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Chapter 1236: Mysterious

Yu Yanluo was about to turn around and ask Zu An to help out, but she was surprised to find that she couldn't see him at all.

By the time she turned around again, he was already holding Tushan Yu in his arms and standing in front of her.

Off to the side, Yun Jianyue couldn't help but say sarcastically, “I’ve never seen another hero rush to a beauty’s aid faster than this brat.”

Yan Xuehen nodded in deep sympathy.

After watching for a while, she frowned and remarked, “Why do I feel as if the way Bluefield Country Lord looks at him is a bit strange”

Yun Jianyue rolled her eyes and retorted, “It would be hard for a woman to not feel anything if she were saved from the brink of death by a man.

It’s not as if you’ve never experienced such a thing before, and your reaction was even stronger than hers.

You still have the nerve to say that”

Yan Xuehen gritted her teeth and complained, “Witch, are you really going to go against me in everything”

Seeing that the two of them were about to argue again, Yu Yanluo pressed her palm against her forehead.

What she was more worried about at the moment was Zu An.

The opponent was a master rank cultivator, after all, and his strike looked powerful.

Zu An had rushed over in a hurry to save her, so he might not be able to deal with the attack in such a moment of urgency.

As if seeing through her worries, Yun Jianyue said, “Relax, have some faith in your man.”

Yu Yanluo blushed a bit when she heard the words ‘your man’.

However, even a grandmaster like Yun Jianyue was saying that, so she felt a bit more at ease.

Meanwhile, Chi Wen continued charging at Tushan Yu.

He hadn’t expected her nine-tailed fox skill to suddenly break down.

He wanted to stop himself, but it was already too late.

He wasn’t at a sufficient level to stop his momentum at this kind of juncture.

If he forcefully tried to stop himself, he would instead injure himself seriously.

Even though he was a bit reluctant, compared to his own safety, who cared about a single woman Since he couldn't obtain her anyway, he’d personally destroy her.

No one could think about obtaining her then.

As such, not only did he not hold back, he instead pressed forward with even greater power.

Right at that moment, he saw a man take Tushan Yu into his embrace.

The expression with which Tushan Yu looked at that man was completely different from the way she looked at him.

He erupted with rage.

He had already gone through so much, and yet in the end, he had actually ended up giving another person the opportunity to save a damsel in distress

I’ve never even touched a finger of this Tushan Yu, and yet another man has actually hugged her

You have successfully trolled Chi Wen for 444 444 444…

Immediately afterward, he saw that the other man was actually facing him with a single hand.

He was so enraged that he actually laughed. Did this human lose his mind from trying to impress a woman

He was a glorious master rank, while this guy’s cultivation was only at the ninth rank.

Even if this human used all his strength, he still wouldn’t be able to handle a single blow from Chi Wen, and yet he dared to defend with just a single hand Just where do you get your courage from

He felt as if his pride as a member of the Dragon race had been trampled on.

He decided to crush the man’s hand into mist, to make him howl in suffering and beg for forgiveness.

Only then would he be able to vent out his anger.

You have successfully trolled Chi Wen for 499 499 499…

However, what awaited him was a palm, a massive palm to the face.


A loud and resounding noise echoed throughout the entire palace.

Chi Wen’s body was blown backward.

He stabilized himself with difficulty, stars swirling in his eyes. What just happened

Zu An didn’t pay him any attention and instead looked at Tushan Yu, asking, “Are you hurt”

“I’m not,” Tushan Yu replied.

She turned a bit red when she sensed that familiar yet unfamiliar presence.

When she remembered what this man had done to her last night, she couldn't even bring herself to look at him.

In the distance, Yun Jianyue said with a sneer, “This guy is back at it again with his skirt-chasing habits.”

Yan Xuehen didn’t say anything, but her face was completely emotionless.

Yu Yanluo also sighed deeply.

Zu An had acted like a proper nobleman for an entire day, but now, he had gone right back to his old habits.

A roar shook the heavens.

Chi Wen cried, “You dare hit me!” He finally snapped out of his daze.

He was actually smacked in the face How humiliating was that!

You have successfully trolled Chi Wen for 788 788 788…

He was more curious about something else.

He was a master rank cultivator, so normally speaking, he should have been able to anticipate the moves of anyone under the master rank.

Why had he not sensed anything just now, then!

Zu An didn’t reply to him and instead waved his hand.

