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Chapter 1247: Giant Tongue

Yun Jianyue seemed to have seen through Zu An’s misgivings and explained, “You don’t need to worry.

Because of their innate talents, the fiend races do advance in cultivation ranks faster than humans.

However, what the fiend races pay the closest attention to is bloodline inheritance.

Among heirs, there’s usually only a single individual who can obtain the approval of their parents, and thus awaken the power inherited by their ancestors.

The other brothers and sisters don’t have such luck and are thus forever stuck at the same cultivation realm, unable to advance at all.”

“Even though cultivation is difficult for humans, there are no such restrictions.

That is why there are more people who slowly advance bit by bit,” Yan Xuehen added.

“So that was it,” Zu An mused.

He thought to himself that having two grandmasters at his side really made things different.

Their knowledge and experience was much greater than that of ordinary people.

From time to time, some people spoke up from off to the side.

“Whose young master is that He even brings so many of his women with him when he goes on a trip”

“The outside world is full of dangers.

Does he think this is some vacation He’s going to be killed and have his women stolen one day.”

“But to be honest, those women are really freaking hot… Even though they’re masked, judging from those figures and eyes, they’re clearly exceptional beauties.

It’s to the point that even I’m starting to think about doing something like stealing them…”

“The treasure map is more important.

If you found the treasure, what kind of woman couldn’t you get”

Zu An was speechless when he saw how people kept sneaking reluctant glances at the women with him as they left.

He muttered, “I finally know why the stuff I read always ends up with the main character surrounded by villains… When the women around you are too pretty, that’s a source of disaster in itself!”

Yan Xuehen’s expression turned ice-cold.

Who would dare to talk about her in such an obscene way normally However, after seeing the nearby people treat her like one of Zu An’s wives, she felt a bit embarrassed and forgot about acting out.

Yun Jianyue remained surprisingly calm.

She said, “Those who don’t have the skill but still take exceptional beauties as their wives never come to a good end.

I’ve seen too many similar tragedies in my years in the martial world.”

While they were all talking to each other, bitter screams suddenly erupted in the distance.

Then, many people quickly ran back.

“Poison! There’s a poisonous miasma!”

Several people were screaming.

Zu An and the others already saw that many of them were covering their faces.

Their eyes and skin were already starting to fester, so it was easy to imagine just how fierce the poison was.

“It looks like that treasure map is real.

How can any important treasure not have any defenses” Yun Jianyue remarked, remaining calm.

The people screaming in pain didn’t make her feel a thing.

Zu An felt worried, however.

He said, “I don’t fear poison, but you’re all injured.

Will you end up being affected”

Let alone a threat to their lives, even the slightest scar on their perfect skin would be a terrible tragedy!

Yan Xuehen’s brows furrowed slightly.

She said, “That is hard to say.

If the poison is too severe, I might not be able to withstand it in my current state.”

Yun Jianyue was more prideful, so she wasn’t willing to say it out loud.

However, her silence revealed a similar opinion.

If the two of them had their grandmaster level cultivation, they could prevent even a speck of dirt from touching their bodies, so they naturally wouldn’t fear most poisons.

That was why they didn’t have any poison resistance pills, as they normally didn’t need them.

How could they have anticipated that they would become injured to this extent

Yu Yanluo spoke up just then.

“There’s an easy solution.

The Snake race has researched poisons extensively, and I have many antidote pills on me.

Dealing with some poisonous miasma shouldn’t be an issue.”

The others suddenly realized that was indeed the case.

There were many kinds of Snake race people, and many of them were poisonous.

That was why the Snake race’s achievements in poison were well known.

How had they forgotten about that

Yu Yanluo handed them all a batch of antidote pills.

Just in case, they each kept one in their mouth.

The pills were all refined by the Snake race’s elites.

This time, as their clan leader was going on a dangerous trip, the various families had prepared all kinds of resources for her.

She had been a bit upset about how the two women were treating her before, but after thinking about it, she was a legitimate lover of Zu An, so she should help him with his worries.

