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Chapter 1210: Selling Out a Comrade

As Little White and Little Blue eavesdropped from the wardrobe, they felt an unfamiliar kind of joy.

After all, the conversation was between the clan leader and big brother Zu.

They really wanted to know what kinds of things the two said to each other in private.

But things had developed far faster than they could ever have imagined.

Little White quickly shrank back fearfully, her face turning completely red.

It almost seemed as if smoke would come out of her head.

In the end, she was still just an underripe little girl.

The things happening before her eyes were a bit too real!

However, the two girls’ responses showed just how different their personalities were.

Even though Little Blue’s face was completely red as well, she still leaned against the wardrobe door, worrying that she might miss a single detail.

Looking through the door cracks alone wasn’t good enough for her; she even secretly opened the door a little wider.

Seeing Little Blue shake her bottom from side to side from excitement while watching, Little White was left distraught.

She really wanted to smack the other girl, but she was scared of alerting the people outside.

Unlike the two young ladies, who were bashful and curious, Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue were both incredibly pissed off.

This brat Zu An clearly knew they were still there, and yet he was still going to act all intimate with Yu Yanluo Was he trying to show off on purpose or something

For some reason, both women felt a surge of anger when they saw how intimate the two were acting.

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 444 444 444…

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 444 444 444…

Yan Xuehen gave Yun Jianyue a look, gesturing with her eyes and hissing, “Go and stop them!”

Yun Jianyue replied unhappily, “Why do I have to”

“I’m injured, so it isn’t convenient for me to do it,” Yan Xuehen answered with surprising directness.

Yun Jianyue hadn’t expected the other woman to have such a shameless side.

However, she knew that having Yan Xuehen accompany her wouldn’t do much at all.

Of course, there was no way she would go out there and stop them in person; that would still be way too embarrassing.

Suddenly, she looked toward the wardrobe that was slightly open, and got an idea.

She casually brushed her hand in its direction, sending a gentle wave of force toward the wardrobe.

Little Blue was completely focused on trying to adjust her position so she could see more clearly.

Suddenly, however, she lost her center of gravity.

She quickly moved backward to try and steady herself; unfortunately, the entire wardrobe seemed to have been hit by a strong force, and she couldn't stop it at all.

With a loud crash, the wardrobe fell to the floor and broke into pieces.

Zu An and Yu Yanluo jumped in fright and reflexively looked in its direction. 

Cough! Cough!

Because the wardrobe had completely collapsed, it could no longer conceal the two girls.

They coughed while crawling to their feet.

Little White awkwardly greeted Yu Yanluo, “Clan… Clan leader, what a coincidence.”

Inwardly, however, she was incredibly unhappy with Little Blue. It’s all her fault for sticking her body out and unbalancing the wardrobe!

Little Blue also felt terrible.

She couldn't figure out why the wardrobe had collapsed.

But at that moment, she could only smile awkwardly.

“Aaah!” Yu Yanluo cried, jumping in fright when she saw the two girls.

She quickly pulled the sheets over her chest.

However, she sighed in relief when she saw that it was Little White and Little Blue.

“Why are you two here” she asked.

She felt ashamed and upset; she had been at the height of vulnerability and passion, and yet now, the two girls had popped up out of nowhere.

She felt as if she had been splashed with cold water.

“We…” Little White trailed off in a panic.

She lowered her head and fiddled with the hems of her clothes.

She didn’t know how to explain herself.

However, Little Blue replied quickly, “We came to give big brother Zu medicine.”

“Medicine Why did you have to enter a wardrobe if you were just giving him medicine” Yu Yanluo asked.

“Um… We were scared that the clan leader would misunderstand,” Little White explained, bracing herself.

“Scared of a misunderstanding…” Yu Yanluo muttered, stunned.

She suddenly realized that it was the middle of the night, and when she had entered the room, Zu An’s upper body was bare.

Her brows quickly rose and she began, “You guys…”

Zu An jumped in fright.

He quickly explained, “We didn’t… do anything.

They only helped me treat my wounds.”

That couldn’t be considered a lie, could it What Little Blue had done to reduce his ‘swelling’ could also be considered a sort of treatment, right

Yu Yanluo almost fainted on the spot.

It turned out that Zu An had already known they were there from the start.

Didn’t that mean he had been working together with them to lie to her She remembered how proactive she had been just moments before, realizing that her ‘ugly’ side had been seen.

How was she supposed to show herself in public in the future

You have successfully trolled Yu Yanluo for 555 555 555…

The killing intent that filled the air was practically tangible.

The two young ladies’ faces turned completely pale.

They quickly said, “Since we’ve already delivered the medicine, we’ll be going first.

Big brother Zu, please rest up well.” As they finished speaking, they fled guiltily toward the exit.

“Wait!” Yu Yanluo called out icily.

