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Chapter 1227: Something Isn’t Quite Right

Yun Jianyue burst out laughing when she heard that.

She said, “I knew this fat daoist was a swindler.

This ice-cold woman has a relationship destined by fate Oh my goodness, my stomach hurts from laughing so hard…”

Yu Yanluo didn’t laugh, and instead had a pensive look on her face.

She understood Zu An’s charms well.

Together with how much time they had spent together as of late, it really was hard for a woman to reject this charm of his.

Still, Yan Xuehen wasn’t an ordinary person.

She was an ice queen goddess.

Was there really any chance of her having something with Zu An

Yan Xuehen subconsciously gave Zu An a look, and he just happened to be looking over too.

She immediately looked away guiltily as soon as they made eye contact.

Her heart was beating crazily!

She had been supposed to live out the rest of her life alone, but then recently, a relationship ordained by fate had formed She would end up hurting the one closest to her…

When she recalled everything that had happened recently, the disappointment Chuyan would feel once she found out appeared in her mind.

Her head went completely blank.

Am I really destined to have a relationship with Zu An And what do those layers of danger mean

She suddenly smiled out of distress.

Whether it involved her relationship with Chuyan as master and disciple, or simple virtue, she would be criticized by the masses for such a thing.

If those weren’t enough to count as layers of danger, what else would be

Yu Yanluo asked again,.

“Sect Master Yun, could you let this daoist priest have a look” This daoist was indeed a bit strange, so her tone became much more polite.

Yun Jianyue stretched out her hands in front of the daoist.

She didn’t seem all that convinced, muttering, “What is there to test with me…”

That fat daoist gave her palm a look, but soon exclaimed in horror, “The lady is filled with killing intent!”

Yun Jianyue’s smile froze.

A bit of seriousness appeared in her expression as she looked at the fat daoist.

The fat daoist suddenly clicked his tongue in wonder.

He pointed at Yan Xuehen and said, “How strange; your fate was similar to that of this lady, fated to live out your life alone, and there was a great chance that you would not come to a peaceful end.

But recently, your fate’s itinerary seems to have changed a bit.

Hm Why is it a relationship ordained by fate again”

Yun Jianyue’s expression became grave.

She snapped, “Damn daoist, keep uttering nonsense.

Do you think that I won’t beat you up”

Who was she She was the glorious sect master of the Holy Sect! She had taken so many lives that no one dared to speak out against her anymore.

Why would she possibly need a man Normally, men were scared witless merely speaking to her; who dared to have any such thoughts about her

At the moment, only Zu An had a better relationship with her than that, but she just saw him as a little brother and disciple, nothing else.

That was why she naturally treated the fat daoist’s words as rubbish.

The fat daoist stroked his beard with a smile.

He said, “Regardless of whether the lady believes me or not, there is no escaping the arrangements of predestination.

Furthermore, if you are willing to heed the advice of this poor daoist, when you cultivate, try to harbor fewer vicious thoughts, or else it will easily end up harming your posterity.”

Yun Jianyue was furious.

She exclaimed, “Hah! Fat daoist, you really think you’re hot stuff, huh Then were you able to predict that you would experience a bloody calamity yourself”

The fat daoist’s expression changed.

He said, “The lady is such an incredible person; why would you trouble this poor daoist because of some nonsensical words Perhaps this poor daoist saw incorrectly; I will check it again.”

“Sorry, but this murderous urge has already appeared, and it needs to see blood,” Yun Jianyue said, and her aura locked down on the fat daoist.

She was just about to make her move when Yan Xuehen stood between them, saying, “You said that she would end up harming her posterity.

Do you mean she will have a child”

If there would be a child, that obviously meant Yun Jianyue would have a man! She really wondered just who had the ability to subdue such a witch.

“Of course.

She is destined to have a daughter,” the fat daoist replied without thinking.

“Nonsense!” Yun Jianyue cried.

Her expression had become completely dark.

If those kinds of rumors went out, the reputation she had established throughout so many years would be completely ruined! After all, people would begin to wonder how Yun Jianyue normally seemed domineering, and yet still ended up pleasuring a man in the end, even birthing him a child.

Yan Xuehen instead showed a rare burst of happiness.

She exclaimed, “A daughter is great! A daughter will be considerate, and she can even completely receive your inheritance!”

Smoke seemed about to come out of Yun Jianyue’s head.

Just then, the fat daoist said, “This lady has no need to feel envious; you will give birth to a daughter too.

Wait, what Why are all of you fated to give birth to daughters”

Yan Xuehen’s smile immediately froze on her face.

She was dumbstruck.

Yun Jianyue’s anger immediately turned to joy.

She roared with laughter and said, “It’s not a complete taboo for my people.

Who knows, I might just find a man to use and play around with one day.

