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Chapter 1258: Whose Mouth Is More Formidable, Really

Yu Yanluo took a step forward, her expression cold.

She said, “Little lion, there is always someone above you in this world.

If you are too arrogant, you will easily bring disaster upon yourself.”

After how rudely he had spoken and how he had insulted her lover, she felt extremely unhappy.

She was a clan leader, after all, and even in the human world, she had occupied a high position.

How could she tolerate a kid shooting his mouth off like this in front of her

However, Shi Ling’s status was a bit sensitive.

The fact that Zu An had been dragged into the fiend race territories because of her was already something she felt guilty about.

If he made many enemies among the fiend races because of her, he might end up in more danger.

As such, her aura immediately surged, releasing pressure in all directions to make Shi Ling step down.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue both voiced their surprise when they saw that.

They exchanged a look and both saw confusion in each other’s eyes. Just how much time has passed And yet, Yu Yanluo has already risen from the eighth rank to the ninth rank

They had almost always been together as of late.

Yu Yanluo didn’t really seem to have encountered any special experiences! Furthermore, she had even been injured so badly.

Based on her normal cultivation speed, it would already have been quite excellent if she at least recovered her fighting strength, and yet she had actually risen by an entire cultivation rank

Both of them had extraordinary experience and knowledge.

They quickly realized the most likely possibility. Zu An’s transcendent aptitude!

There was an old saying that transcendent aptitude cultivators’ blood essence was extremely nourishing, and it would allow a cultivator to achieve twice the effect with half the effort.

They had previously assumed that was a myth, but now, it seemed as if transcendent aptitude blood essence really might have extraordinary uses!

Yu Yanluo had also only broken through recently.

Back then, the two had consummated a physical relationship when Zu An saved her.

No wonder even though Yu Yanluo is normally so dignified and composed, she still snuck over to visit Zu An yesterday when they were in Bluefield Country! Turns out she already knew what was good for her!

The two of them were suddenly dazed.

They thought to themselves that they had been stuck at the grandmaster level for so many years already.

If they obtained Zu An’s help, wouldn’t that mean they could have hope of breaking through to the earth immortal rank

The two both blushed as soon as that thought emerged, their hearts beating crazily. What sort of nonsensical thoughts are we having There’s no way that can happen!

While the two of them were letting their imagination run wild, the other fiend race experts’ expressions changed as well.

Yu Yanluo had always kept a low-profile until then, but she was actually a ninth ranked expert.

Furthermore, judging from the pressure she was giving off, she was definitely not just an ordinary ninth rank.

Even they felt a sense of fear.

She definitely had something that could threaten them!

Now that these sudden developments had happened, the others began to look at Shi Ling with amusement, trying to see how he would get out of this awkward situation.

Shi Ling’s expression also changed.

At first, he had thought that she was just a woman who served that guy with her beauty.

How could he have known that she was actually a hidden expert And yet, he had always been a prideful person.

How could he just back down while everyone else was watching

Of course, he wasn’t stupid either.

Fighting against a ninth ranked expert head on was a stupid decision.

If he got injured here, it would instead benefit the others he was competing over the treasure with.

As such, he said with a sneer, “Hmph, why would a real man like me fight with a woman That would just be embarrassing.”

He looked towards Zu An afterward and said provocatively, “You over there, do you only know how to hide and mooch off women”

Yu Yanluo’s brows stood up.

She was now truly angry.

She was just about to act when Zu An patted her shoulder, gesturing to just leave it to him.

Yu Yanluo was good at understanding others, and knew that acting in his place here would instead be detrimental to him.

As such, she silently withdrew.

Princess Suolun, who had always been watching from the sidelines, revealed an expression of shock.

This woman’s cultivation was already so high, and yet she actually listened to that man’s opinion! Was this man really someone who relied purely on his appearance

“A real man” Zu An replied with a laugh.

“How old are you Pull down your pants, and let’s see if you’ve even grown any hair down there yet.”

Pwah ha ha!

Uncontrollable laughter immediately broke out.

However, as the cultivators started to laugh, they realized they would be offending Shi Ling that way, so they all struggled to hold it in.

Princess Suolun blushed a bit and muttered to herself, “Hmph, just a rascal.”

Shi Ling’s expression turned cold.

He snapped, “You dare show this prince disrespect Come here and kowtow to me immediately in apology, and this prince might consider sparing your life!”

You have successfully trolled Shi Ling for 444 444 444…

Zu An chuckled out of amusement when he saw the other party raise his head in an arrogant and despotic manner.

He retorted, “Do you point that nose of yours at the sky when you’re sucking on milk back home too”

Ha ha ha!

The others really couldn't hold themselves back anymore and all roared with laughter.

Their statuses weren’t all that inferior to Shi Ling’s anyway, and they were older too.

They hadn’t felt that happy seeing a kid like this acting so arrogant to begin with.

Shi Ling’s face turned completely red.

He spat, “Damn brat, I was going to spare you your life as a favor for your female companions, but it is a pity that your mouth is so filthy.

Not even a deity from the heavens above can save you today, I mean it!”

You have successfully trolled Shi Ling for 711 711 711…

His aura surged powerfully, accompanied by a faint lion’s roar.

This was his Lion race’s special ability.

Even though it wasn’t a domain, to a certain degree, it had some characteristics of one

If they were subjected to the roar’s intimidating aura, even similarly-ranked experts would lose some of their fighting spirit.

It would have an even greater overwhelming effect against those of lower ranks.

The others’ expressions became grave.

Now that things had reached this level, it was already a battle of life and death.

Shi Ling was young but accomplished, and known for his fiery temper.

