen handed the filled jade bottle to Zu An, but Zu An didnt take it.

Instead, he said, “You should split this with Big Sister Yun.

Neither Yanluo nor I have a use for it right now.”

Yu Yanluo nodded.

She came from a ki stone mining family, so she had seen the substance before.

In her present state, such a thing was indeed not very useful for her.

Forget about the fact that the grandmasters had taught Zu An their extreme arts, it was worth it just as a gift of friendship for two grandmasters.

Yan Xuehen was stunned.

She replied, “You are giving it to us”

This was something so precious that even the emperor Zhao Han had searched the entire world for it, and yet wasnt able to find enough of it.

And yet, Zu An had ended up giving it to the two of them so readily.

Yun Jianyues expression also became a bit strange; it was unclear what she was thinking.

The fiend race experts almost vomited blood.

They had been about to fight with their lives over the treasure, and yet this guy was just using it to chase after women!

This guy really does go all out in picking up women!

If the Prime Souldew were auctioned off, all of the worlds courtesan queens would be lining up to play with the seller, and even some princesses from smaller countries would be at the selection! And yet now, it was gifted to two women just like that

You have successfully trolled Duan Tiande for 666 666 666…

You have successfully trolled Ma Huang for 666 666 666…

You have successfully trolled Kong Nanjing for 666 666 666…

Princess Changning was extremely angry.

She had just spoken up for him, and yet he didnt plan to share a portion with her at all![1]

Princess Suolun was instead rather calm.

Her relationship with him wasnt close to the point that she could expect anything.

The fact that she had been able to obtain the Soul Splitting Herb was already an unexpected surprise; how could she unreasonably hope for anything else

The others began to disperse while muttering about how all the good stuff was going to be taken by Zu An if they stuck with him, so they might as well rely on their own luck.

Princess Suolun gave Zu An a nod and a smile, then chose a direction to search in.

Hes traveling with his sweethearts right now, so theres no reason at all for me to stick around.

When they left, Yan Xuehen finally realized what had happened.

She blushed slightly and said, “Then, thank you.” As a grandmaster, she really did need such a treasure.

However, it was so precious that she didnt even know how to reply.

She could only say to Yun Jianyue, “The Prime Souldew has already been sealed.

If I undo the seal now, it might solidify and lose its effectiveness…”

Yun Jianyue knew at least that much.

She said, “Stone cold woman, just keep it with you.

Ill come find you when I need it.

Youd better not secretly use it all on your own.”

Even she felt something was strange as she spoke.

In the past, she would rather have destroyed something as precious as the Prime Souldew on the spot than let Yan Xuehn hold onto it.

And yet, now, she actually really did trust Yan Xuehen.

Yan Xuehen merely harrumphed in response.

The group continued to explore the inner area.

Eventually, they arrived in a spacious and empty main hall.

There, they saw the fiend race experts walk in from different caves.

It really was quite strange.

They had all chosen to go in different directions in search of treasure, trying to see if they could find any opportunities of their own.

However, after walking and walking, they had all ended up gathering together again!

Yun Jianyues expression grew serious.

She said, “It seems this place is arranged precisely to lead people here.

Be careful.”

Suddenly, an exuberant wave of life force ki surged from the center of the hall.

The density of the ki far surpassed even that of the Prime Souldew from before.

“This is…”

No one could stand still any longer.

All of them rushed toward the center.

In the middle of a pond stood a lone, budding flower.

It was quite strange; it had no leaves and only three petals.

It hadnt even blossomed, and yet it gave off the impression of a brocade in full bloom.

The rich life force ki had come from that very flower.

“Dont tell me this is the legendary…” Yan Xuehen began.

She was usually calm and aloof, and yet she completely lost her composure at that moment.

Yun Jianyues body shook as she finished, “It is! This should be the Three Three Flower of legend!”

Zu An and Yu Yanluo were surprised.

They had never seen the two grandmasters lose their composure before.

They quickly asked what the Three Three Flower was.

Yan Xuehen took a deep breath and calmed herself down a bit, explaining, “The Three Three Flower is also known as the Three Lives Three Worlds Flower.

It is said to be able to keep a couple together throughout three lives and three worlds.

However, even though it sounds like a flower of romance, it is actually a stalk of eternal medicine.

It is rumored that this flower blossoms three times, and each time it does, it can allow its owner to live another life.

I have always thought that its existence was only a rumor, but it actually really does exist!”

Zu An was momentarily stunned.

Even Qin Shihuang, the first emperor of China, had looked for eternal medicines and yet failed.

Did such a thing really exist

The fiend race experts all screamed while throwing themselves at the flower.

Even without the explanations, they could tell that the medicine was extraordinary.

All of them wanted to obtain it first.

This time, none of them would back down anymore!


Princess Changning is Kong Nanjing.

Kong is the surname used by the Peacock Race; Changning is likely a title of hers.

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