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Chapter 1221: An Insensitive Man’s Consolation

Yan Xuehen felt angry and distressed.

If it really had been just the two of them, she would just lose a bit of face and that would be that.

But there was still a man in this room!

The worst part was that Yun Jianyue had just happened to point her bottom toward the wardrobe.

Her most private side had been completely exposed before him.

There was no lack of outstanding men who had pursued her in her life.

But she cultivated the Unshakable Daoist Manual, so icy coldness had already been embedded deep within her bones.

Those men had quickly backed off out of awkwardness.

Her heart had never rippled even once from start to finish; all such things felt like fallen leaves, scattering and disappearing in the breeze.

Even so, as the leader of the White Jade Sect, she had spent quite some time wandering the world.

She still interacted with some people from time to time.

But as she reached greater proficiency with the Unshakable Daoist Manual, she had become more and more indifferent.

Whenever she interacted with others, there would be a natural sense of distance.

Sometimes, she felt as if she were a deity looking down on the creatures of the earth below.

She had thought that kind of behavior would easily offend people.

But what she had never expected was that, whether it was the sect itself or the martial world, people all seemed to approve of that completely.

Not only did they not feel unhappy, they even respected her more and more over time.

They even began to call her a goddess.

She hadn’t felt particularly happy about that, but she had just continued to act how she normally did.

With such a nature, before she met Zu An, she had rarely even exchanged more than three sentences with another man.

But after she met Zu An, everything changed.

She had spoken more words with Zu An than with all other men throughout these years.

She had even had physical contact with him.

A few days before, if someone had told her such a thing would happen, she would think they were crazy.

However, all of those things could be explained by extraordinary circumstances.

Once that ‘Love Is More Solid than Gold’ skill was removed, she’d naturally return to normal.

And yet that damn woman, Yun Jianyue, just had to have exposed her body completely before Zu An! Even though he had seen everything before when her clothes exploded in the cave, that was just an instant, and it was only from the front.

But now, he had seen her most private areas!

She was absolutely furious when she thought of that, and she could no longer maintain her Unshakable Daoist Manual technique anymore.

She coughed out a mouthful of blood, and began to feel completely dispirited.

Yun Jianyue jumped in fright, exclaiming, “What is wrong with you!” She had merely wanted to tease this ice-cold woman a bit.

How could she have anticipated such a huge reaction

When she saw Yan Xuehen’s face become as pale as a sheet of paper, she began to panic as well.

She quickly used her ki to treat the woman’s injuries, but the moment she made contact, she discovered that the ki inside Yan Xuehen was a mess.

Not even her grandmaster rank cultivation could stabilize it.

Zu An was alarmed too.

He could also tell that Yan Xuehen’s situation was extremely dangerous.

He set aside all hesitation and was about to come out to save her.

But Yan Xuehen’s weak voice called out beside Zu An’s ear through ki transmission.

“Don’t come out! If you come out, I’ll just die right here and now!”

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 233 233 233…

She knew this matter couldn't be blamed on Zu An either, but when she thought about how he had seen her most embarrassing side, she still couldn't help but get upset.

Zu An could sense just how emotional Yan Xuehen was at the moment; he knew that if he really went out there, she might actually do something silly.

As such, he stopped and said, “Alright, alright, I won’t come out.

Don’t panic.

Just now, I… didn’t see anything.”

Even though that was what he said, those images still couldn't help but appear in his mind.

Then, he discovered that the area around his nose was warm.

He subconsciously rubbed that area and thought, Damn it, I actually have a nosebleed.

Yan Xuehen was speechless. What the hell do you mean you didn’t see anything If you really hadn’t seen anything, you wouldn’t have tried to cover it up to this extent! She was so ashamed and nervous, she coughed out another mouthful of blood.

“What’s wrong with you I just hit your butt; do you have to be like this!” Yun Jianyue was also panicking now.

She continuously poured her own ki into Yan Xuehen’s body.

“Let me go!” Yan Xuehen snapped icily.

Yun Jianyue was used to bullying the other woman already, but she felt somewhat apologetic at that moment.

She found it a bit hard to meet Yan Xuehen’s gaze and subconsciously let go.

Meanwhile, Yan Xuehen quickly pulled the covers over herself.

She put her pants back on under the covers with a completely red face.

Yun Jianyue asked with a frown, “Do you really have to act like this I didn’t expect our stone cold woman to not only reject men, but also not be okay with another woman seeing you!”

Yan Xuehen ignored the remark and just pointed outside, snapping, “Get out!”

“Your injuries are really bad; if I don’t help you treat them…” Yun Jianyue began.

Before she could finish her sentence, Yan Xuehen directly cut her off.

“That’s none of your business.

Either way, I won’t die!”

In the Devil Sect, Yun Jianyue’s words were the law.

Who would dare to go against her She had already forced herself to speak nicely several times, and yet the other woman hadn’t appreciated it at all! She also got angry, saying, “I was trying to be nice, but you don’t appreciate a thing!”[1] She suddenly got up, then left without even turning back.

She slammed the door behind her; clearly, she was in an awful mood.

Yan Xuehen’s entire body shook when she heard that.

She really wanted to hide forever out of embarrassment.

Only when he saw that Yun Jianyue had left did Zu An secretly come out.

He went to the entrance and looked around.

Yun Jianyue didn’t seem to have returned to her room, and had probably gone for a walk to clear her thoughts.

He locked the door properly again, then turned around and returned to the bedside.

“Just now, I…” Zu An began.

Yan Xuehen cut him off, pointing outside with a reddened face.

“You, get out too! I don’t want to see you!” She wasn’t even in the mood to think about the ‘Love is More Solid Than Gold’ skill anymore.

Zu An frowned and said, “Your injuries are serious right now, and your dao core has become unstable.” He had cultivated a segment of the Unshakable Daoist Manual himself, so he was more sensitive toward her current state than he would normally be.

He could even sense how poor her condition was from a distance.

“Leave! Get out!” Yan Xuehen didn’t know how to face this man at the moment.

The only thought in her mind was to calm down by herself.

Unfortunately, when she got angry again, her throat filled with blood.

She vomited another mouthful of blood, and felt so weak that she fainted on the spot.

A while later, Yan Xuehen gradually woke up.

When she thought about what had just happened, she was shocked.

She quickly lowered her head, but sighed in relief when she saw that her clothes were still intact.

Just then, a voice behind her said with a sigh,.

“So you actually thought of me as someone who would take advantage of you all this time.”

Only then did Yan Xuehen notice that there was a warm stream pouring into her body continuously.

Her condition was already much better than it had been.

She was all too familiar with that feeling; Zu An had treated her like that before.

When she thought of that, she couldn't help but feel a bit apologetic.

She said, “I’m sorry; I didn’t really suspect you.

It was just my female instincts.”

After briefly falling unconscious, she had calmed down a bit.

She wasn’t as stirred up as before.

After thinking about it, she decided that the best way to deal with the situation was to pretend that nothing had happened.

Either way, it wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen her before.

It was fine as long as everyone tacitly agreed to guard the secret…

Zu An had already sat across from her as soon as that thought emerged.

He said, “Big sis Yan, there’s actually no need for you to have this kind of reaction.

It’s not as if I haven’t seen you before.”

Yan Xuehen was dumbfounded.


The literal translation of the phrase she used is “hot face stuck to cold butt”. ☜


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