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Chapter 1215: Betrayal

Zu An stared at the woman before him with wide eyes.

She was a war maiden, and the original one at that! Her leather armor and dress really gave off a wild and powerful air.

But was Mo Xi originally like this

Of course he had heard of Mo Xi before, the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty Xia Jie’s favorite concubine and the first recorded nation-destroying beauty.

It was rumored that it was precisely because of this concubine most beloved by Xiao Jie that the Xia Dynasty had collapsed.

That was why she was often referred to as the leader of the four great nation-destroying beauties.

The other three were Shang Dynasty’s Daji, Zhou Dynasty’s Baosi, and Jin Dynasty’s Li Ji.

He hadn’t expected to actually collect two of them himself!

As for how unruly and evil they supposedly were, and how they had brought down their entire countries, he didn’t think too much of that.

The term femme fatale had always existed since ancient times, but were the causes for those dynasties’ collapse really those women In the end, wasn’t it because those rulers were muddle-headed and tyrannical, and the system corrupt In the end, all of the blame had just been pushed onto these women.

What he cared more about was something else.

He had i initially thought that the celebrated Mo Xi was a woman who was as charming and seductive as Daji.

But why was the sight before his eyes more like a female general She didn’t have a shred of gentle charm; her figure instead conveyed a powerful, heroic nature.

Xia Jie was actually a military fanatic

Perhaps because of their spiritual resonance, a message appeared in his head.

Mo Xi, the first beauty who felled a dynasty, hence named the leader of the four great nation-destroying beauties.

She has lived an entire life of betrayal and being betrayed.

“Betrayal” Zu An murmured, stunned.

He had never heard such a thing before.

He continued reading.

The last emperor of the Xia Dynasty defeated her tribe.

In an effort to plead for peace, the tribe leader offered up all kinds of treasures, and the most precious of them all was Mo Xi.

Xia Jie was extremely pleased and doted on her greatly.

Unfortunately, Mo Xi was never able to feel true joy.

The only thing she sought out was revenge.

She fooled Xia Jie, then eventually brought his empire to ruin.

At some point, she formed an alliance with a man named Yi Yin she met during her earlier years, who had already sided with the Shang Tribe.

In that way, through cooperating with Yi Yin and the Shang Tribe, operating inside and out, they finally managed to successfully bring down Xia Jie’s country.

Unfortunately, after they achieved everything they had sought out to do, the Shang Dynasty didn’t honor her contributions and instead banished her as the beauty who had caused the destruction of the nation, making the entire world feel disdain toward her.

Mo Xi was first betrayed by her tribe, and then she betrayed her husband.

In the end, she was betrayed again.

She had never experienced happiness in her life.

Those associated with her are decreed by fate to betray her or be betrayed by her, even if you are her owner…

Zu An blinked in confusion. What the hell does this mean

But he quickly realized what was going on.

Mo Xi gave him a look, then kicked toward him with her long legs.

Her spearhead’s murderous glint flickered rapidly, slicing toward his throat.

It was so fast that it was almost impossible to defend effectively against.

Fortunately, Zu An’s cultivation was now on an entirely different level.

At that moment of imminent peril, he grabbed the spearhead with Shining Finger.

Mo Xi frowned.

She stomped against the ground, and a wave seemed to travel through her body, transmitting a powerful force along the spear.

Zu An was surprised, and didn’t dare to take it head-on.

He flicked his wrist, spinning the spear in the air and neutralizing the force rushing toward him.

Mo Xi’s fingers were already bleeding.

However, she didn’t even give her own injuries a look.

She immediately grabbed the spear’s shaft and thrust outward again.

Zu An used Shining Finger again.

This time, he wasn’t so lenient.

Under their combined force, the spear quickly curved like a bow.

With a loud crack, it broke into two pieces.

Mo Xi was clearly shocked.

She had a confused expression as she looked at the broken spear in her hands.

Zu An was also confused.

The spear seemed to only be an ordinary weapon.

Any random spear from the world of warriors would be better.

Normally speaking, shouldn’t the weapons in these valkyries’ hands have been of better quality

However, he suddenly recalled that when he had summoned Daji, her weapon seemed to have been summoned through the Tiger Talisman too.

This time, he hadn’t pulled any weapons, so Mo Xi had only emerged with an ordinary spear.