If the two grandmasters became his enemies because of her, that really would be bad.

That was why she took the initiative to hand over her precious medicines to ease their relationship.

At that point, Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue were too embarrassed to continue being angry at her.

They thought to themselves, With this, we’ll just forgive your sneakiness now.

Seeing that their relationship had improved again, Zu An sighed in relief.

He once again warned himself that he would never bring so many women with him on a trip ever again.

Then, the group quickly arrived in front of the miasma.

The cloud of pinkish mist before them really was a bit frightening.

Zu An even wondered if the miasma had any indecent effects.

However, the miserable screams of those who had run out proved that he was overthinking it.

Of course, not everyone was powerless before the miasma.

The fiend races all had their own different methods.

Some put up a translucent barrier around themselves to forcibly block the miasma.

Others had transparent wings on their backs; whenever they moved their wings, the miasma in front of them was blown aside.

Some carried magic artifacts to protect themselves, and walked straight in.

Others took antidote pills, then faced the mist head on.

“About half of the original group has been filtered out,” Yan Xuehen concluded after observing for a bit.

“Weeding them out is a good thing too.

If they can’t even get through this first, outermost trial, they’ll only be throwing away their lives if they go deeper in,” Yun Jianyue said indifferently.

Yu Yanluo said worriedly, “Even though I only caught a glimpse, I seem to have seen the Golden Peng race, Peacock race, Demon race, Lion race, Bear race, and even the ocean races’ experts.

Judging from the purity of their bloodlines, they seem to be from king clans.”

Yun Jianyue said with a chuckle, “That’s not all.

There are some that are pretty cute, don’t you think, Little Zu”

Zu An was speechless.

He shot back, “What are you asking me for I don’t care if they’re pretty or not.

Also, can you not call me that It makes me feel like some Imperial Palace eunuch.”

“No problem, Little Zu,” Yun Jianyue said with a grin.

She found his distressed appearance extremely adorable.

Zu An was speechless.

Yan Xuehen frowned and said, “Stop messing around.

The others have already gone in.

Let’s hurry and follow along.”

“Why are you in such a rush Isn’t it fine to have the others scout out the situation Would any important treasure be that easily found” Yun Jianyue replied.

Despite that, she still walked in quickly.

The group continued for a long time before gradually, light reappeared in front of them.

They sped up, and finally broke free from the miasma.

Before them was something that resembled a vast swamp.

However, for cultivators who could get that far, a swamp wasn’t a big deal at all.

On the other side of the swamp was a group of neat and orderly trees, with a small trail running through them.

Off to either side, there were all kinds of stone beast statues.

“Memorial statues!”

Those present were shocked.

The statues were stone people and beasts that protected their masters.

Tombs that had the right to have memorial statues all contained at least high nobility or ministers.

It could even be an imperial tomb!

The other fiend race experts who had gone through the miasma also recognized the memorial statues.

They all began to breathe heavily with excitement.

A great tomb like this definitely had precious funerary objects.

They finally couldn't hold back anymore.

They all leaped forward, wishing to be the first to find the tomb and seize the most important treasure.

They revealed all sorts of remarkable abilities.

Some took to the skies, while others moved through the water.

Yun Jianyue remarked with a frown, “It’s not that simple!”

A few others, whose performances had been the most outstanding, had come to the same conclusion as her.

They didn’t move either.

Suddenly, the previously calm swamp surged.

Then, a massive tongue reached out.

The fiend race individuals weren’t newbies; as they leaped over the swamp, they had all prepared for sudden developments beneath them.

However, the tongue was way too fast.

Most of them weren’t even able to react before they were entangled.

A few cultivators with higher cultivation tried to attack the tongue wrapped around them.

However, the tongue was covered in viscous liquid that made all of their attacks slide off.

Still, the owner of the tongue seemed to have felt pain, and immediately pulled its tongue back.

All of those above the swamp were dragged into the water.

Miserable screams rang out again and again, but there wasn’t even a single wisp of blood visible.

Those by the shore shivered as they watched the scene.


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