That guy might have been able to keep his life if he yielded; why did he have to say those things instead

Princess Changning thought to herself, This guy really cares too much about face.

If something does happen to him, he deserves it.

Princess Suolun sized up Zu An with a curious expression.

She thought to herself, Is this man relying on the women behind him, or does he truly have some skill

“Not even a deity from the heavens above can save me” Even under such pressure, Zu An seemed completely fine.

He said with a sigh, “In the distant future, when later generations find your tomb and open it, they’ll find that there’s nothing left but a mouth, and quite a tough one.”

The others were a bit stunned when they heard that.

Why was he talking about some tomb However, as they kept listening, they realized what was happening.

They could no longer hold on and laughed until their stomachs were about to hurt.

Princess Suolun couldn't hold back a smile either. This guy, really…

Shi Ling was initially a bit stunned.

When he heard the others’ laughter, he finally realized what was happening.

He was utterly furious! He yelled, “I am going to skin you alive and pull out your tendons, and then burn you at the stake day after day.

Only then will I be able to vent out my hatred!”

You have successfully trolled Shi Ling for 999 999 999…

Zu An gave him an indifferent look and replied, “Looks like I was right after all.

Your most formidable part really is your mouth.”

The others all had strange expressions. Your mouth is clearly the tougher one here…

However, Shi Ling calmed down.

He was a genius, after all, and knew that Zu An was provoking him on purpose.

He had the expression of someone looking at a corpse.

He said, “Good.

Since you have said that my mouth is formidable, I will use my mouth to make you wish you were dead rather than alive.”

The fat daoist’s mung bean-sized eyes widened. Huh Why does that sound a bit dirty Fortunately, Shi Ling didn’t know what he was thinking, or else he might have just given up on Zu An to deal with the fatty first.

The other fiend race experts realized what he meant.

Shi Ling was clearly planning to use the Lion's Roar Technique.

The Lion's Roar Technique was the Lion race’s extreme art, able to turn a target into an imbecile on the spot.

If the target’s cultivation happened to be too low, they might just explode into bloody mist instantly.

A group of people moved behind Shi Ling.

The Lion's Roar Technique was an area of effect skill.

They didn’t want to be caught up in its blast radius.

Princess Suolun gave Zu An a worried look, thinking that even if this guy had some skills, wasn’t the situation getting a bit out of hand Shi Ling was already furious, so just how shocking would the Lion's Roar Technique be That guy might be finished instantly!

Qiao Heng couldn't help but warn Zu An, “Be careful!”

However, it was already too late.

A low but terrifying sound emerged from Shi Ling’s throat.

Then, he opened his mouth wide, sending out a tremendous wave of energy.

Just then, however, a mocking voice called out, “What you lookin’ at!”

Shi Ling felt a powerful urge in his very soul, and he reflexively replied, “I’m looking at you, **head!”

He was stunned as soon as he spoke.

Why had he said that at such a crucial juncture However, he didn’t have time to react.

The energy he stored up for the Lion’s Roar Technique had already reached his lips, and yet wasn’t released, so he was forced to swallow it all back down.

His internal energies surged chaotically and inflicted some injuries on him.

The dark elf Duan Tiande, who had just been watching with amusement, narrowed his eyes.

Previously, he had been just about to successfully attack Qiao Heng, but he was interrupted precisely by that thing.

At the time, he had just thought that it was a coincidence, but now, it seemed that wasn’t the case at all!

Qiao Heng was surprised and happy to see what had happened.

He gave Zu An a look, realizing that Zu An really had saved him.

However, he didn’t recall ever having met Zu An before, so why would this guy save him Forget it, I don’t care anymore.

If he really is in danger, I’ll have to save him even if I end up offending the Lion Race.

The other disciples weren’t stupid either.

They remembered what had happened previously by the marsh and immediately knew what was happening.

Princess Suolun smiled. As expected, there is more to this guy than meets the eye.

Shi Ling swallowed the blood that had rushed up his throat back down.

He cursed, “What kind of damned skill did you use!”

The Lion race was tough and strong.

Even though the Lion’s Roar Technique had made him suffer injuries from the rebound, he circulated his ki and quickly suppressed those injuries.

However, when he recalled his bold and confident words, and how he had suffered the very next moment, he was filled with rage.

You have successfully trolled Shi Ling for 399 399 399…

Zu An remarked with a chuckle, “Isn’t your mouth pretty tough Why don’t you continue”

Shi Ling choked.

He instinctively wanted to use the Lion’s Roar Technique to kill Zu An, but his reason told him to give up on the thought.

Zu An’s skill clearly countered his Lion’s Roar Technique.

Using it again would just be utterly stupid.

You have successfully trolled Shi Ling for 411 411 411…

“Very good…” Shi Ling began, taking a deep breath.

His expression was cold and grim as he continued, “I will trample you under my feet soon and pull out your tongue.

I will chop it up into small pieces to feed to my dogs!”

Afterward, he brandished both hands.

Two golden fists flew through the air, then quickly turned into two ferocious lions that released deafening roars.

They were sinister and ferocious, opening their vicious, bloody mouths to attack Zu An.

The paws of the two golden lion projections crushed the giant boulders along the way into powder and smashed the trees to splinters.

“As expected, the Lion Race’s extreme art, Mad Lion’s Hegemon Fist, is incredibly ferocious.

It is difficult to face head on,” Princess Suolun couldn't help but say with a sigh.

Yun Jianyue was a bit surprised.

She couldn't help but nudge Yu Yanluo with her elbow, remarking, “Why is your lover so good at getting the attention of girls That Devil Race princess seems to be praising that lion boy on the surface, but actually, she’s warning Zu An!”


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