Mo Xi seemed to have realized something, and rushed away from him.

Her firm thighs were full of explosive power.

She seemed almost like a female leopard.

Zu An was surprised. Why the heck is a valkyrie running away He quickly chased after her, while commanding her to stop through his soul.

Even though Daji didn’t know how to talk, he could give her orders through his soul.

Unless they were orders that requested physical contact, she carried out almost all of his orders without holding back at all.

Mo Xi immediately stopped; Zu An felt relieved.

It seemed that because she had been summoned through the Tiger Talisman, both of them had still successfully established a contract of souls.

But his smile quickly froze.

He saw Mo Xi suddenly reach out a hand.

Something resembling a pair of scissors appeared in her hand, and she cut the space between the two of them.

Zu An immediately felt a sense of emptiness, losing the spiritual link he had with her.

Mo Xi seized the opportunity to stomp the ground, leaping up past the courtyard’s walls using pure physical strength.

Zu An was beginning to get a bit angry. What in the world is up with this Mo Xi! He kicked off the ground and chased after her.

Soon afterward, he saw Mo Xi traveling back and forth through the city.

He watched her for a while; he noticed that she didn’t actually have any cultivation, and instead relied purely on her physical strength.

Even so, she was equivalent to a low-level cultivator.

He waited for a good opportunity, then flew outward, blocking Mo Xi’s path.

Mo Xi knew that there was too great of a difference in strength between them and that running away was meaningless.

Still, she didn’t acknowledge her fate.

Her legs bent slightly, and she seemed ready to attack at any time.

The expression in her eyes was completely cold.

Zu An said coldly, “We’ve established a soul contract, so we should be comrades.

Why are you attacking me”

Mo Xi didn’t reply.

Instead, her gaze became even colder.

“I know that your soul is incomplete right now and you can’t speak, but you can understand what I’m saying,” Zu An said.

He recalled the message that had entered his mind earlier.

He suddenly thought of something and asked, “Is it that you’ve experienced too many betrayals, to the point that you don’t dare to trust anyone again”

Mo Xi still didn’t reply, but a hint of pain appeared in her eyes.

She seemed to have recalled some unhappy things.

Zu An thought for a bit, then said, “I won’t try to pledge an eternal oath or something like that.

It’ll just be strictly a business transaction.

You help me to do what I need you to do, and I’ll help you get stronger.

At the same time, I’ll help you search for your scattered soul and try to return you to normal.

What do you think”

Mo Xi seemed to think about the offer, but she didn’t change her mind at all.

“I know you can’t trust anyone.

How about this I’ll pay you first in the future, and then you can help me do some things.

That way, it doesn’t need to be about trust or betrayal.

What do you think” Zu An offered, tossing over a Ki Fruit.

“This fruit can increase your strength, so give it a try.”

He suddenly felt like a pedophile who was trying to trick a little girl into eating candy.

However, this Mo Xi really was too troublesome to deal with, so he had to use such a method.

Mo Xi caught the Ki Fruit.

When she smelled its fragrant scent, she could feel that her body had a desire for such fruits.

However, her expression remained vigilant.

She didn’t dare to randomly eat what other people gave her.

Helpless to do anything else, Zu An could only summon Daji.

He explained, “She was like you in the beginning, before eating these fruits.

Her strength gradually rose to her current seventh rank.”

After emerging, Daji looked at Mo Xi in confusion.

Mo Xi looked back at Daji.

The two women seemed to be feeling a mysterious sense of familiarity.

Zu An took out a similar Ki Fruit and fed it to Daji.

Comparatively speaking, she was much more obedient.

She opened her mouth in a loveable manner, and after eating it, she even seemingly displayed a hint of infatuation.

Zu An then said to Mo Xi, “Look, there’s no poison, alright”

The Ki Fruit in Mo Xi’s hand called out to her desires.

She finally couldn't take it anymore; still, she didn’t swallow it whole, instead carefully taking a bite out of it.

To her surprise, however, the moment it reached her mouth, the fruit melted, instantly disappearing into her throat.

Mo Xi jumped in fright.

She quickly began retching off to one side, trying to cough it back out.

Zu An was speechless. Isn’t this woman a bit too guarded He said, “Don’t worry, it’s good stuff.

Just swallow it.”


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