Little White and Little Blue froze.

They braced themselves and turned around, asking, “Does the clan leader have any instructions for us”

Yu Yanluo’s expression fluctuated between several emotions.

What else could she even say in such a situation She couldn't just silence the two of them over such a thing, could she It’s all this rascal Zu An’s fault!

You have successfully trolled Yu Yanluo for 233 233 233…

Little White stuttered, “D-Don’t worry, clan leader.

We won’t tell anyone about what happened today.”

Little Blue thought to herself, Big sister really is stupid.

She just keeps talking about the clan leader's sore spot!

To their surprise, however, Yu Yanluo shook her head and said, “I didn’t stop you because of that; it was to thank you two for the medicines you gave Zu An.

I know those two medicines are extremely precious.”

Little White and Little Blue were still little girls in the end.

They were both incredibly moved, thinking, How can the clan leader be such a good person

“That’s something we should have done in the first place.

Clan leader is being too formal,” the two of them quickly said.

Should have Yu Yanluo thought, and her expression turned strange.

Even if she herself got sick, Elders White and Blue might not bring out those two medicines, right And yet, the two girls had given them out to Zu An just like that.

“Be careful on your way back,” she said, smiling at the two of them.

She thought to herself, I’ll settle things with Zu An once they leave.

“Clan leader should get some proper rest,” Little White and Little Blue said as they left.

Yu Yanluo’s expression quickly turned cold when she looked at Zu An.

Zu An chuckled in embarrassment and began, “Yanluo, please, I can explain… Ahhh!”

Zu An screamed loudly in pain, as Yu Yanluo was so upset that she had bitten him outright.

He had been feeling guilty to begin with, and he was scared of hurting her more, so he could only beg for mercy.

But he was full of experience.

While they were play-fighting, his hands moved with incredible dexterity, quickly dispelling her anger.

Yu Yanluo’s face turned completely red.

After her fierce ‘bite’, she had vented out most of her anger already.

Little White and Little Blue were just two little girls, after all.

Furthermore, she could use the situation to ease her relationship with the two elders.

In the long term, it would be a good thing.

When she thought of that, she didn’t feel so angry anymore.

Then, as Zu An took initiative, her body softened up again.

Her initial critical tone gave way to lovable pleading.

In the end, she completely offered herself to him, ready to receive him.

Suddenly, however, right at the most crucial moment, the doors opened again with a groan.

The two of them jumped in fright.

Yu Yanluo pulled the nearby covers over herself again.

Zu An wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

He might really end up with some psychological damage if this kept happening!

The two of them already knew that the one at the entrance was Little White.

She had clearly seen something, and her face was entirely red.

At that moment, she was left with quite the dilemma.

Yu Yanluo suppressed the embarrassment she felt.

She did her best to prevent her voice from shaking as she asked, “Little White, is there something else you need”

Little White had a conflicted look on her face.

However, when she thought about how good the clan leader had been to them, she couldn't let the clan leader go through anything bad without knowing anything after how nicely she had treated them.

As such, she mustered her courage and pointed at the divider, saying, “Clan leader, there are still more people over there behind that screen.”

Afterward, she quickly bolted away.

Just thinking of what would follow was incredibly embarrassing.

 How could she dare to stay

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue widened their eyes.

They never would have expected the seemingly timid little girl to actually sell them out!

“What do we do now” Yan Xuehen asked as she looked at Yun Jianyue, her expression full of alarm and panic.

“How the hell should I know!” Yun Jianyue replied silently.

The two grandmasters had gone through all kinds of storms, and yet now, they were really panicking.

“Zu An!” Yu Yanluo yelled angrily.

She really hadn’t expected that there would be others hiding there.

Zu An also felt a huge headache.

Messing up such situations really was like facing the end of the world!

“Who is it!” Yu Yanluo cried as she quickly picked up her clothes.

She was so angry that her entire body was shaking.

You have successfully trolled Yu Yanluo for 777 777 777…

“Uh…” Zu An trailed off.

He really didn’t know how to explain himself.

Yu Yanluo’s expression turned cold as she said, “If you won’t tell me, then I’ll look for myself.” She raised her hand and prepared to shatter the divider.

“Ah!” With a cry of alarm, a figure staggered out from behind the screen before regaining her balance.

It seemed she had been pushed out by someone.

Yan Xuehen rubbed her bottom.

She really wanted to settle things with Yun Jianyue, that witch who had no loyalty!

“Sect Master Yan” Yu Yanluo exclaimed, stunned.

She had thought of many possibilities, but she hadn’t expected it to be her.

Yan Xuehen’s face was completely red.

She really wanted to find a hole to squirm into.

She mumbled, “Um, uh… Greetings, Madam Yu.

The moon is certainly round today.

Do you want to go and admire the moon together with me”


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