Snowflakes swirled around, forming a curtain and covering up the frightened fox women.

He said, “Go back and change your clothes for now.

I’ll take care of this.”

“Thank you, young master!” the fox women exclaimed, looking at Zu An with expressions of gratitude.

Rumors always said that they were usually the ones who toyed with the hearts of others, but they were still women.

Being seen naked really left them rather hard-pressed.

Tushan Yu couldn't help but raise her head to give Zu An a look.

She was momentarily distracted.

Yun Jianyue nudged Yan Xuehen with her elbow and remarked, “He’s using what you taught him to pick up girls.”

Yan Xuehen felt annoyed.

She replied, “I wasn’t the one who taught him that; it was Chuyan.”

Chi Wen roared, “This prince is speaking to you! Are you deaf!”

Only then did Zu An turn back around.

He shot back, “Do I have to answer just because you asked me something Who do you think you are”

Chi Wen nearly choked.

He said, “Good, good, good.

It’s been a long time since I’ve met someone this arrogant!”

You have successfully trolled Chi Wen for 444 444 444…

Zu An retorted with a chuckle, “Wouldn’t you meet one just by looking in a mirror”

Chi Wen was speechless.

The bit of domineering presence he had been piecing together again was almost instantly shattered.

“Very good.

Let’s see if your skills are as tough as your mouth,” he eventually said with a sneer.

He thought that he must have been careless just then, and decided that he wouldn’t give this arrogant human any more chances.

With a twist of his body, many bubbles suddenly appeared above the palace.

Then, the water in the lake began to whirl around.

It turned into a dozen waterspouts that were several meters high, and surged out from the lake.

All of the pavilions, kiosks, and ornamental trees in the vicinity began to break down under the pressure.

“I’ll give you a chance.

Kneel and kowtow in front of this prince and admit your wrongs.

I can then consider sparing your life,” Chi Wen said.

He felt like a god as he floated in the air, as if the lives of the people below could be decided by a single whim of his.

Zu An sighed.

He said, “Looks like that strike to your head wasn’t enough to wake you up.

Where do you get the confidence to say this kind of thing”

When he heard Zu An mention the strike from before, Chi Wen erupted into fury.

You have successfully trolled Chi Wen for 999 999 999…

“Then you can go to hell!” he shouted, his face ashen.

He swung his tail, and the waterspouts rushed toward Zu An.

Water normally seemed weak on its own, but when it spun at such high speeds, it became strong enough to tear any powerful creature to shreds.

When she saw all of the stone slabs and trees destroyed by the waterspouts, Tushan Yu’s expression changed.

She was about to use her skills to help Zu An, but he gently patted her hand, gesturing for her not to worry.

However, the terrifying waterspouts quickly engulfed them.

The Fox race guards cried out in alarm.

“Country lord!”

With that, even Chi Wen was starting to feel a bit vexed.

He really had let anger get the best of him just then, forgetting that Tushan Yu was still there.

Letting such an incredible beauty die just like that really was a waste.

Only the three women in the distance remained calm.

Forget about the two grandmasters, even Yu Yanluo knew there was no way Zu An would be injured by this kind of attack.

Just then, Chi Wen also realized that something wasn’t right.

The terrifying waterspouts continued to ravage the area, and yet there was no blood to be seen.

He looked closely at them and saw that there were two figures visible inside.

“How can this be!” Chi Wen exclaimed, stupefied.

He had noticed that the two weren’t even moving.

It was as if the terrifying waterspouts were just giving them a massage.

He had fought against Tushan Yu before, and he definitely didn’t have that ability.

Just what kind of background did this man have, to actually be so mysterious He could no longer retain his cool when he thought of that.

On the contrary, a wave of uncertain fear welled up within him.

Inside the waterspouts, Tushan Yu stared at the chaos around her in a daze.

However, the water only continued to swirl around them; none of it seemed to have any intention of approaching them.

When she focused and examined the surroundings closely, she noticed that there seemed to be a light blue barrier around them that was blocking all of the waterspouts.

Does he cultivate the water element

But he used fire during his battle with the Golden Crow Crown Prince!

She couldn't help but look at the man at her side.

He seemed to have even more secrets!

A teasing voice suddenly said next to her ear, “What, you didn’t see enough yet last night”

Tushan Yu’s entire body shook when she heard that.

Then, she felt a bit weak.


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