However, just what kind of situation would make a stone cold woman like you give birth to a man’s child Maybe you’ll be forced…”

Yan Xuehen was completely stupefied.

She hadn’t expected to end up inviting trouble for herself.

She thought, Will I really have a daughter

She subconsciously gave Zu An a look. Am I going to give birth to his child Her snow-white skin quickly flushed red when she thought of that.

Yu Yanluo suddenly pointed at Zu An and asked, “Then how many children will he have”

“I’ll have to charge you more if you make me do this much work…” the fat daoist grumbled.

But he still gave Zu An a careful look.

He immediately clicked his tongue in wonder and exclaimed, “Afullhouse of children!”

“What does a full house of children mean” all three women asked, stunned.

“Exactly as I said.

It means he will have many children.

Hmm… but it seems there will be more daughters and fewer sons.” The fat daoist checked again while commenting, “You look pretty tall and strong, but you aren’t all that great at making sons.”

Zu An’s eyes lit up. How cute and lovable are daughters They’re far better than naughty sons.

This fat daoist doesn’t know anything.

The three women all laughed and exclaimed, “Congratulations, congratulations!”

Zu An replied without thinking, “Oh, thank you, thank you.”

The three women’s expressions froze. Wait, something isn’t quite right here…

All three of them shot Zu An a fierce look.

You have successfully trolled Yu Yanluo for 444 444 444…

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 444 444 444…

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 444 444 444…

Zu An jumped in fright when he saw the shocking amount of Rage points.

He felt his scalp go numb.

He was about to settle things with the main culprit, but he was shocked to discover that the fat daoist was already gone.

He exclaimed in surprise, “Huh Where did that Wu Liang go”

The women turned around, and also frowned.

“That fat daoist is a bit mysterious,” Yu Yanluo said, looking worried.

“I wonder whether he’s a friend or foe.”

“He seems to have some treasure that hides his aura.

I couldn’t sense his true cultivation,” Yun Jianyue said.

Yan Xuehen also nodded, adding, “It’s hard to tell whether his words are true or false.

You have to be careful tonight.”

They all looked toward Zu An after Yan Xuehen spoke those words.

There was no way to verify if those sons or daughters were going to be real within a short time, but whether or not he would have a romantic calamity could be easily confirmed.

Zu An was a bit embarrassed.

He said, “I feel as if it’ll be best if we don’t let him lead us by the nose.

Let’s look for those Blue Earthflowers first.

Once we find them, we’ll leave this place before it gets dark.”

There were three incredible beauties around him at present, so why would he be in the mood for any other romantic encounters No matter how pretty the Fox race women were, they wouldn’t be prettier than the three women he was with, right Furthermore, a bloody calamity… just those words alone sounded terrifying.

The other women didn’t have any objections.

All of them had their own things to think about.

They were still a bit shaken from the divinations just then.

The group arrived at the Fox Merchant Group afterward.

When they saw the fox symbol on the merchant group’s emblem, Zu An thought to himself, No wonder they had that name.[1]

When the group entered, the staff members saw that the way they carried themselves was different.

A shopkeeper quickly came to greet them.

When he heard about their purpose for coming over, he apologetically said, “I sincerely apologize.

We did indeed receive a batch of Blue Earthflowers recently, but someone has already purchased them ahead of time.”

Zu An said with a serious voice, “I’m willing to pay twice the price.”

The Blue Earthflowers were extremely important for him.

Daji needed those materials for her seventh rank breakthrough.

The shopkeeper shook his head and said, “Please do not trouble us like that.

The most important part of doing business is sincerity.

The other party is one of our long-term customers, and they have stated that this is what they needed this time.”

Yu Yanluo said, “We’ll pay ten times the cost.

Shopkeeper, you should understand that this amount of money will be enough for you to procure several more batches.”

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue revealed looks of surprise.

Even though the two of them had high statuses, there were many things that needed money.

It was difficult for them to spend as liberally as Yu Yanluo could.

This brat Zu An really knows how to mooch.

The shopkeeper said with a bitter smile, “To be honest, that price is tempting even for me.

However, this is someone whom we have collaborated with for a long time.

If we offend them this time, our merchant group will instead lose out on more over a longer period of time.

If our guests still wish to obtain some Blue Earthflowers, perhaps you can try Bluefield Palace.

They should have some in storage over there.”

The group looked at each other in dismay.

What they had wanted to avoid the most was to avoid dealing with Bluefield Country’s officials; that was why they entered quietly.

And yet, as it turned out in the end, they couldn't avoid it after all.

Yu Yanluo’s eyes narrowed.

She said, “Bluefield Country is so large.

Why is it that apart from you guys, only the palace has more Blue Earthflowers”


The characters in the original Chinese form the sound for the English word ‘fox’. ☜


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